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Why should developers shift to Browser/Web-Based App development resources?



July 13, 2021


July 13, 2021

I do not like installing a lot of apps on my laptop and honestly, neither should you?

Also, did you know that getting things done over the internet is easier than setting up large-scale on-premise resources?

This is what brings us to the concept of ‘Browser/Web-Based’ applications. Innovative, inventive, and definitely intuitive!

On-premise solutions and apps are slow and put a lot of stress on the system. Plus, a low-end Chromebook wouldn’t be able to manage coding as IDEs, code viewers, and other tools would require a lot of processing firepower.

Developers restricted to specific systems feel shackled as they need to carry the setup with them at all times. What follows is complex IDEs installation followed by additional RAM upgrade costs and downtime issues.

But then, no developers want to experience such pain points!

The only way out is to go browser/Web-based.

But how!

If you have a fully functional application that can load instantly over the browser/web, you can consider it as a browser-based resource. Despite being a fully functional program, it doesn’t eat into the computer’s resources as it is hosted on a remote server and not on your device.

Benefits of going Browser/Web-Based

Going browser-based is important and here is why it makes sense in 2021:

  • Affordability

On-premise software bundles come at a fortune and for the same cost; you can get a sizable subscription plan of the concerned online program.

Imagine Google Docs…

  • Minimal Maintenance

If you have subscribed to a browser/web-based program, you need not worry about its maintenance as the same is expected to be maintained by a remote server.

  • Multi-Device Operability

Having a browser/web-based code viewer or editor can be handy at this time as you will then be able to make modifications, edit codes if necessary, and implement last-minute changes.

  • Faster Operations

A browser/web-based tool doesn’t use up a lot of your storage space and system memory, thereby empowering almost every computing device to run the processes, at a faster tick.

  • Updated Interface

With on-premise applications, you need to worry about manual upgrades.

The Role of DhiWise

Aspiring, mid-level, and professional developers can onboard DhiWise’s browser/web-based app development platform with a focus on device and resolution-independent support.

With DhiWise, you can

  • View the code edits made externally, changes, and formats in real-time
  • Download and export the generated code snippets to compatible IDEs like the Android Studio for testing, via emulators or ADB.
  • Download or export it to the IDE of choice, like the Android studio and test the efficacy

DhiWise is the future of app development, committed towards making life easier for the developer in you.

And that too, without obligations!