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The Ultimate Web App Builder is here

Are you planning to build your first web application? Well, going for a web app is a decision you wouldn’t regret. But wait, do you even have the resources to get you that all-inclusive web application that is fast, scalable, and as efficient as any native application.

With the React Web App Builder, you most certainly have. Experience how it works with DhiWise. 


A Professional, Convenient, and foolproof  tool, just for you

Create single and multi-page apps in a few clicks


Intelligent Component Identifier

Planning to migrate a UI layout from Figma? Leave it to our intelligent identifier for determining the reusable components across screens.


View Manager

Not exactly onboard with the suggested components? Our React web app builder lets you pick the exact view from the list, as per the nature of the existing component and validation.


Tailwind CSS

Were you always looking for a CSS framework for your web app but without restrictions? Our web app builder uses Tailwind CSS as the defined framework to minimize code clutter.



Do you only fancy an interactive application without the piling technical debt? Our web app builder lets you achieve exactly the same by letting you transform entire Figma prototypes into functional apps without compromising on scalability.


Action Creator

Do you want the web app to ‘react’ a certain way? Now make it scale better by adding social, off-page, on-page, and in-app navigations.



Pair static web app elements with Google Authenticator. And eventually, improve the app-usage experience of your entire user base.

Navigations: Inward, Outward, and Beyond!

Have you always envied those apps that could send users to specific sections of the app or even the page? Well, the React Web app builder lets you achieve all that and more in a few clicks.


User-First Always

Our web app builder lets you adopt a customer-first approach, courtesy of the Tailwind CSS framework in play. With this resource underpinning the React.js technology, you can better manage themes, leverage component reusability, and stay away from repetitive coding.


Code View, Always

As a ProCode platform, we ensure that you get access to everything as part of the visual programming package and also the code. While the Builder GUI identifies reusable terms for you and the standard action creator lets you front and back navigate screens, you can always get the code view of the entire app upon deploying it at least once.


Start with Pre-built Designs.

Customize them as you want. Choose from a library of over 100+ templates or 1000+ screens which you can customize with DhiWise’s Smart Editor.


Our templates have pre-built navigations, authentication, and much more


Screen Library

Build your app idea even if you don’t have Designs



Web apps are insanely useful. However, building them from scratch can quickly become a lot of work. However, DhiWise makes sure that the React App Builder is there to help, allowing you to weave together the perfect front-end.


What to Expect of the React Web App Builder over time?

As you know, DhiWise doesn’t stand for mediocrity. And therefore, we plan on taking our React Web App to newer heights by ensuring progressive addition of new features.

Here are the features that you can expect over time:

  • Improved multi-screen responsiveness (Focus on Mobile devices)
  • Supabase integration as database support
  • API integration for better app response
  • Support for parameters
  • Component identification power in the hands of the user
  • Form integrations
  • Theme management