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Now design and develop natively compiled, adaptable, and beautiful applications with a modern, browser-based platform by your side


Figma-to-Flutter code: In a few clicks

As Google’s go-to UI Toolkit, Flutter is more responsive towards visual elements. But, what happens when the developer in you wants to see the code?

Fret not, as the Design-to-Code approach forms the backbone of our Flutter Builder. Simply migrate the relevant Figma design to sit back and enjoy the one-to-one design-to-code conversion, handled exclusively by the integrated Flutter Generator. But then, our Flutter Builder is a lot more than just boilerplate generation. Our platform ensures access to:

  • Relevant app screens
  • Faster lifecycle
  • Lighter applications
  • Custom widgets
  • Smaller learning curve

Fast, Effective & Accurate.

Concise, clear, and intelligent code generation at your fingertips…. with ProCode

Flutter + ProCode: How the vision works?

Not much of a lingo guy! Well, here is something about Flutter that lets you understand our platform better. Flutter, as a cross-platform SDK, comes forth as a ready-to-use app-building resource. Plus, Flutter cuts interaction with the native app layer, resulting in almost zero app startup and performance issues.

But then, writing Flutter-based code from scratch can cause a little grief if you are on a deadline. Also, Flutter is no good as a low or no-code implementation.

DhiWise, gets the Flutter association right, by making it a ProCode resource. With this new breed of app development, obviously, with Flutter to power the technicalities, you can convert design and UI elements to code, manage APIs better, add actions as desired, and even handle widget lifecycle at the code level to make the application more interactive.


Pillars of our Flutter app development


Flexible UIs

DhiWise lets you ship design-specific attributes with a focus on end-user experiences. Get hold of Flutter’s Figma compatibility, layered architecture, and support for customization, for creating expressive, flexible, and fast rendering UIs. Plus, we also let you pick app templates of choice.


Action Creator

Disparate UI elements need to interact with the end-user and other app components. Our Action Creator handles interactions by helping developers manage screen navigation, back navigation, standalone API and action integrations, and alert dialog appearances, as desired.


API Manager

Add functionality to your application with our dedicated API manager. Now add responses by creating new APIs, or give the defined actions a shuffle by editing and even deleting APIs, if needed. Plus, our Flutter builder lets you upload a pre-existing Postman API collection for faster integrations.


Lifecycle Method

Work rather flawlessly on your boilerplate code by adding or modifying widget dependencies, and therefore actions, using the initState method. Put simply, this lifecycle method supported by our ProCode platform lets you override widget functionalities to suit end-user requirements.


Code Generator

Regardless of how you approach the flexible and expressive designs in Flutter, DhiWise lets you convert each to code, for a wholesome experience. With code access, you can initiate granular changes, add additional lifecycle methods, and use the source code, even outside the platform.


Collaborative Workspace

Create codebase, check project development status, check commit history of the team members, and experience other perks of a collaborative and version controlled workspace with GitHub and GitLab integration.

Why DhiWise for developing apps with dynamic UIs?


Browser-Based Access

If Flutter is your app development framework of choice, our web-based ProCode platform might just help you get more portable with the process



With the Flutter-DhiWise association, your app always has the potential to move beyond mobile and android, without having to modify the codebase



DhiWise lets the developer in you tap into the most important aspect of Flutter i.e. uniform business logic and UI, regardless of the platform you wish the app to cater to. (At present only android functionality is available)


Native Performance

Our action creator allows you to experience app-critical platform-specific attributes like navigation and scrolling for the wide array of Flutter widgets and UI components



APIs are integral to the app’s performance and at DhiWise, we let you pair rich motion Application Programming Interfaces, as Postman documentation, to help develop stateful apps and components

DhiWise Exclusives- Why Us?

If Flutter makes sense to you, so will our ProCode platform, courtesy of:


Covers you in case you want to scale beyond the Play Store


Manage your development resources from any device of choice


Move beyond the pre-defined screens with Figma integrations


Work on the boilerplate without sweating over unscrupulous tweaks

What’s next for our Flutter builder?

Still seeking all-inclusive app development tools. Here are the Flutter features that we have in the pipeline to further improve your experience:

  • Dark theme
  • Google Maps/Location
  • Workflow builder
  • Push notifications
  • Payment Gateway

All set to give Flutter development a try! Reach us out to know more about getting your app out in the open, in no time!

if you have a feature request, please create a ticket.

Benefits of investing in DhiWise

  • Minimal code development downtime
  • Constant roadmap upgrades
  • Faster cross-platform app building
  • Ability to manage animated UI, regardless of complexity
  • Seamless logic implementation
  • On-boarding support

All set to give Flutter development a try! Reach us out to know more about getting your app out in the open, in no time!