Build structured, stable, and secured apps with ‘DhiWise Laravel Builder’

State-of-Art Authentication, Quick API Responses, and Rapid Code Testing! Here is everything your next app needs and more…….


Segmented Development

Faster feature inclusions and bug fixes are now possible by tapping into Laravel’s MVC architecture. At DhiWise, get your source code separated from other elements of the app to speed up time-to-market.


Progressive Framework

Get hold of a robust tech stack with focus on unit testing, real-time events, queues, and dependencies, thereby letting you exercise better control on class models and app parameters.



Horizontally scaling your application with concurrent resources feels breezy enough with our Laravel platform. Eventually, speed up your migration from MVP to subsequent versions.



Authorize app-access, based on the credentials. With our Laravel platform, evaluate specific app segments according to pricing and allow entry only if certain conditions are met.

Fast, Effective & Accurate.

Concise, clear, and intelligent code generation at your fingertips…. with ProCode

DhiWise Laravel Builder: Features you can hardly afford to miss!


State-of-Art API Management

Empower your applications by setting CRUD APIs for specific models. Plus, cross-check the APIs after developing the app at least once, by generating a Postman collection!


Role and Permission Based Access

Our platform lets you explore Laravel authorization and role-based access in its entirety. User roles can now be predefined with permission seeders, directed to the database, thereby adding discretionary support to the application.


Middleware Integration

Routing, CRUD API assigning, authentication, and other app-specific activities can be enriched with middleware access. This flexibility offered by our Laravel Builder lets you make the app concurrent and allows deploying of queuing to manage computing resources better.


Air-Tight Authentication

Our Laravel builder takes authentication to a whole new level by letting you set Auth APIs as a part of the security-specific business logic. Now activate API limiter, 2FA, and standard user tokens for supervising app access.


What is DhiWise Laravel Builder?


As much as JavaScript enthralls as a crowd-favorite for server-side scripting, professionals still prefer going with PHP frameworks, courtesy of its massive SQL adherence, better concurrency, and the ability to work alongside Content Management systems.

Plus, it’s heartening to know that PHP, as a server-side resource, is still being used by the likes of Tumblr, Facebook, and Wikipedia. Sounds exciting, right!

Well, each benefit of the PHP framework finds its place on our ProCode platform with the DhiWise Laravel Builder letting the developer in you, deploy every possible benefit of this multivariate resource to develop fast, flexible, integrated, and cost-efficient apps.

Then there is the shorter learning curve for the early adopters…

What’s next for our Laravel Builder?

Interested in exploring some quick-witted tools to make app development a wholesome affair. Well, here is a peek into the treasure trove from DhiWise:

  • Custom routes
  • Sandbox support
  • Process workflow builder
  • Notification templates
  • React admin panel with Laravel app integration
  • Push Notifications

DhiWise Exclusives

All set to rekindle the PHP-driven developer in you! Well, don’t commit before getting a peek into our exclusives


Faster Code Testing

DhiWise proceeds, keeping Laravel’s automation capabilities in mind. So once you create an app with the mentioned resources, generate and test the source code, in virtually no time, for errors and bugs.


Queue System

Our depiction of API management and middleware integration lets you create a queue system for preferentially allowing and deferring resource and time-intensive tasks as a part of load balancing.


Better Model Control

Our exclusive ProCode platform allows you to manage characteristics of the application models by creating Create-Read-Update-Delete permissions, specific dependencies if needed and eventually speeding concurrency.


Standard API Responses

Setting up query intimations is now possible with the DhiWise Laravel builder as we support the common API responses to make the app more approachable.


Browser-Based Setup

Move beyond the sluggish, on-premise IDEs and code editors. Migrate to DhiWise and be in control of your app, with our browser-based, PaaS resource.


Knowledge Hub

Explore how each feature, app development resource, and the entire Node.js Builder works by sifting through our extensive video repository.

So, why are you still using the conventional IDEs and putting deadlines at risk? Reach us out for a demo and embrace the future of coding