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Instantly generate production-ready code for Web & Mobile apps.

DhiWise is a ProCode platform that helps you build clean, scalable and customizable native and cross platform apps. Focus on what matters as a programmer and let DhiWise do the rest.

Supports the languages you love

DhiWise works with Node.js, Laravel, Kotlin, React, Swift, Flutter and supports databases like MongoDB, PostgreSQL and MySQL.

Developer Flexibility

Get Clean scalable customizable source code as an output with the help of DhiWise UI, VS Code and CLI, etc.

Start at any point

With plenty of sample applications and a facility of reverse code syncing, there’s nothing that can stop you from getting started

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Find out how DhiWise can help you build apps faster!

Generate more than just "Boilerplate Code"

Boilerplate codes are boring, repetitive, and sometimes unnecessary. DhiWise not only helps you set up boilerplate code but also create a minimized version of your App in a day and not weeks. Find what lies ahead!



Build quality Node-Express.js projects with few inputs like configuring database schema, authentication, routes and constants.

  • Auto-generated APIs
  • Ability to create input database schema
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Custom Routes with Query Builder
  • Constants/Config files
  • Code in MVC and Clean Code Architecture
  • Source Code generation
  • Postman and Swagger Documentation


Design and develop responsive cross-platform mobile applications in no time. Get hold of interactive UIs, create actions within seconds, manage APIs in a few clicks, and scale your android or iOS app at will.

  • Figma-to-Code conversion
  • Responsive UI code
  • Quick API setup
  • Conditional Action setup
  • Runtime Permission setup
  • Preview of application
  • Firebase/Supabase Integration - coming soon!

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Start building on what we built for you

DhiWise is a home for all developers, including you. Build anything you can think of!


Team Collaboration


GIT Sync


Unlimited Public Applications


IDE Plugins


Version Control


Reverse Code Syncing


3rd party APIs and SDK support


Command Line Interface Support

Customer Stories

This is what a few of our 18000+ satisfied and ecstatic users have got to say about DhiWise

"A Great, Powerful and quiet flexible Pro-Code platform for Developers with Free-tier option". Great structure. Easy to use and flexible to use. And very easy to add UI screens, add navigations, interactive actions around and connect API wisely without any trouble. This platform is very useful for mid-level developers who are not very familiar with the UI/UX of web/mobile applications and want to manage the proper coding structure of any project. I would definitely recommend it to start-up companies and Freelance developers. When your organization's going big, DhiWise will help you to expand your business. It also supports special and professional features than any other platform available in the market.

- Parth Patel
{a Jack Nathan Health company}

DhiWise has helped me to build a mobile application in a short span of time that makes my productivity grow to 3X times. This platform has one strong feature i.e. we can easily build a prototype of an application with dynamic features like Login Form, Access Control list, and so on. Another feature I like is that they will accept REST API with both Manual and Automated features which also reduce the integration time for Backend Engineers. To be more specific, its interface can be absolutely user-friendly and the operation time is very less to use this tool to take an application build.

- Lenin Prakash
{Founder, Macincode}

Frequently asked questions

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How long does it take to build an app in DhiWise?

The time taken to build an application depends on your coding experience and even the type of app you plan on developing. If you are a mid-level developer planning to create something as basic as a to-do app, it shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes.

Which type of applications can I build with DhiWise?

DhiWise primarily lets you create simple workplace applications, legacy modernizing resources, operations improvement apps, run-of-the-mill business apps, ride-booking apps, and other resources that require straight forward API integrations, structured or non-sequential database integrations, app-specific actions, and stock UI/UX elements.

How many projects or applications can I build using DhiWise?

You can add as many applications as you like using DhiWise. However, you must know that an application in DhiWise isn’t like a full-fledged app residing on your smartphone. Instead, every working element of a multi-faceted project is considered as an application. For instance, if the project is a ride-sharing resource, the admin panel, UI, and other elements of the bigger app are considered individual applications in DhiWise.

What exactly is the ProCode Platform?

ProCode focuses on Professionalism, Productive, and Proactive app development, while emphasizing minimal code writing and intelligent, scalable integrations. The aim of this modern and intuitive platform is to speedup native app development significantly without compromising functionality and scalability. For additional info on ProCode, refer to the following asset.

