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Develop vetted apps for the walled garden (Apple Ecosystem) with DhiWise iOS Builder

Be a part of Apple’s active dev community with quick UI generation, seamless API integrations, and state-of-art app customizations using Swift


The ‘Design-to-iOS Code’ approach

The trickiest part of developing an iOS application isn’t the code. It’s the design. But what if there was something to get that part done smoothly with ease?

With “DhiWise iOS Builder’, you can efficiently generate source code from the uploaded designs. Our platform lets you import UI layouts from Figma, Sketch, and XD, with our integrated resources doing the majority of heavy lifting, when it comes to code generation.

But then, our ‘Design-to-Code’ approach extends beyond code generation. It includes:

  • Fast and automated View file generation
  • Accessibility to a responsive Interface Builder
  • Adjustability to specific viewport size for responsive application design
  • Determining application transitions with ease
  • Easily changeable views and set flow of entire application

Fast, Effective & Accurate.

Concise, clear, and intelligent code generation at your fingertips…. with ProCode

Our ProCode vision

Honestly speaking, Low-code and No-code platforms aren’t meant for production-level iOS app development

Reasons include lack of support for dynamic libraries, inability to scale beyond MVP, error-prone and buggy operability, and restricted API access.

Here comes the iOS Builder, powered by DhiWise’s ProCode vision, which is the world’s first, 100%, developer-centric platform for app development.

ProCode manages to include the best bits of low-code setups, including faster TTM, hassle-free development, hands-on feature integration, and more, and supplements the same with better code readability, lesser maintenance, access to custom UI elements, access to libraries, multi-device compatibility, and lesser code-specific errors.

To simplify further, our iOS Builder lets you build performant apps, faster!


Pillars of our iOS app development


Design-to-Code Approach

Code generation cannot get any easier than this. Now import UI designs, layouts, and prototypes directly from leading platforms like Figma, Adobe XD, and Sketch and get the source code generated, instantly.


Navigation Control

Now exercise better control over application screen transitions by creating actions as per the business logic. Focus on the forward and backward navigation actions to lead from one screen to the other. Plus, you can even set a Splash Screen or Alert, depending on preferences.


TextField Validations

Setup inline validations on editable TextField, to make sure the input is valid and add features like login functionality, ‘App sign-up’ form, and more, in a few clicks.


Multi-Faceted API Integration

Integrate APIs directly to the UI elements, either manually or via Postman listing, by binding the same to a particular View. Plus, you can even set API responses and actions like ‘Success’ and ‘Error’ depending on the nature of the response.


Support for UserDefaults

Ensure that the app is nimble enough with support for UserDefaults that caches relevant information to speed up default value generation, such as API request or even API response. This functionality lets users enjoy custom default settings at the start up, which differs for everyone.

Why DhiWise for app development?


Better User Experience

We allow you to create some of the more interactive apps by letting in on the entire SwiftUI View Lifecycle, which focuses on its creation of SwiftUI View to its destruction for speeding up the application in general.


Interactive Choices

Finding it hard to manage the UI all by yourself! Choose from our pre-existing application templates without having to import any UI, whatsoever.


Inclusive APIs

Our Swift-based iOS Builder lets you fetch data for your app using API calls. For now, we are offering Data Binding and UserDefaults with API integration to let you focus progressively on app speeds and user experience.


UI Control

The relevant API integrations followed by SwiftUI View Lifecycle access while developing the application, make it easier for you to have better control over the UI, faster view loading, and eventually, minimized app crashes.

DhiWise Exclusives

Still unsure about our iOS Builder? Here are some of the exclusives to rely on:

Version Control

Backend or frontend, at DhiWise, we have every app development process covered.


DhiWise lets you use APIs, either for scaling Figma UI to fit or managing application-specific actions.


We provide MVVM clean code architecture in SwiftUI, leaving room for developers to explore their creativity.


Keep native application functionalities intact by staying connected with Figma across multiple stages.

What’s next for our iOS Builder?

Marveled already! Well, at DhiWise, we promise to progressively add your iOS app-building capabilities.

Here are some of the upcoming features to keep you glued to our iOS Builder:

  • Social Authentication
  • Firebase Integration
  • Runtime Permissions
  • Payment Gateway

Now take a closer look at our iOS development platform by exploring DhiWise, right away