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DhiWise vs. Monday Hero: 4 Reasons Why ProCode Triumphs Low-Code?



November 18, 2021


November 18, 2021

Are you developing an application as we interact? Well, we presume that you are quite aware as to how the process would unfold, traditionally. As someone trying to build his or her first application, it is important to get the code right.  

Well, aren’t there no-code development platforms that let you build a fully functional application without writing any code? There are but according to us, No-Code isn’t the way to go if you plan on developing a scalable application that might need multiple iterations.

So what should you do instead? Low-Code, right. Wrong as Low-Code tools like Monday Hero might lend you a perspective, but if you want to speed up app development, it might not serve the purpose, completely.

Not to mention, Low-Code resources like Monday Hero are great picks and certainly worth giving a try. But to be honest, they do not address the issue related to perpetuity, i.e. the everlasting nature of the application. Most low-code platforms give you a head start by taking care of the basic, design-specific code. Anything beyond that still requires detailed development insights and several developer tools.  

So if you want a platform to bridge the gap between design and development, you need something big, something multivariate, and obviously something ‘ProCode’. This is where DhiWise comes into play by being a one-stop solution to all your app development needs.

The Journey from Low-Code to ProCode

Does your app development journey require extensive team work or are you more like a lone warrior with say one designer to get the layouts ready for you? Or are you a freelancer with full stack development skills but no manpower to rely on? Well, for similar profiles, low-code can be quite an underwhelming resource to consider.

Monday Hero, despite churning out some excellent code with the ability to offer Storyboard access, layer and component conversions, and manage name variables falters, whenever the app requirements aren’t restricted to one technology. We understand that design-to-code conversions are important but they are not everything that concerns app development.

And here are the reasons why you need something that serves a great purpose:

Choice of Technology

Are you happy to develop standard iOS apps by getting the design converted to usable Swift code. As much as this will excite iOS developers, it might not make sense to Android developers. Monday Hero, for now, only lets you convert designs to iOS-relevant code whereas in comparison DhiWise already has a sizable tech stack for you to deploy.

With DhiWise you can develop both front and backend applications, without having to rely on a specific technology. DhiWise builders let you create native android and iOS apps, hybrid mobile apps, and even web apps, courtesy of Kotlin, Swift, Node.js, Flutter, Laravel, and React as the supported frameworks.

Going beyond the Designs

Designs are important, period! But are they the only app building resources around? Not exactly as for an app to perform holistically, it must have API integrations, server-side connections, and even database setups. Monday Hero, despite all that innovation, doesn’t offer REST API integration support that can offer specificities like data creation, view, updates, and other functions.

DhiWise, on the other hand, is a complete app building resource that lets you assign and declare every core functionality in no time. And this goes a long way towards setting up the app you deserve.

Front-End, Backend, and more…

With Monday Hero, you can transform some of your best iOS app designs into production-ready code. But what about the backend of your application, database integration, and options to communicate with the server for that matter.

Zilch, right? Well with Monday Hero, you would still need a full-stack developer to get the app up and ready before the deadline.

DhiWise, however, lets you get the backend sorted with Node.js and Laravel being the available technologies. And if you have only a backend requirement, there is React.js integration to make serve-side app UIs responsive enough. So, you aren’t left high and dry with only the design as DhiWise lets you experience app development, comprehensively.


Monday Hero doesn’t offer API integrations and other resources but only lets you get a code view of the same. Therefore, even if you have view elements that hint auth setup like password, username, Email, and even social login buttons, you would still need to code the logic, API setup, requests, response, and even the related actions.

DhiWise lets you set up everything that matters, including social logins and even Biometric authentication to ensure that your app has every resource in play.


Contrary to popular belief, low-code isn’t actually the best app building resource for developers on deadlines. While Monday Hero lets you do everything inventive with the Sketch, Adobe XD, and Figma designs, it is still primarily a way to get mobile-ready code for the layout and components.

DhiWise, as the world’s first 100% developer-centric ProCode platform lets you handle every aspect of app development, including designs, APIs, databases, and more. And if you just want the code with accurate layout component identification, the free-of-cost DhiWise plugin has you covered.

So the next time you need complete app development assistance that actually reduces your time-to-market, DhiWise is the name to consider.