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Figma to Android: A Step by Step Guide to Quickly Turn Your Design in Figma to Android Application With DhiWise



June 22, 2022


June 22, 2022

If you are looking for the best tool to quickly turn your design to an Android application then you are at the right place. DhiWise Android app builder offers an out-of-the-box solution that not only enables you to convert design in Figma to Android code but also ensures the delivery of high-quality apps in minimum time. 

And the best part is that you don’t need to worry about the scalability issue as it gives you full control over your source code, allowing you to customize your application according to app requirements.

So let’s start exploring more about the Figma to Android code conversion with DhiWise. But before that let's have a brief introduction to Figma, and the different ways it offers to convert Figma design to Android code.

What is Figma, is there any way to convert “Figma to Android application”?

Figma is the vector graphics editor, prototyping, and code generation tool which is primarily web-based but provides offline features for desktop apps on macOS, and Windows. Also, the users can interact with it using the Figma mobile app for Android and iOS.  

Figma offers different plugins for Figma to Android code generation. You can either use any of those to convert Figma design to Android code. However, if you are looking for something more than just Figma to code, DhiWise is the best platform to start building your application efficiently.

With DhiWise you can have full control over the generated code. Moreover, if you want to start backend app development you don’t need to go anywhere, start developing the backend app with DhiWise using Node.js, or Laravel technologies.

Steps to convert your design in Figma to Android (Kotlin) code with DhiWise Android app builder

1. Sign in or Sign up with DhiWise

You can either sign up with a Google or GitHub account.


2. Create a new Android application.

Select Android as your mobile app development technology to start creating new applications. 


3. Add the application name and choose the Figma

Enter the name for your application and choose Figma as your design. 


4. Import Figma Design

To import the Figma design, connect DhiWise with the Figma account and copy-paste the Figma URL of your design to the textbox as shown below.


5. Select screens

After importing your design select the screens you wish to use in your application.


6. Setup layout

With the setup layout option, you can choose from a constraint layout and view group. Here we will select constraint layout as our layout option.


7. Fetch screen resources

Now, it will start fetching your screen resources automatically. During the process, it will identify screen components along with the interactions if already set in the prototype.


8. Configure your screen components and more

Here, you can configure the screen components by updating views and actions. Add constants, change navigation, set up authentication, permissions, and API integrations. 

Moreover, the platform provides Firebase integration to simplify app synchronization with the backend database.


9. Build application

Once you are done with screen configuration start building your app to apply changes and generate code. 


10. Download or sync your source code

The generated source code can be downloaded or synced with GitHub and GitLab Repository. 


Well, now you know how to convert Figma to Android code but what if you have your design in Adobe Xd or Sketch?

How to convert Adobe Xd and Sketch design into Android (Kotlin) code?

DhiWise solves this problem by first converting your Adobe Xd or Sketch design to Figma and then you can follow the steps we have discussed above to convert your Figma design to Android code. 

To convert your Adobe Xd or Sketch file to Figma just drag and drop the design file to the platform.


After uploading the file you will get it converted into Figma by DhiWise in a few minutes. The converted file will be mailed to your inbox, you need to download it and then upload it to the Figma platform to start building the Android application as discussed previously.

So, what is DhiWise and how does it help developers to build web and mobile apps instantly?

DhiWise is a ProCode/LowCode app development platform for developers supporting multiple technologies including  React.js, Flutter, Android (Kotlin), iOS (Swift), Node.js, Laravel, and MongoDB. The platform aims to speed up the process of app development with automation while having the full flexibility to code customization.

It takes care of every development need by providing the necessary features to build a successful application in minimum time. Here is the list of top DhiWise features that helps developers to build quality apps in minutes.

  1. Multi-Technology development platform: Enables building full-stack applications with the tech stack you love.
  2. Support for individuals and teams: Git interaction lets developers share, manage and access their generated source code from anywhere, anytime. Also, users can add and invite team members inside the platform.
  3. Design to code conversion: This allows developers to convert their design in Figma, AdobeXd, and Sketch to React.js, Android(Kotlin), iOS(Swift), and Flutter code.
  4. Logic Builder for Node.js: Developers can build custom logic for their applications using the DhiWise Logic builder. 
  5. Supabase and Firebase Integration: With the integration, developers can connect their app to access structural or nonstructural databases.
  6. Deploy component in a virtual environment with sandbox support: Test how your component impacts the entire application in a virtual environment with sandbox support.
  7. Ready to use templates and screens: If you don’t have your design ready to start building your application, use DhiWise templates.
  8. Change view, add actions or customize APIs, and more: Get complete flexibility to code customization with intuitive GUI, change the component view, set up actions, add or update APIs, and more.

These are the top features of DhiWise, but there are other features such as secure app development, and a complete code view that makes app development with DhiWise bliss.

Does DhiWise provide a Figma plugin for Android code generation? If yes, how does it work?

DhiWise Figma to Code plugin enables developers to convert their Figma design to Android (Kotlin), iOS (Swift), Flutter, and React.js code.

To use the plugin for Figma to Android conversion, follow the steps below.

1. Go to the Plugin section in your Figma account as shown below.

2. Browse plugins from the community and install DhiWise-Figma to Code.
3. Navigate to the Main menu→Plugin→ DhiWise Figma to code.
4. Sign in or Sign up to DhiWise.
5. Select the technology as Android (Kotlin).
6. Select Layout type and frames.
7. Insert Figma File URL you want to convert.
8. Click Generate to Code.


The generated code will be sent to your inbox in a few minutes that can be downloaded and used anywhere.

Click here to view the same Kotlin code generated by DhiWise Android app builder.

Try implementing our UI kit in your design for better results. Here is why you need this UI kit.

Summing Up:

Now, you know everything about how to convert your design to Android code with DhiWise with the step-by-step guide. Hope you find it helpful for app development.
So what are you still waiting for? 
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