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How This Figma Plugin for Kotlin Code can Supercharge Your Android App Development



August 8, 2022


August 8, 2022


Want to bring your design ideas into a fully functional Android application in a few steps, without hampering the code quality? Here is a plugin that can help you efficiently convert Figma to Android apps by perfectly identifying the UI components- DhiWise Figma to Code plugin. 

Kotlin is the modern programming language widely used for Android application development. If you're a developer who is looking for the Figma plugin for Kotlin code this article will help you to learn about the most revolutionary platform and its Figma-to-code plugin that converts design in Figma to Kotlin, Flutter, iOS, and React code in minutes. 

Let's explore more about the Figma plugin for Kotlin code offered by DhiWise and how it helps you to build Android apps with lightning speed.

An overview of DhiWise-Figma to Code plugin and its capabilities

DhiWise Figma to Code is a powerful plugin that lets you convert Figma design into product-ready frontend code in just minutes. If you are already using DhiWise you can better understand how this functionality works. 

The Figma to Code plugin generates UI code for the following technologies,


Moreover it provides you complete code ownership so that you can download the code, customize it, and deploy it wherever you want.  

Overall the Figma to Code plugin is meant for,

  • Front end development and it does not belong to backend technologies.
  • Efficient Figma design to code conversion.
  • Correctly identifying the UI components in your Figma design prototype

Well, in the article we will discuss only how this Figma plugin for Kotlin code enables developers to convert any design to an Android app instantly.

Getting started with Figma plugin for Kotlin code and how it accelerates your Android application development

Figma to Code plugin installation steps

Step 1: Install the plugin by logging into the Figma Interface. In your Figma account navigate to the user account —> Plugins as shown below.


It will open the following window, from where you can navigate to the Figma community plugin page.


Step 2: Here you need to search DhiWise in the plugin search field.


Step 3: Download DhiWise-Figma to Code plugin to install and run it inside your Figma account.


Step 4: To run and use the plugin sign up to the DhiWise account.

So, this way you can connect the DhiWise account to Figma and start converting your Figma UI design to desired code.


How does it work for Android app development?

Once the installation is done, go back to your Figma account and run the plugin.  It will open a new window with multiple options to choose from. 


Select Android to generate Kotlin code from the Figma design. It allows you to export all or selected frames from the design document. You need to enter the Figma file URL for generating the Android code. 


You can view the source code on the DhiWise interface and download it as a zip file. Besides that you will shortly get an email from DhiWise with the option to download your genrated source code.

The generated source code can be run in any development environment. This choice of IDE is beneficial if you are not developing an app in DhiWise.  

So, why should you use the DhiWise Figma plugin for Kotlin Code?

The answer is simple!

Unlike most other platforms DhiWise-Figma to Code plugin,

  • Supports a wide range of UI components and thus correctly identifies design components. 
  • The generated code can be customized on the DhiWise or any other platform.
  • Generates clean code that makes the application scalable and maintainable. 
  • Only takes a few steps and generates downloadable source code in minutes. 
  • Captures actions, and other interactions in the Figma prototype and generates code accordingly.

The Bottom Line:

Now you know about the DhiWise-Figma to Code plugin and how you can use it to speed up Android application development. However, it is just a single functionality of the DhiWise platform. 

App development is not just about Frontend, your app backend matters a lot when it comes to app performance, security, and most importantly data. With DhiWise you can extend your app development to the backend using technologies like Node.js and Laravel. 

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