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Develop vetted apps for the apple Ecosystem with DhiWise iOS Builder

Be a part of Apple’s coveted App Store with quick UI generation, seamless API integrations, and state-of-art app customizations using Swift.

Build your First iOS application now with a focus on the ‘Design-to-Code’ approach.


Why DhiWise?


Pre-Existing Templates

Finding it hard to manage the UI all by yourself! Choose from our pre-existing application templates without having to import any UI, whatsoever.


Collaborative Workspace

Connect with the entire team at once while following the changes made to the application, courtesy of version control and Git integrations.


Code-Level Validation

Our iOS Builder lets you set specific validations at the code level, to enable and disable access to specific UI elements.


Dual-Code Conversion

Imagine you have an iOS app ready. Now convert the entire Swift-powered codebase to an Android or Kotlin-specific codebase, in one click.

Navigation Control

Now exercise better control over application screen transitions by creating actions as per the business logic. Focus on the forward and backward navigation actions to lead from one screen to the other. Plus, you can even set a Splash Screen or Alert, depending on your preferences.


Multi-Faceted API Integration

Integrate APIs directly to the UI elements, either manually or via Postman listing, by binding the same to a particular View. Plus, you can even set API responses and actions like ‘Success’ and ‘Error’ depending on the nature of the response.



Code generation cannot get any easier than this. Now import UI designs, layouts, and prototypes directly from leading platforms like Figma, Adobe XD, and Sketch and get the source code generated, instantly.


UITextField Validations

Setup inline validations on editable TextField, to make sure the input is valid and add features like login functionality, ‘App sign-up’ form, and more, in a few clicks.


UI Control

The relevant API integrations followed by View Lifecycle access while developing the app, make it easier for you to have better control over the UI, with faster view loading, and eventually, minimized app crashes.


Support for UserDefaults

Ensure that the app is nimble enough with support for UserDefaults that caches relevant information to speed up default value generation, such as API request or even API response. This functionality lets users enjoy custom default settings at the start up, which differs for everyone.


The app store is waiting for your application—with Bated Breath

Marveled already! Well, at DhiWise, we promise to progressively add to your iOS app-building capabilities with a focus on design imports, improved user experience, Data Binding, and minimal app crashes.