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DhiWise Storybook Integration: Make Sure Your Work Perfectly Aligns with the Design

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September 24, 2022


September 24, 2022

Building a web application with React.js comes with multiple benefits like scalability, code reusability, better user experience, less page reloading, and so on. Its numerous capabilities make it the most wanted technology among the developer community.

To make app development easier React.js uses a component-based architectural approach for building scalable and interactive user interfaces. Unfortunately, as the application grows developers commonly face issues in organizing the folder structure, building custom components, and testing. 

This article emphasizes how developers can solve the above issues in UI development with DhiWise Storybook integration.

What is React Storybook and what problem does it solve? 

Storybook is the UI component explorer for React.js developers. It speeds up the app development process by isolating the UI components. So that, developers can work on a single component at a time without affecting the others.

Overall, the Storybook tool allows developers and teams to design, build and organize UI components independently without affecting the business logic.

But why do we need it?

In React.js Components are used for building user interfaces. Component-based structure simplifies app development by facilitating code reuse, modularity, easy code testing, analysis, and much more. But, as our application grows, we need something to keep track of components, their states, and other things. 

Let’s consider you are working on a large project that has several frontend developers working simultaneously on the different aspects of the application. And you want to ensure consistent self-aware design across all the UIs.

Additionally, you want your application highly maintainable and easy to upgrade. That means an application should be easy to understand and have scope for scalability so that new developers can easily modify application code while keeping the app quality intact.  

Achieving all these things is not a cakewalk. That's why Storybook was introduced!

Storybooks simplify lots of things, whether it is collaboration on the development of UI components, previewing them, testing each component in isolation, and so on.

DhiWise Storybook integration to further speed up app development 

About DhiWise

DhiWise is a web and mobile app development platform for developers. The platform speeds up the application development process by eliminating the grunt tasks and automating repetitive processes such as design to code generation, API integration, and user authentication. 

It offers unique capabilities such as custom application development, conditional workflow, clean code generation, code ownership, and code synchronization with popular IDEs.  

And most importantly, the platform supports multiple app development technologies ( Such as React.js, Flutter, Swift, Kotlin, Node.js, and Laravel), offers ready-to-use templates, and is integrated with the other software development tools, making the platform highly flexible for app development. 

DhiWise React Builder with Storybook integration

DhiWise React Builder empowers developers to build quality web apps faster. They make it by offering a range of features such as design to React code conversion, custom UI development, API integration, authentication, and so on.

And to further simplify UI development the platform offers Storybook integration. It allows developers to:

  1. Visualize and preview the entire components and their states.
  2. Generate code for page components. 
  3. Promote component reusability.
  4. Enables independent creation and testing of components. 
  5. Improve code quality.
  6. Simplify component library documentation

The feature helps customize components, test, and scale the application UI. Once the customization is done you can simply generate the code for any custom component with any state defined by you.

Well, if you are struggling with your React application components, then it's time to manage it with DhiWise and Storybook!

Most React developers can easily relate to the frustrating situation of not finding their own custom-built components on time, not being able to handle them in a fluid or dynamic way across teams or finding it difficult to access the states of individual components. 

DhiWise React web builder can get you ahead efficiently with the Storybook integration and eliminate all the issues related to component handling while having full control of every design component. 

Sign up with DhiWise today!

Beat real-time challenges in app development with DhiWise. It's time to streamline your React component development and improve the efficiency of your frontend team.

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Frequently asked questions

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