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Smart Editor by DhiWise

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Nidhi Sorathiya

August 23, 2022

Nidhi Sorathiya

August 23, 2022

Bringing to you DhiWise’s Smart Editor for Flutter!

Smart Editor covers all the developer's needs right here! It provides the right and easy-to-get hands-on amount of creative space much like an IDE to a developer to build the app they desire, without switching back to Figma design again and again.

Why Smart Editor?

Customise your application UI with Smart Editor, where you can easily edit and modify all UI changes using handy keyboard shortcuts while having real-time design previews and errors, which helps you make UI more adaptive and accurate and also avoids switching back to your Figma design by providing you all your necessities right here, while you create your application.

Get a complete idea of how to work with it from Smart Editor doc


Developer-centric Look and Feel

Design Code with Declarative Syntax

Simple and easy-to-understand UI syntax, using which one can customise design components, and add required properties and their values utilising quick suggestions.


Easy to view App screens

All the application screens are in one place which becomes easy to get hands-on it and perform actions on any of them.

Switch easily to a component code

Select a component from the screen preview and see its highlighted code easily. Similarly, you can select the component code and view the component in the preview. This helps to easily switch to a portion of code and modify its required property in no time.

Amazing Customisation Features

Modify UI Component with its properties

Easily change the type of the component and add required properties from the suggestions and quickly fix your UI design, by adding required values for the properties easily.

Change View

If any component is wrongly identified or if you want to change the component, then just change the view type and get your required component in your design.


Remove UI Components

Delete unwanted design components from the design by selecting the components code and deleting it.


Group or Ungroup components

Manage proper layers in your design. Group or ungroup them and quickly get your changes done.

Highlights Live Errors

Shows and makes you aware of your design errors. You can fix them along while you make your changes, and solve them before you build your application.

Setup Actions


Set up the flow of your application by adding navigation actions to your app screens. Add actions like Navigation, Back Navigation and Navigation with arguments. Read more

API Integration

Integrate REST APIs into your screens and display live data in your application. Handle requests, responses, and actions for your API integration easily. Read more


Social Authentication

Authenticate your application with social platforms like Google, Facebook and Apple. Read more


Access user permissions by adding permission action. Read more


Manage App Lifecycle

Manage the application state by adding actions in lifecycle methods. Read more


Quick Access to Everything

Easy to Navigate and Preview Screen Designs

You can easily switch between the previews of one in Figma and the other with the live preview for the changes you are making in Smart Editor. Quickly see the changes which are modified and also the previous ones from Figma. Read more

Handy Shortcuts like IDE

Smart Editor provides developer-friendly keyboard shortcuts for everything available.


Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

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