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Save With Our Affordable and Flexible Pricing

Save Upto 35% by subscribing to annual plans
Our Community Edition, and free for lifetime

Open source
All core features of Node.js Builder
DhiWise UI
Community Support
Pro Plan
Awesome for individuals and small teams
USD 129/mo
USD 199/mo
Billed Annually
Billed Monthly
Unlimited Applications
Up to 25 Users
Node.js, Android (Kotlin), iOS (Swift), Flutter, Laravel, React Builder
Up to 1200 100 New Models/Database tables every month

Unused models/database tables won't be carried forward

Import up to 1200100 New Screens every month

Unused screens won't be carried forward

Unlimited Source Code Download
Source Code Sync with GitHub and GitLab
Community Support
Email Support
Perfect for large teams
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Unlimited Applications
Unlimited Users
Node.js, Android (Kotlin), iOS (Swift), Flutter, Laravel, React Builder
Unlimited Models/Database tables
Unlimited Screens
Unlimited Source Code Download
Source Code Sync with GitHub and GitLab
Community Support
Email Support
Designated Support
Custom Onboarding
Feature list
Self Hosted
Get Started
Contact sales
Core Features
Starts with
1 user
Active Private Applications
Active Public Applications
Archived Private Applications
Total Private Applications
Access of Archived Application
Free trial days
15 Days
15 Days
Invite members in an Application
Source Code Download
Source Code Sync with GitHub and GitLab
Chat & Email Support
Priority Support
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
Onboarding Coaching and Training
IP Control
Custom Roles
Contract and Legal Review

Have any questions related to pricing?

Can I try DhiWise before paying?

Sure! You can try out the free trial of DhiWise for 7 days, use all the features, build as many applications as you wish across all projects, and download their source code.

What happens after my free trial is over?

Once your free trial is over, you can choose to upgrade to any of the paid plans. If you choose not to, you’ll not be able to use DhiWise any more. Still, if you are a Node.js developer, enjoy using our Node.js open source on GitHub now.

What kind of support does DhiWise provide?

The types of support available to you depend on which DhiWise subscription plan you purchase. With the Pro Plan, you’ll have access to email support and Community Support via Discord. With an Enterprise Plan you’ll gain access to Community Support, Email Support, and Designated Support.

Can I cancel my subscription plan at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription plan at any time. However, the cancellation will take place at the end of the current invoice period, and you continue to be able to access the platform until the cancellation becomes effective. After effective cancellation of the plan should you need your project, please send a retrieval request to help@dhiwise.com our team will be happy to help you. 

How long does it take to learn DhiWise?

If you’re new to building Web or Mobile apps using various technologies (Node.js, Kotlin, React, iOS, Laravel, Flutter), our video tutorials will get up and running quickly. If you already know the concepts, you will feel at home with DhiWise.

How many users can I have with each DhiWise plan, and how much do Additional users cost?

DhiWise Pro Plan gives you access to up to 25 users, however with the Enterprise plan you are not bound with any limitation in terms of a number of users. You can connect with our Sales Team for more information.

Are there any additional charges to the prices mentioned in the price list?

No, there are no additional charges. The prices are inclusive of all taxes.

Am I charged on the basis of projects or applications created?

An application is a self-sufficient part of a project which is not intertwined with the other apps in the project. You can create projects in DhiWise and inside every Project, you can build multiple Applications. Now, with DhiWise plans you get access to unlimited Applications. However, in the Pro Plan you can generate code for up to 1200 models/database tables and for up to 1200 App screens.

After creating an application using DhiWise, do I get access to the Source Code?

The Source Code of your created application is your property and you can always build the application and download the Source Code for further use.

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