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Look beyond NoSQL Support with DhiWise: Your App’s Backend deserves so much more

If you have already been creating apps on our Node.JS framework, you must have experienced ultra-fast query processing, all thanks to the MongoDB data...

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How to Create a Video Streaming App Like Netflix?

The market for video streaming services is booming. According to the report, the global streaming industry was estimated at $38.56 billion in 2018 and...

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DhiWise Figma-to-Flutter code hands-on: A Step by Step Guide to convert your Figma design to Flutter code

Today for every organization building an exclusive app became indispensable. To reach out to potential customers businesses are making huge investment...

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Can Riding the Wave of Collaborative Workspace contribute to the Developer’s Cause?

Sharing is caring! And, this statement holds true even for your irascibly written codes. Confused? As developers working relentlessly on perfecting th...

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Slow App Development Lifecycle has you in a Fix…. Kick the Bottlenecks in the Crib, Today!

Yes, DevOps engineers are done for the day! But, there are other aspects of app development that might be keeping business owners awake. Repetitive co...

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How DhiWise Android builder help you to generate production-ready code in a week instead of a month

For many organizations building a mobile(Android) application and taking it to the market is the top priority. However, it is often seen that app deve...

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Node.js App Development Essentials: Get the Perfect App Up and Running in Days

Node.js is a piece of art. A smaller learning curve, scalability, faster development, and that exclusive Non-blocking input/output paradigm! If as a d...

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Managing product flavors with the DhiWise Android app builder

For Android mobile app developers, it’s obvious to create a variant for the application events, while keeping the core functionality of the app inta...

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iOS Builder has Arrived, right in time for your First Distribution-Ready App…

It’s time. It’s finally time to unveil a resource that would get you a place in Apple’s famed app store. And we know that you have been expectin...

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Attention PHP Geeks-DhiWise now has a Laravel Builder, up and running

While your love for JavaScript is justified, PHP continues to be an emotion. Familiar syntax, platform-independent usage, quick error reporting, cross...

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Code Management Made Easy with GIT Integration – But, there is more!

Do continuity issues bother you while writing codes for select apps? Or, are you worried about multiple code iterations and non-traceable changes exp...

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How to Automate Repetitive Tasks In App Development?

In the software development industry automating app development processes became vital to stay ahead in the competitive market. Automation reduces ma...

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Up and Beyond Version 1— Can ‘Low-Code’ and ‘No-Code’ Help you Scale?

You needed an app yesterday. We hear you. But then, don’t you have to write every code from scratch and even get the same tested before launching? W...

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How You Can Increase Your Revenue as a Service-based Company With DhiWise

If you are doing everything right but can’t bring up revenue in your business then all your efforts are in vain. Good revenue is vital for the healt...

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What do Social Login Implementations mean for mobile apps

According to a survey, almost 86 percent of web users find it bothersome to create new accounts on select websites.   Developers are you even lis...

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What is Node.js? & Why Node.js is the Best Option for Backend Development?

Have you ever wondered why Node.js is the first choice among developers for app development, especially for backend development? If yes, then this blo...

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Top Five Reasons to use Node.js with React.js for Web Development

In this article, we will learn about Node.js and React.js, whether we use both technologies for web app development? Is it compulsory to use Node.js w...

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How ProCode is Fast Shaping up as a New Normal for App Developers?

Lego blocks for app development! This is exactly what low-code platforms look like.   No heavy-handed app coding.   No need to abide by the ...

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How MVVM Architecture Outperforms MVC?

Trust me; you need clean code architecture, more than it needs you!   Clean architecture or as we know it concerns segregating design elements an...

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An Overview of Android Jetpack Components

The article gives you an overview of Android Jetpack Components (It includes Architecture, UI, Behavior, and Foundation) and brief information about t...

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Kotlin Generics: Reified Type Parameter with Inline Function

Most programming languages use Generics but accessing type info in the generic function has some limits as type information is erased by the compiler ...

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Top 10 Trending Libraries For Android Development

Building an Android application is a difficult task, but having a good understanding of various libraries, frameworks, and toolkits can make your Andr...

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Why and how should you secure your apps against Reverse Engineering?

You are supposed to be extremely tight-fisted regarding your application. But does the concern translate into effective security (app security) measur...

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What is API Integration and what it means for Mobile Applications?

Mobile applications are fickle. They depend on each other for offering a holistic user experience and in the process, need to be intertwined via ready...

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Kotlin Data Classes: A Smarter Way to Hold Data

Kotlin is the most favored language for Android application development. It has a plethora of advanced features that save developers time and help to ...

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What does Design-to-Code mean and how is it Useful?

Do you have a design-specific idea in mind that could very well be transformed into an app? I hear you and this is why Design-to-Code is a concept you...

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Why should developers shift to Browser/Web-Based App development resources?

I do not like installing a lot of apps on my laptop and honestly, neither should you?   Also, did you know that getting things done over the inte...

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LiveData: An Android Architecture Development Component

LiveData is the android architecture component that simplifies reactive programming for responsive UI development. In this article, you will learn abo...

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10 Best Kotlin Features to Boost Your Android Development

The Kotlin programming language has a lot of great features. In this article, we will look at the top ten Kotlin features.   Kotlin Introduction ...

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R8 and ProGuard: Secure Your app Against Reverse Engineering

The article explains how you can secure your application from app piracy, why it is important to minimize your app size, and which tools can be used t...

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Retrofit: The easiest way to call REST API in Android

Retrofit is a popular Library widely used by developers to simplify networking tasks and API interactions. In this article, we are going to understand...

