Updates of DhiWise Launch Week 2: 31st Jan to 4th Feb 2022

Paint apps to Life with ‘DhiWise Flutter Builder’

Are you looking for comprehensive resources to build an iOS and Android application in a whiff? 

Now design and develop natively compiled, adaptable, and beautiful applications with a modern, browser-based platform by your side with our state-of-art Flutter Builder.


Why DhiWise for Developing Dynamic apps? 

Enhanced Scalability

With the Flutter-DhiWise association, your app always has the potential to move beyond mobile and Android, without having to modify the codebase


APIs are integral to the app’s performance and at DhiWise, we let you pair rich motion Application Programming Interfaces, as Postman documentation, to help develop stateful apps and components


DhiWise lets the developer in you tap into the most important aspect of Flutter i.e. uniform business logic and UI, regardless of the platform you wish the app to cater to.

Flexible UIs

Now ship design-specific attributes with a focus on end-user experiences. Get hold of Flutter’s Figma compatibility, layered architecture, and support for customization, for creating expressive, flexible, and fast rendering UIs.

API Manager

Add responses by creating new APIs, or give the defined actions a shuffle by editing and even deleting APIs. You can even upload a pre-existing Postman API collection to speed up integrations.

Supabase Integration

The backend of your application needs to work with structured datasets at times. Our Flutter Builder lets you achieve the same with an eye on scalability, courtesy of the Supabase integration.

Firebase Integration

For backend resources involving unstructured datasets, Flutter Builder’s Firebase Integration comes in handy. This feature lets you pair the app with real-time databases, making cross-platform app development easier than ever.

Life Cycle Management

The onInit method lifecycle method supported by our ProCode platform lets you override widget functionalities to suit end-user requirements.

Code Generator

Regardless of how you approach the flexible and expressive designs in Flutter, DhiWise lets you convert each to code, for a wholesome experience.

Transform your App Development Gig in a matter of Clicks

Make the most of the cross-platform functionality with DhiWise Flutter Builder at your disposal. Now reap the benefits of Supabase-Firebase integration, improved code obfuscation for enhanced security, and zero dependencies while keeping app development downtime and time-to-market to a minimum.