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Develop Light, Fast, and Scalable apps with DhiWise ‘Node.js Builder’

Your UI-intensive apps deserve the best possible backends. Let our Node.js Builder Help.

Get access to Auto Generated APIs, Cloud Support, Logic Builder, and build an all-inclusive app within minutes.


Are you on Cloud 9 yet? Well, DhiWise Cloud will get you there.

Features that go beyond the basic


Our Node.js Builder is one of a kind platform that supports JSON schemas, relational attributes, and app-specific actions.


Choice of Architecture

You can finally build the customized application in MVC or MVVM/Clean Code architecture, as preferred.

Fewer Repetitions

Get rid of the repetitive constant definitions as our code generator offers the most structured boilerplate view, ever.

Choice of Database

We allow you to connect with any database schema of choice, with options being PostGRE, MySQL, MongoDB, and standard SQL server.

Auto-Generated APIs

Do API integrations feel like a stretch? Our Node.js Builder lets you auto-generate APIs by supporting Postman and Swagger documentation and working alongside the existing database schema & the logic builder. Connecting to the server for quick callbacks has never been this easy before.


DhiWise Logic Builder

A great application is one with pre-defined logic. Our Node.js application now lets you prepare extensive app logic courtesy of a visual logic builder. Now prepare detailed workflows, functional nodes up to 100, and integrate features to any desired logic point with ease.


DhiWise Cloud

Rejoice, our Node.js builder is also a part of DhiWise Cloud, letting you go serverless with app building, in an instant. Now deploy the app in production or Sandbox, control instances better, make use of a dedicated portable dashboard with CRUD API access, and more.


Authentication & Authorization

Our Node.js application builder allows you to be more expressive with authentication by supporting third-party auth-based integrations, via social platforms, two-factor authentication, SMS/Email providers, and more. Authorizing usage is also possible with the builder offering role-specific app access.


VSCode Extension

Your Dhiwise workspace accommodates a conveniently placed VSCode terminal, letting you edit, modify, and debug the existing boilerplate code, even outside of the web-based platform.


Open-Source Access

Unlike any other app builder around, we lay our Node.js Builder code bare for the developers to generate UI-relevant code, suggest major/minor changes, and report issues if any.


Your Mobile/Web Application Just got better

From picking the right social authentication to getting a workflow running within minutes, DhiWise Node.js Builder has every application building resource that you can wish for, and that too without having to code from the scratch.