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Android Build System: BuildConfig fields and Build Variants

In this article, we are going to understand about Android build System Gradle and how it helps to configure different aspects of your build i.e Build ...

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Koin- A Dependency Injection Framework for Kotlin

In this article, you will learn what dependency injection is, its importance in Android applications, what are the most popular DI solutions available...

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How to Implement Room Database in Kotlin – DhiWise

The room is a part of the Android Architectural Component. The articles give you a clear idea about Room Database, its components, basic implementatio...

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Kotlin Coroutines: An overview of Kotlin Asynchronous Programming

Kotlin comes with support for asynchronous programming. The articles focus on the basic concept of asynchronous programming and how Kotlin coroutine s...

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Glide: Best Image Loading and Caching Library for Android

With the growing popularity of mobile applications, the demand for higher performance and better user experience is increasing. A poor-quality applica...

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Navigation Component: Simplify Navigation with Kotlin and Jetpack

The article introduces the Navigation Component, as well as its key elements and classes. Navigation components are extremely useful for implementing ...

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Google Recommendation for Android Application Development Architecture

The article focuses on Google’s recommendation for android application development architecture and its advantages, the importance of clean code arc...

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How to Build a Cross-Platform Mobile Application Using Kotlin?

Kotlin is the most loved language among Android developers. But do you know it is also favored by developers for cross-platform mobile application dev...

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Why Developers Use Kotlin For Android Development? – DhiWise

Kotlin has become the most popular language among the Android developer’s community. The article introduces Kotlin, its history, features, and chara...

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How to Create an E-Learning Application Like Udemy with DhiWise

The COVID-19 pandemic opened up new opportunities for the education and training industries. During this situation, remote learning became new normal ...

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Build Social Media App Like Instagram

Instagram is a famous social media application widely used for sharing photos and videos. Creating such an application needs high effort. The article ...

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How You Can Build an On-demand Food Delivery Application With DhiWise

The article focuses on how to build a successful food delivery application for the aggregator platform,  its advantage,  technology stack, and the m...

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How with DhiWise you can Build/Make video calling app in less than 20 days

The evolution of technology is simply unpredictable with convenient gadgets that are time-saver during this fast-moving world. As an example, communic...

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How to build an uber-like app in 15 days with DhiWise

Entering the ride-sharing industry with your taxi booking app?   Isn’t it true that most taxi app creation entails creating an app similar ...

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Build A Travel Booking App Like

The article demonstrates how to build a travel application like, its market statistics, advantages, features, and technology stack. Furthe...

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DhiWise: Deliver the Technology Overnight

With the increasing use of mobile devices and internet technology, mobile applications have become critical to business and other Institutions. For th...

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How to Build Scalable Android Application Faster

Building a scalable mobile application for business is a challenging task.  Developers can successfully develop scalable apps faster if they identify...

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DhiWise – Everything You Need to Build Your Quality Node.js Application Faster

Every technology has its pros and cons. Therefore to deal with technical limitations and complex programming issues developers need to continuously ex...

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Create MERN Stack Applications on the go with DhiWise Platform

Customer expectations of quality brands are continuously increasing in order to offer a smooth digital experience. The developer community and softwar...

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How IT Startups can Achieve better Productivity with DhiWise?

Summary: Developing Software applications such as mobile and web apps is no longer an option but a must-have in today’s digital world.  With t...

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How with Dhiwise you can build video calling app in less than 20 days

The evolution of technology is simply unpredictable with convenient gadgets that are time-saver during this fast-moving world. As an example, communic...

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7 Ways to eliminate the risk of time and cost uncertainty in web and mobile app development with DhiWise

Eliminating the risk of time and cost uncertainty is very essential in web and mobile app development.   Any company has a clear target in mind: ...

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4 Development Practices Node.JS Developers Generally Follow

In the last decade, Node.js has become one of the most common web development frameworks.    Node.js is a common backend development language be...

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DhiWise Launch Week – Day 5 : iOS Builder

Attention Readers, Today, the Launch Week just got better, bigger, and bolder…. It’s the 24th of September, 2021 and little did we know at DhiWi...

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DhiWise Launch Week – Day 4 : Laravel Builder

Hey there, Yet another Blog. Yet Another Technology. And, we still have two days to go before the launch week comes to an end. Day 4: It’s the 23r...

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DhiWise Launch Week – Day 3: Flutter Builder

Hello folks, Apologies for the persistent chain of emails but it’s Day 3 of the Launch Week, and we wouldn’t want you to miss out on all the fun....

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DhiWise Launch Week – Day 2: Node.js Builder

Hello, World Devs; Today is a day of celebration and continuation of our launch week, day two for Node.js app builder! We are very excited to show y...

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DhiWise Launch Week – Day 1: Android Builder

‘Hello, World!’ This is the fifth DhiWise update from the day of our Beta Launch. This week is the DhiWise Launch Week! 3 months ago, we set our...

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Now DhiWise supports Firebase Integration for your App development

Mobile applications have evolved in every possible way, making it vital for developers to drastically improve backend capabilities. But then, the back...

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DhiWise Launch Week – It’s showtime!

We have truly something genuine to announce to you, something we are really proud of.  But first, let us tell you where it all started. It all ...

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React Admin Panel Support is Finally Here, and We Can’t Keep Calm!!!

If Node.js was fun, React developers are expected to have a field day, every day! Time has always been of the essence for developers. Quick developm...

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Introduction to the Kotlin Flow API

To build an Android application asynchronously, you might be using RxJava. In Kotlin, the same functionality is provided by Kotlin Flow API which is a...

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