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Exploring Figma Plugin Perfection: DhiWise vs Monday Hero - Which One Wins?

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June 12, 2023


June 12, 2023

Figma is a well-known design tool among designers and developers due to its advanced features, powerful design capabilities, and strong community. 

It enhances the designer-to-developer handoff by allowing developers to extract design assets, inspect designs, collaborate with designers, and by providing a range of plugins to leverage design to code generation process and boost developers’ productivity. 

In this blog, we will delve deeper into the world of Figma plugins and compare two popular contenders: DhiWise and Monday Hero. Join us as we explore the features and benefits, and ultimately determine which plugin takes the crown in the battle for Figma plugin perfection.

So let’s begin!

Introducing Figma plugins for design to code

Converting a design into a working application is a monotonous task and it has multiple challenges such as recurring design changes, design complexity, limited time to market, lack of resources, and design-to-code conversion errors that occur during manual coding. 

However, there is one simple solution to this problem for developers who simply want to generate the boilerplate code for their entire Figma app design, a few design screens, or components. 

Figma plugins for app development can speed up design implementation by automatically converting Figma design to code. DhiWise Figma to Code plugin and Monday Hero Plugin are two of them. 

DhiWise Figma to Code Plugin

The plugin converts Figma design to Flutter, React, Kotlin (Android), and SwiftUI (iOS) code by auto-identifying design components. 


DhiWise- A web and mobile app development platform for developers.

Monday Hero Figma Plugin

The plugin exports the iOS and Flutter code of the Figma-designed UI. It removes the repetitive manual work of design-to-code conversion so that the developers can focus on creative and complex coding tasks. 


Monday Hero- It is a developer tool for converting the design to native mobile code. 

DhiWise vs Monday Hero Figma Plugin: Explore the perfection

The following comparison table provides the key feature differences and capabilities of both DhiWise and Monday Hero Figma plugins.

Features and Capabilities DhiWise Figma to Code Plugin Monday Hero Figma Plugin
Converts Figma design to Code. Flutter, React, Kotlin (Android), SwiftUI (iOS) Flutter and SwiftUI (iOS)
Provides prebuilt templates and screen libraries Yes No
Auto-identify design components, and icons Yes Yes
Exports code for the selected single or multiple screens or the entire project Yes Yes
Provides flexibility to UI customization Yes Yes
Enables creating custom components Yes Yes
Support clean code architecture Yes No
Customer support and Documentation 24/7 customer support and well-written documentation 24/7 customer support and well-written documentation (Only for paid users)

From the above comparison, we can conclude that both DhiWise and Monday Hero Figma Plugin simplify the design-to-code process by auto-generating code from the Figma design components. However, DhiWise Figma to Code plugin seems to be more powerful than Monday Hero in terms of clean code generation, number of supported technologies, and prebuilt templates and screen libraries. 

Moreover, DhiWise Figma to code plugin is free to use in its beta version, unlike Monday Hero which is only accessible via paid subscription.

Well, this is all about the plugin, but under the hood, as you export the design and start generating code both the DhiWise and Moday Hero allow you to customize the code with their app builder and then generate the final code that can be used inside the project.

So, which one wins as a plugin and a platform?

As a plugin, DhiWise excels in a few important areas which we have already discussed. However, as a platform, DhiWise has much more to offer than Monday Hero.

Monday Hero is simply a low-code platform and has its capabilities limited to UI design customization. In DhiWise you can find a range of features beyond just design to code and UI customization, which include API integration, setting up actions, navigation, adding constant files, and so on.

Further, the platform provides integration with GitHub and GitLab repositories to simplify code sharing and collaboration among the project team members. Finally, the choice of plugin selection ultimately depends upon your specific project needs and team dynamics.

Go beyond just design to code with DhiWise

In the article, we have discussed the key features and differences between DhiWise and Monday Hero Figma Plugin, we also had a quick look into their app builder capabilities. 

Still, you can take the time to evaluate and experiment with both plugins to determine which one will elevate your Figma design to code experience and contribute to UI design perfection in your projects.

Well, if you are choosing DhiWise plugin it's always recommended to go beyond its plugin capabilities and give a try to its different app builders for Flutter, SwiftUI, Kotlin, and React

Explore more about DhiWise features and sign up now to build your app with lightning speed.

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