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DhiWise Launch Week – It’s showtime!

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September 19, 2021


September 19, 2021

We have truly something genuine to announce to you, something we are really proud of.

But first, let us tell you where it all started.

It all started with a problem, a dire one for us. We were an IT service-based company before with always in need of more developers and, more importantly, failing to reduce the burden on our developers.

While trying to deliver our clients what we promised. There was something lacking. But, we couldn’t figure out what. After talking with hundreds of developers and CxOs we came to realize it’s almost a problem that everyone has been facing for a long time.

This was our Eureka moment! Not only could we solve our problem, but that of our whole industry and most importantly, our developers. We knew we had to take action and do this anyhow.

We took a crazy leap of faith and left the comforts of our IT services business to create a platform DhiWise with a formidable task to accomplish.

In DhiWise, we see something bigger than us, which keeps pushing our boundaries and keeps adrenaline pumping in our veins. After all, we are doing some really exciting and meaningful work.

DhiWise creates meaningful work by eliminating the mundane task which has kept developers shackled throughout our industry.

So, what are the results of our platform?

Happy developers, faster project completion meaning more new projects undertaking, hence greater profits.

However, this is just the by-product of helping developers. After all, DhiWise is a ProCode platform made by developers, for developers.

Now, what to expect from our Launch week!

Let us give you a sneak peek at the greatness that’s to come.

» Monday, 20th September 2021: Android major features

In our Android app builder, you can simply upload your design (Figma/XD/Sketch) and generate your code in minutes. However, we have now added even more (major) features to it.

Now, we provide you access to your cloud database through firestore. To take care of all your backend needs all in one go and under one roof.

We are improving our UI and with every release however this time we have come up with a very interactive as well as a very intuitive UI design for you to easily move around.

» Tuesday, 21st September 2021: Node.js major features

Developers toil away creating CRUD, CRUD, and CRUD for each and every project anew. This is an endless cycle of crude work which we seek to end with DhiWise and moreover with our Node.js app builder.

To name a few wonders of our Node.js app builder you will be able to configure all your CRUD operations from model creation to providing permission to configuring routes with additional 10+ (major) features that will drastically reduce your time

In our current list of arsenals, we have added another feature called Code snippets, which will make DhiWise your be all end all platform where you will find code snippets from 3rd party payment services to AWS S3 bucket.

» Wednesday, 22nd September 2021: Launch of Flutter

We welcome all the Flutter app developers. We know you love flutter for its capabilities. Therefore, we have boosted it to another level with our flutter app builder.

Now, no matter what platform you wish to create your app for, simply upload the app design file or choose our templates library and DhiWise will detect all your design view components to which you can make changes.

A major chunk of work is already done, now you can even set up your API calls and map out your application flow and click on “Build app” anytime you wish and you will have the app code within minutes.

» Thursday, 23rd September 2021: Launch of Laravel

Laravel — the PHP framework for web artisans. Hence, we call forth all the Laravel artisans on DhiWise to create backend applications like never before. The major obstacle while creating any backend is CRUD, CRUD, and CRUD.

However, on DhiWise we guarantee to simplify all your work from CRUD to API generations to routes manipulation to auth API generations, and much more.

Build your app in minutes with our Laravel app builder and its 10 features which not only help you build apps faster but maintain consistency throughout your project.

» Friday, 24th September 2021: Launch of iOS

We are very excited to showcase to the highly prestigious Apple dev community what’s in store for them on DhiWise.

The process is very clear cut in Apple style, upload your design (Figma/XD/Sketch), and DhiWise iOS builder will generate Xib files & constraints automatically that will help you generate UI quickly. This will save hours of your headache.

Another feature is support for custom UI components that will help you create a better app, supported libraries (pods) and files will be downloaded from the source code.

After DhiWise you will never have to worry about API integration while developing apps, you can integrate APIs into your application seamlessly.

As developers, we see change and optimization every day with every iteration in today’s technology. So, it’s only natural to see innovation taking place in the very essence of how we program sooner or later and DhiWise is basically working to bring tomorrow’s future today.

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Frequently asked questions

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