What separates DhiWise from low-code and no-code platforms?

Unlike low-code and no-code platforms that offer restricted scalability and upgradability, we let you approach app development with a futuristic mindset. Our offerings help you readily move beyond a minimum viable product and iteratively build on the feature sets of any standard app, to suit evolving customer requirements, better.

What are the specialized features that low-code and no-code setups cannot provide?

DhiWise is a state-of-art, cent-percent developer-focused platform that focuses on intuitive app-building approaches like Figma UI-to-Code conversions, lesser boilerplate dependence, minimal code writing, better control over the app’s actions, UI, and database, and integrated security safeguards. Low and no-code setups are mostly drag-and-drop resources with zero proclivities towards app security, customizability, and needful iterations.

Can I add team members in DhiWise?

Yes, you can add multiple team members to an ongoing project by simply sending over email invites. Once they accept, they are automatically added to the workspace.

What is DhiWise for academics?

DhiWise for academics is a separate resource-building segment to help budding and aspiring developers get a better hold of app development. This functionality will be explored further to make the existing app-development space more accommodative, inclusive, scalable, and significantly quicker.

How can I make the most of the DhiWise platform?

To make the most of our platform, you must either use it to build applications from the scratch or add resources to an existing one. Experienced developers can deploy our platform to modify UI, add actions, change views, and essentially lower code writing exposure.

Which technologies can be used for building an app in DhiWise?

At present, DhiWise is letting you build apps using Node.js, React for admin panel, Android (Kotlin) framework, Laravel, Flutter and iOS (Swift).

Can I Import an existing application code and projects to DhiWise?

Yes, we allow you to migrate your existing project and app code, provided they are created as per the MVC architecture. You can then add newer features, UI, actions, and API to the important project. However, this functionality holds only for the Node.JS framework but we are working tirelessly towards adding support for newer frameworks and architectures.

Which database support is currently being offered by DhiWise?

DhiWise lets you select from the list of many structured and non-structured databases. Likewise, MongoDB as the database of choice for storing and working with unstructured data. For structured entities and datasets, we have the standard MySQL database with in-memory and relational capabilities, SQL server for specific data warehousing apps and solutions, and advanced PostgreSQL as the ‘object-relational database.

Can my team members work together on a project in DhiWise?

Yes, DhiWise supports Git Integration, which is an embodiment of a platform’s collaborative workspace. Team members can make changes to the code, add new features, ideate new UI/UX elements and actions as separate processes, and eventually merge them as one master branch.

I am new to DhiWise, Where can I learn more about it?

DhiWise offers hands-on support to first-time users. You can check every resource to work with at https://docs.dhiwise.com/ or can rely on video tutorials by heading straight to our YouTube channel. If you still need assistance, you can always book-a-demo here with our team.

Do I need to download and install an IDE on my device to use DhiWise?

No, with DhiWise by your side, there is no need to use an on-premise IDE. Our all-inclusive browser-based app development platform lets you handle every aspect of app building, without having to depend on an external resource. With DhiWise, all your native app development needs are sorted.

Are there any prerequisites for running DhiWise on my system?

Basic system requirements would suffice for running this web-based platform. You need not look for a device with massive RAM or an insanely fast processor as any gadget can run this light, cloud-based platform. However, when it comes to assets and knowledge sets, you can refer to the existing study material to better use DhiWise.

Which major updates can I expect DhiWise to introduce in the near future?

In time, you can expect DhiWise to come up with some of the features like Custom Logic Builder, SwiftUI, GraphQL support, Payment gateway, Server less apps and many more to the relevant technologies.

Can I expect external IDE integrations in time?

Yes, Dhiwise does support the highly preferred IDE i.e. Visual Studio integration. This attribute allows you to manage, edit, build and debug the generated source code externally. On top of this, we will definitely come up with more such integrations in future.

What kind of difference does DhiWise want to make in the existing technological landscape?

DhiWise aims at compressing months’ worth of development workload into mere weeks by reducing repetitive coding. While stretches of boilerplate code are still generated, the process is automated and intelligently executed, therefore minimizing the time-intensive tedium pertaining to conventional app development.