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DhiWise vs. Amplication: Which App Builder is the Right One for You?



March 31, 2022


March 31, 2022

Are you looking for a resourceful backend development tool that lets you eliminate repetitive coding? If yes, DhiWise and Amplication are some of the more balanced tools available on the market. But what if you could only choose one of the two? Which one would you consider?

Well, if you prefer an all-inclusive solution replete with comprehensive backend resources, DhiWise is the one to choose. Amplication, in its own right, is an excellent app builder that focuses on minimizing the coding clutter. It is reliable and easy to use. But DhiWise comes across as a more beefed-up solution. Loaded with efficient app-building features, a more pronounced backend setup, and the ability to take the code elsewhere, DhiWise lets you achieve a lot more than what Amplication does. 

Let us check out how.

Dhiwise: More than just a Backend Development Tool

But first, kudos to Amplication. As an open-source development tool, Amplication lets you design the near-perfect Backend, and that too with the code-view. Why do we say ‘Near-Perfect?’ Because DhiWise allows you to experience backend development perfection with a best-in-class GUI builder and a lot more.

Better and Quicker API Integrations

Well, APIs are the focal points of your backend application. Amplication lends quite a bit of innovation in this regarding courtesy of quick REST API integrations and Swagger documentation. DhiWise takes the capabilities a notch higher by letting you integrate APIs manually or via Swagger and Postman documentation. 

And if you plan on creating a full-fledged application, DhiWise lets you integrate APIs with the UI components as well, making the app come out better and quicker.

Improved App Authentication

A mobile app isn’t complete without the authentication module checked in correctly. Amplication, as a no-code/low-code platform, lets you manage things with ‘Role-Based’ permissions and API-based secure login standards. 

DhiWise lets you do all that and more by adding two-factor authentication to the set of offerings followed by Biometric authentication. And this ProCode platform (DhiWise) has its eyes set on other relevant inclusions as well.

VSCode Integration

Both Amplication and DhiWise let you use the code for the recently developed application. While the former helps you manage data models and actions hands-on using the platform-specific CLI (Command Line Interface), DhiWise has its roots set deep in your IDE of choice: VSCode. 

With VSCode functionality supported, you can play around with the generated code and scale the app as per requirements.

Holistic Tech Stack

And here comes the fun part of using DhiWise as the resource of choice. Amplication lets you build backend-intensive apps using Node.js codebase, TypeScript, and GraphQL API for multiple callbacks and more. But for a full-fledged front-end, you will still have to hook the app with external resources.

DhiWise, as a ProCode platform, does all the heavy lifting by helping you handle server-side and client-side application development with ease. You can use the android, flutter, or even the iOS Builder to design a front-end of choice, connect it to the relevant APIs, and even pair the same with the Node.js backend.

Modern-Day App Development Needs to be Holistic

Less isn’t always more. Especially if you are getting less firepower, fewer development options, and fewer resources. Amplication, without a doubt, is an excellent backend-specific app development tool. But it falls short if a developer is looking for perfection and inclusivity.

As the world’s first 100% developer-centric ProCode platform, DhiWise lets you develop the best backend and pair the same with efficient and well-crafted client-side applications. To sum it up, DhiWise is a tool made by the developers, for the developers, and is expected to be always—with the developers.