Build a Survey Management System with Typeform, Telegram, and Google Sheets in 2 days with DhiWise!

Saved hours

T_ypeform_, Telegram, and Google Sheets are one of the most trending APIs these days.

Typeform is a platform for building forms and managing surveys with ease. With Typeform, it’s effortless to create a form and share it. Also, the responses collected from the form are readable and organized enough to make decisions.

Telegram is a freemium cross-platform cloud-based instant messaging service. Some of the most amazing features of Telegram are unlimited server storage, media compression, group member number capacity, channel creation, multi-platform support, secret chats, bots, voice and video calls, and a lot more. This makes it one of the most widely used applications.

Google Sheets allows users to create and collaborate on online spreadsheets in real-time from any device. It helps in making data-driven decisions and analyzing them to the best of the view. Its smart AI, accessible sharing facility, and speedy integrations with other Google apps make it handier to use.

How amazing it would be if all these three would amalgamate to form a system! All the three platforms here provide open APIs to reconstruct something that really matters.

About Survey Management System:

Do you wish to send out quick feedback forms to your employees? Well, you need not prepare for it a few days in advance as there is a visual programming solution that allows you to create, share, and use full-fledged Survey Management Systems in no time— ready to be shared as a Telegram link, Google Sheets link, or a Typeform survey.

And yes, there is no need to spend hours on coding as you have DhiWise by your side. Keep reading to learn how the magic works.

Let’s map the time trap:

It is building such an application requires around one-two week. Of course, this would increase the cost and time of the resources like designers and developers. But what’s impressive is that with the usage of DhiWise, this solution was built in just two days.

DhiWise is a programming platform where developers can convert their designs into developer-friendly code for mobile and web apps. DhiWise automates the application development lifecycle and instantly generates readable, modular, and reusable code.

It took a mere two days to complete the development of the application!

Tech Insights:

The Survey Management System built with DhiWise is a React Web application that uses the following APIs:

  • Typeform APIs for form creation and fetching the form responses.
  • Telegram API for sending messages to the group, fetching total group members, fetching the admins, and fetching group details.
  • Google Sheets API for writing form responses to the Sheet.

DhiWise automated manual coding for the design as well as API integration. The flexibility to work around with DhiWise does not end here.

For the Survey Management System, the used Typeform API’s request and response had to be managed manually through hard coding.

The Telegram APIs were very easily integrated without any manual effort.

For Syncing the Typeform’s response into Google Sheets, the generated Typeform Id was set manually in the API, and the fields were placed in the request of the Google Sheet’s API.

That’s it for hard coding!


Let’s have a look at the process further!

Knight in shining armor: DhiWise

Creating a Survey Management System with DhiWise was only a matter of a few clicks!

  • Importing Figma Designs
  • Typeform, Telegram, and Google Sheets APIs and binding them with the UI elements
  • Setting up navigations
  • Building the app and getting the code

Attractive Traits of the Survey Management System built with DhiWise:

Following are the exciting features provided by DhiWise that were used in developing this application:

Google Authentication

  • Google Authentication with DhiWise is rapid to work with. After the application was built, it required adding ClientId in the .env file from the developer’s console to get into authentication. That’s it!
  • Therefore, Google Authentication is quick and easy to work in DhiWise.

API Integration:

  • The three-step API Integration provided by DhiWise made development relatively easy, simple, and quick.
  • APIs were added in the API Runner using cURL provided by DhiWise.
  • Further, integrating the API in the LifeCycle Method and on actions. With the three-step API Integration:
  • Selected the API and handled requests.
  • Handled the response of an API.
  • Finally, it dealt with the effort to be performed on success and failure.


  • DhiWise provides navigations like Redirect to an external URL, page navigation, and section navigation are incredibly smooth and quick.
  • “Adding Arguments with navigation” is a cherry on the cake that DhiWise provides.
  • The above navigations were used in DhiWise while building this application.

Easy Deployment:

  • With DhiWise, the generated code was pushed to GitHub from where it was accessed and shared further.
  • To preview the application, it has a feature of deploying on Vercel.

Source Code:

  • The generated code is readable, well structured, and in an understandable format.
  • This made it easy to modify and scale the application.

Wholesome Perks of using DhiWise:


  • Code was generated within minutes
  • Saved time in terms of redundant coding and repetitive tasks
  • Room for building logic and coding what matters

Modifications & Scalability

  • The readable, understandable, and organized code structure made it easy to modify and manage the code.
  • The generated code has a folder structure that’s considered to be one of the best practices in the industry.

Can be used by a Developer of any Tech-stack

  • It may take a Node.js Developer to build an application in React for a long time. But with DhiWise, this was smooth and flawless.

Cost Cutting on UI/UX Screens

  • The pain of sitting and writing code for the screen designs was waived due to the “Figma to Code” feature of DhiWise.

From integrating all the necessary APIs to handling Google Authentication to managing external URL navigations, building a Survey Management System using DhiWise feels like a charm. And that’s not it. You can generate the source code within minutes, push the same on Git, and even deploy the same on Vercel. We can go on and on, but nothing comes close to trying the same on your own.