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A quick way to build an e-commerce designer clothing app with the best features



November 1, 2022


November 1, 2022

Today the fashion and apparel industry holds the major portion of the e-Commerce space. Digital innovation, rising globalization, and changes in consumer spending habits are pushing the fashion industry to go digital and meet the ever-growing demand for online shopping services. 

The digital presence of fashion brands is more than just a need for making online connections and providing convenience to customers. Online apps empower businesses to gather customer data and help them to get a better understanding of consumer preferences through data analytics.

That's why many fashion and clothing businesses find mobile app development a lucrative investment to grow their business.   

In this article, we are going to explore the technical and business aspects of building a clothing app and how developers can build it efficiently with DhiWise

But, before that let's investigate the basic details of online fashion and clothing apps and their benefits.

The benefits of building a Clothing and Fashion app

Style and fashion enthusiasts always want to remain up-to-date with the latest trends. This is exactly the opportunity for online retailers to invest in the eCommerce mobile app. 

Having a designer clothing app has numerous benefits and some of them are:

1. Complete control, and stability 

With the mobile app, you can get more control over the way customers interact with your brand. Also, you can offer a customized experience to the individual customer. 

2. Run your business 24/7  with a range of products

The online presence through a mobile app enables you to provide service 24/7 and with an unlimited range of products to a large number of customers.  

3. Offers people what they want

People always go for convenience rather than spending time in the store to buy clothing and accessories. With mobile apps, they can buy products at the time they want. Moreover, there are other things such as payment options, set delivery time and location, product reviews, and so on which make online shopping a pleasant experience. 

4. More than just a mobile app

For any fashion business, it's critical to connect the buyer to the brand, and marketing helps to achieve it. So what can be a better strategy for marketing, than having a mobile app? 

It quickly connects the brand with the audience and makes them aware of fashion launches, trends, discounts, festival offers, and much more through app advertising and personalized notifications.

After witnessing such benefits, you will surely get excited to build your clothing app. 

Let’s embrace the eCommerce app trend in the fashion industry with DhiWise

If you are looking forward to building a mobile app for the clothing and fashion business in less time DhiWise can help you to get your work done without compromising on the app quality. 

Well, first take a look at what are the necessary features the best clothing app should have.

Key features of e-Commerce clothing apps 

In general, an eCommerce shopping app consists of two frontend endpoints, one for customers and another for Admin.

1. Customer Panel– For users to make online purchases of products.

A customer panel of the fashion app must have the following basic features:

1. User sign-up and login 2. User profile 3. Product catalog
4. Product category 5. Product search 6. filters
7. Shopping cart 8. Secure payment gateway 9. Order shipping and tracking system
10. Product review with multimedia file support 11. Online chat support 12. Push notification
13. Effortless exchange 14. Earn Rewards points 15. Apply discount code

2. Admin Panel– For Admins to add products with details, moderate users, set prices, and other things. 

The Admin panel of the fashion app must have the following features:

1. Secure Admin login 2. View admin dashboard 3. Manage customers
4. Manage campaigns 5. Manage product categories, tags, and descriptions 6. Manage promotions
7. Manage payments and discounts 8. Manage customer support 9. Manage referrals/invites
10. Manage marketing and distribution channels 11. Manage Reward points 12. App analytics

How does DhiWise enable cost-efficient and fast application development?

The platform helps developers to achieve app development goals in minimum time without affecting the app quality. It provides a user-friendly interface for visual programming and eliminates the need for extra resources. 

DhiWise supports multiple technologies for web and mobile application development:

  1. React.js for web 
  2. Kotlin for Android  app
  3. Flutter for Cross-platform app 
  4. Swift for iOS app 
  5. Node.js and Express.js for backend app
  6. Laravel for backend app

So if you are building a full-fledged eCommerce mobile app you can use Flutter, Kotlin, or Swift with Node.js or Laravel as backend technology.

DhiWise capabilities that help you to build eCommerce mobile apps faster

1. Quick application setup

DhiWise provides a space for developers where they can quickly start building their beautiful apps using prebuilt templates and screen libraries. Or they can import their app design from Figma and customize it using the DhiWise platform.

To quickly start building a shopping app try using any of the following templates-

  1. Fashionista - E-commerce App
  2. Shopsie- eCommerce app UI

2. Design to code conversion

Using DhiWise you can convert your app design in Figma, Sketch, or Adobe Xd to the Flutter and Kotlin code. It uses component identification algorithms to identify components in the app design. 

3. Duel app generation with Flutter Builder

DhiWise Flutter Builder is capable of generating dual app codes i.e for Android and iOS both. 

4. Visual programming for app development

The visual programming language for app development makes the process of app building faster and error-free.

5. Smart editor for UI customization

DhiWise smart editor allows you to customize app UI using handy keyboard shortcuts while having real-time design previews and errors. 

6. GitHub and GitLab integration

The platform is integrated with the GitHub and GitLab repository which makes code sharing and team collaboration smooth. 

7. Supabase and firebase integration

Supabase and firebase integration in Flutter builder enables app access to structured and unstructured databases.

8. Easy API integration 

Integrating an API with your app can be frustrating but not with DhiWise. You can upload the Postman collection or add REST API manually using DhiWise platform.

Well, these are just a few capabilities of this revolutionary platform however there are a lot more to explore.

Wrapping up:

Having a mobile app is the most effective way to connect with customers and expand the fashion and clothing business. But at the same time, it can be challenging to build such an app with limited resources.

DhiWise empowers developers to build apps with limited resources and in less time. Start building your fashion and clothing app to supercharge your business. Read out this use case to know how DhiWise can save 75% of the time and cost of building an eCommerce app. 

Sign up with DhiWise today!