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Flutter Meetup

Interact with Flutter Experts

Learn & enhance your TypeScript skills A webinar to learn about TypeScript

A webinar to learn about TypeScript

Fluttery February

Flutter, projects, and state management approaches

Ask Me Anything

Ask us anything about DhiWise, your doubts, our future plans

A TypeScript talk with Tejas

Developing with TypeScript, React and production bugs

Access to a multi-format resource library

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Community Champions

Pratik P. Butani
Department Head for Mobile

Pratik is a Team Lead at 7Span. He is a 55k+ Reputation Holder on StackOverflow. He loves contributing and helping Flutter/Android Developers in times of need.

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Jay Ghadiyali
Mobile Application Developer

Jay is passionate about science & technology and intends to create a positive impact with it. He loves turning ideas into working solutions and learning about how things work.

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Liam Mitchell
Senior Developer and Director

Liam has been developing software commercially. His passion for computers and development started at a young age. He is always excited to try out new tools and technologies that can help him work more efficiently.

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