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Web Developer's Tools for Figma to React Code Generation With Comparison



September 13, 2022


September 13, 2022

Looking for the best web developer tool to convert your design in Figma to React code?

In this article, we will look into the various tools available for Figma to React code generation with a detailed comparison. This helps you to choose the right one to effectively build React.js web apps.

Tools for Figma to React code generation

1. DhiWise React Web App Builder

DhiWise is the ProCode and LowCode application development platform that empowers developers to build web and mobile apps faster. The React Web App Builder converts Figma design to React.js app in minutes.  

DhiWise also supports backend application development using technologies such as Node.js, Laravel, Express.js, and MongoDB. So that developers can build a full-stack app without leaving the platform.

Try DhiWise for free!

What does  DhiWise Web App Builder offer?
  1. Figma to React code generation: The intelligent component identifiers determine the React components in the Figma prototype and the app builder converts it into a fully functional application.
  2. Flexibility to customize UI components: Make your app react in the way you want, change view, set up navigation, add action, APIs, and more.
  3. Tailwind CSS: The app builder uses Tailwind CSS as the defined framework to build bespoke designs while minimizing the code clutter.
  4. Google authentication: Pair static UI elements with the Google Authenticator and improve the user signup/login experience. 
  5. Code ownership and Git integration: Get complete code ownership and easily share your app source code with the team using GitHub and GitLab integration with DhiWise.
  6. Storybook integration: Generate code with Storybook and streamline your app development, testing, and documentation. 
  7. Ready-to-use templates and screens: The platform offers high-quality professionally designed templates and a screen library for web apps.
  8. Figma to code plugin: The platform also offers Figma to code plugin that converts Figma design to React.js, Flutter, iOS (Swift), and Android(Kotlin) code.

2. Anima app: Design to code platform

The platform allows designers to convert their plain UI design to high-fidelity prototypes. On the other hand, developers can sync UI design to Anima and get React, Vue, and HTML code.
What does the Anima app offer?

  1. Build high-fidelity prototypes: Enables developers to create high-fidelity prototypes for mobile apps, landing pages, and websites.
  2. Prototype testing: Generates the code required for prototype testing.
  3. Code conversion: Generates responsive, clean, and reusable codes that are also production ready.
  4. Customize React UI components: Enables developers to view the code for UI components, and customize them.
  5. Code view and ownership: Developers can view and download the entire code or the desired code components. 
  6. Collaborative workspace: Everyone in the team can stay up to date with the required assets.
  7. Figma to code plugin: Convert Figma design to HTML, CSS, React, or Vue code.

3. Locofy React Builder

Locofy platforms provide live responsive prototypes and facilitate Figma to code conversion. It converts Figma design to React, React Native, Next.js, HTML/CSS, and Gatsby code. 

What does Locofy React Builder offer?
  1. Tag layers, add actions, and define UX: Tag static layers and turn them into interactive buttons, input fields, and more.  Create beautiful interactions by creating clickable user flows. 
  2. Create UI components and reuse them: Turn elements into components and reuse them throughout your project. 
  3. Preview and share live prototypes:  Preview your React code. Share prototypes using links with team members and stakeholders. 
  4. Code export: Generate React code and run them locally to view your project interactions, responsiveness, and so on. 
  5. Figma plugin: Figma to React, React Native, HTML/CSS, Next.js, Gatsby

4. Quest: 

The platform is dedicated to building react components with clean, extendable code. Create fully functional custom components based on the Figma designs. 

What does Quest offer?
  1. Figma to React code: This allows you to fully customize the design in Figma and then convert it into the React components.
  2. Support customizations: Addprops, interactions, conditional binding, and more.
  3. Style components: Support for style components and emotions.
  4. Nested and Material UI: Support nested and material UI components.
  5. Software integration: Integration with the design and development tool. 
  6. Figma plugin: Converts Figma design to React code.

5. TeleportHQ

It is a Low Code tool for generating  React, Preact, Gatsby, Vue, Next, Angular, Stencil, and plain HTML and CSS code from Figma element layers. 

What does TeleportHQ offer?
  1. Visual editor with drag and drop interface: Build a website and complex apps using a visual editor and intuitive interface. Also, use ready-to-use templates to quick-start UI development. 
  2. Open source code generator: The app development platform is based on an MIT open-source ecosystem.  
  3. Reusable components: Provides built-in reusable components and offers the possibility to save any of your work as templates. 
  4. Easily import Figma design: Import Figma design directly from the Figma account to the TeleportHQ LowCode platform.
  5. Export code: Download the code and start building an app in your own environment. 
  6. Figma plugin: Convert Figma design to HTML, CSS, React, Vue, Angular, and many other JavaScript frameworks.

6. FigAct

Fig Act is the React code generator with clean code states, events, and static assets management. To generate the React code it requires a Figma access token, and Figma design file URL.

What does FigAct offer?
  1. Import design from Figma: Figma design can be directly accessed in FigAct using Figma URL and every pixel is accurately positioned using Figma API. 
  2. Generates frames:  It generates frames in a few seconds, with no coding required. Its integration with the Airtable platform allows you to represent list data dynamically with the data imported from the Airtable project. 
  3. Event and state management: It can generate specific components such as Button, and TextBox with state React Hooks. 
  4. Download source code: You can download the generated source code and customize it elsewhere. 
  5. Figma plugin: Converts Figma designs to React.js source code.

Comparison of the Figma to React code generator tools

The following table compares different tools available for the Figma to React code generation based on platform, integrations, and features.

Developers tools for Figma to React code generation Platform details Figma file import Other integrations Source code ownership Figma plugin Unique features
DhiWise React Web App Builder ProCode + LowCode Yes GitHub, GitLab, Storybook Yes Yes Visual UI builder, full flexibility for customization Tailwind CSS support, clean code generation
Anima App Low Code Yes Storybook Yes Yes Designing prototyping code generation
Locofy.ai No-Code Yes - Yes Yes Designing+prototyping, generates code for React components
Quest No Code yes - yes yes Generates React component based on Material UI
TeleportHQ Low Code yes - yes yes Asset inventory, React code generation and deployment
FigAct Code generation tool Yes Airtable Yes Yes Figma to code generation, Automated asset management

Also, read our detailed articles on DhiWise vs Flutter Flow and War of the plugins to get a clear understanding of DhiWise capabilities over other platforms.


In the article, we have compared multiple platforms and tools that can convert Figma design to clean and scalable React code. The comparison table helps you to get a quick view of the available tools and platforms.

From the article, we can conclude the following things based on the platform feature and other capabilities. 

  1. If you are looking for customization flexibility, and Full stack web application development, DhiWise web builder is the only option to help you deliver custom apps faster to the market.
  2.  If you are looking only for the front-end React application development with moderate customization flexibility, choose any of the above platforms to generate your React.js code.

Thank you for reading!