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Good Work

With DhiWise platform, you can fall in love with your work again. A platform built for developers to build apps in a way that uses their engineering muscle rather than forcing the use of crammed information.

Available Spots

World is big enough for everyone; finding the best spot is the key.

Who do we serve

Engineers, the ones who can look at the world as a system, point inefficient components out and get involved to improve them. Our focus is on programmers, who can breathe life into an idea with syntax, semantics, and logic. We serve them to eliminate minutiae of typical development cycle built on idea of passing the buck around till everyone runs out of time.

What matters to us

Computational accuracy and precision. Reducing human intervention in mundane tasks by delegating it to machines and freeing up engineering time for more cool stuff. Solution to biggest problem, imbalance of work-life balance in IT industry, is what matters to us.

What we are up against

Crisis of skilled workforce. Paradox of current world is even when we have highest population in the history of mankind, every organization is struggling to attract and retain talented workforce, some even fight over it. We intend to solve it with technical intervention that unlocks the human potential at optimal level, by building tools that make the journey of an idea to implementation a pleasant and profound experience.

Paradoxes of IT Industry

Space between possibilities and problems.


Resource Scarcity

While academia and industry are teeming with experts in technology; race to attract talent remains as difficult as digging gold.


Efficient Production

Tech industry is blooming like a gold rush; waste, misuse, and accuracy remains the deceptive and destructive forces.

Life at DhiWise

Relationships start with expectations, while we’ll ask for yours in detail in-person. Here are few things you should know about us, so that you can point us in right direction as a team player.

Culture of Sports Team: Camaraderie over competition

DhiWise is built on culture of a sports team, not a family. We are looking for high performing individuals who puts the team before individuals, are candid and humble.

Best ideas are often blocked by fear of failures.

We value out of box thinking and bold actions to achieve goals. Our candid culture makes everyone feel comfortable without succumbing to prejudice and biases. We assume that everyone is expert in their chosen field and open to learn new things.

Championship Teams over Individual Champions

All of us our special and gifted in our own way, what matters the most is finding a compatible environment where we can do our best work. People obsessed on showing off their talent and hungry for spotlight do not enjoy their time here. We appreciate the best talent when deployed for greater good.

An internet company that operates like internet.

Biggest strength of internet is the decentralization. Our teams are autonomous for their work and aligned to organization objectives. We value individual fulfillment and collective success equally. Individual ownership and team responsibility work together at DhiWise.

Communication beyond language restriction

We are a tech-company, with firm belief that innovation is not limited to specific languages and tools. Our all-inclusive approach allows programmers to work with languages and tools they feel comfortable with, while enabling cross-functional interactions across the board.

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