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How to Build Scalable Android Application Faster

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May 27, 2021


May 27, 2021

Summary: Building a highly scalable Android application for business is a challenging task.  Developers can successfully develop scalable apps if they identify, plan, and strictly implement them according to all the aspects of scalable mobile application development.  

With DhiWise, developers can tackle all the challenges and instantly create high-quality mobile applications. 

How? Continue reading to know more about it.

Defining a successful mobile application

Developing a successful mobile application that meets market demands is a long and challenging journey. It must be highly scalable, responsive, easy to use, multifunctional, faster, and has an intuitive user interface. Among these, scalability is a critical factor that developers should focus on.

Why is it important to build a highly scalable app?

A scalable application handles an increasing number of users by accommodating increasing resources without hampering the overall structure and functionality of the application.

For example, in a scalable app, the page load time, user experience, and access to resources are never affected by the increasing number of users or functionalities.

Here are some of the advantages of building scalable applications:

  • Businesses can attract more traffic on festival days or any other occasion without worrying about downtime.
  • The salable application provides flexibility for adding extra features to the application.
  • Improves user experience.
  • Ensure higher return on investment.

Why delivering a quality Android application faster is still a challenge for IT organizations.

According to Gartner’s 2020 report, mobile apps are projected to have the most impact on business success. While most businesses have already started to implement it or wish to implement it at the core of their marketing strategy. 

IT organizations are still struggling to deliver scalable quality applications to businesses faster due to the high surge in mobile application demand. While building a scalable application it is crucial to think, plan and execute an application development strategy according to the business requirement to achieve all the business goals. 

How to create Android apps that are highly scalable and maintainable

Before creating a mobile application, developers need to figure out a few things, such as estimating the number of users going to use the application in a year or two, the type of information the application generates, and during which time the users remain active on the application, how to manage the growing information and users.

To build a scalable mobile app, developers need to focus on the following aspects: 

  • Create Agile API layer:

While developing a mobile application 50% of the development time is spent on the app integration. Therefore, it is important to create an API layer to optimize mobile integration and support application scalability.

  • Use technologies that support scalability

Developers must use tools and technologies that allow them to build highly scalable applications. Node.js is a popular tool among developers for building scalable apps. Many of the leading mobile app development companies use Node.js to build scalable mobile applications. Other technologies that can be used are Django and Ruby on Rails.

  • Generate clean code and improve commonly used code 

To easily scale any application, it is important to write clean code making it easy to understand and change. 

Developers can also maximize application performance and efficiency by improving the code that is frequently used by app users. Also improving code running time by a few milliseconds matters a lot if the code is used millions of times in a day.

  • Cash database queries

Storing responses of frequently used queries and the queries that take a longer time to execute helps to reduce database calls and network load. 

  • Test and maintain

Monitoring the app code, and testing code units for different cases and scenarios helps to reduce issues early by identifying problems.

  • Choose the proper database engine

As the number of mobile app users increases, the database grows slowly. By choosing an appropriate database engine and designing the correct database schema, applications can process the increasing number of database transactions more efficiently.

These are the key factors that affect the scalability of mobile applications. Developers can control all these factors by managing the entire application development life cycle through a single platform using modern technologies and features.

How DhiWise helps developers to build scalable Android applications faster

Dhiwise is a revolutionary platform that accelerates web and mobile app development by reducing repetitive tasks in app development with its cutting-edge features. 

Further, it offers technology support for modern languages, frameworks, and development environments to simplify application development.

The platform provides a one-stop solution to build scalable mobile apps. 
  • Supports the best technologies used for Android and iOS mobile application development. That includes MongoDB, Node.js, Express.js, React.js, Flutter, swift, Laravel, and Kotlin.
  • Generates clean code that is easy to understand, modify, maintain and test with minimum input such as configuring database schema, authentication, routes, and constants.
  • DhiWise Android app builder supports Kotlin app development, it automates coding and improves scalability.
  • Simplifies code sharing and team collaboration with GitHub and GitLab integration.
  • Facilitates conversion of UI Design to Code in a few clicks.
  • Developers can import a database schema, set up screen navigation, and build logic using the DhiWise process builder. 
  • Protects app against reverse engineering with R8 and Proguard support. 
  • Developers can create scalable apps by simply uploading themes, setting up components and elements, and configuring workflow.

With all of these features, DhiWise has become the only platform that offers developers a complete solution for faster and highly scalable Android application development.

Know more about DhiWise Android builder and sign up to start building your next Android app.

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Frequently asked questions

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