Create MERN Stack Applications on the go with DhiWise Platform



May 25, 2021


May 25, 2021

Customer expectations of quality brands are continuously increasing in order to offer a smooth digital experience. The developer community and software organizations are looking for innovative new ways to develop applications faster. MERN stack technology enables developers to create web and mobile applications faster.

DhiWise further simplifies the development of MERN applications through its intuitive platform, modern functions, and technology support.

How? Read on to find out more about it.

Rising customer expectations for frictionless digital experience

Despite the advancement in technology the demand for quality services is growing in all sectors. The reason is, customers are getting smarter in choosing the brand, and their expectations will continue to grow for the enriching, frictionless digital experience provided using the web and mobile applications.

Developers are adapting to new technologies to meet customers demand

To bridge this gap between the business and customer expectations for superior digital services, developers are working day and night to build interactive and responsive applications that meet customer expectations.

Building web or mobile applications using a traditional approach like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is a time-consuming process. Developers have already moved forward and approached technologies like MERN Stack and Mean Stack for application development.

What is MERN Stack and its advantages?

MERN stands for MongoDB, Express.JS, React.JS, and Node.JS. All of these four technologies together form a MERN stack.  With the MERN architecture, developers can seamlessly create a three-tier architecture that simply includes the frontend, backend, and database with JavaScript and JSON.

MEAN Stack is similar to MERN Stack but uses Angular.JS instead of React.JS.

MERN has few advantages over the MEAN Stack,  it provides good UI-level abstraction, improves performance, and helps to accelerate the application development lifecycle. For this reason, MERN stack technology is becoming increasingly popular in the developer community for creating interactive and dynamic applications.

Developers can further move one step ahead and build quality applications at lightning speed with the DhiWise new age platform.

How does the DhiWise platform help developers to build MERN Stack applications faster?

DhiWise is a 100% developer-centric platform that helps developers and software companies build a web or mobile application 2x faster by instantly generating the source code for each module in the application with the minimum input.

It has an intuitively designed UI  that helps developers to build MERN Stack applications faster. DhiWise supports all the technologies required for MERN Stack development.

The technologies supported by the DhiWise platform are:

  1. MongoDB: Document database
    Every application stores data such as user profile information, events, comments, and content. This information is stored in a database. MongoDB stores process data from the Express.JS server.
  2. Express: Node.JS Framework
    Express has a powerful model for routing URLs and handling application-level HTTP requests and responses. Post and get methods in React.JS frontend can be connected to the Express.JS functions in the application.
  3. Node: JavaScript Event-driven Server
    Express.JS is a  server-side framework that runs inside the Node.JS  server.  With Dhiwise, developers can input database modes and generate APIs, constants, and policies automatically.  It can also create a scheduler, utilities, documentation, build and download source code, and much more.
  4. React: Client-Side JavaScript Framework
    It is used to create a dynamic client-side application in HTML. It builds complex interfaces and connects them to data on the backend. With DhiWise, developers can upload React themes, manage files and folders, create a workflow,  manage packages, and build and download source code.
  5. Kotlin: Programming Language
    It is a general-purpose, statically typed programming language widely used for android application development. With DhiWise allows developers to instantly generate source code by simply uploading the Figma design file ID and API key.

It also provides many other features that stimulate faster application development.

Some of these features  are:

  • Easy maintenance and testing,
  • Clean code architecture
  • Secure module-specific access to project resources
  • Ready to deploy features: APIs, NPM packages, and Utilities
  • Version control
  • Instant up-gradation for language versions

Why is DhiWise the best choice?

Even the agile methodology of software application development is failing to accelerate the application delivery and deployment process according to business expectations.

Therefore there is a dire need for a modern technology that will embrace the agile approach of faster application development through automation, AI, reduction in repetitive tasks, and code reuse.

DhiWise encourages code reuse, improves code quality, and supports faster application development so developers and software organizations can help businesses to deliver a frictionless user experience to customers.