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War of the Plugins: DhiWise vs. Unify, teleportHQ, and Sizze

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February 2, 2022


February 2, 2022

DhiWise is making quite a few statements now with the re-release of its latest Figma-to-Code plugin. And despite the insane amount of love and popularity that its previous version of the Design-to-Code plugin received, it’s time to unveil the newer version of the same, catering towards a more adventurous flock of developers.

But what good is a Plugin if it cannot get you something that other design-to-code plugins have previously missed out on? Well, here is a comparative study that lets you in on the pointers where DhiWise design-to-code plugin scales beyond the likes of Unify, teleportHQ, and Sizze Plugins.


Still confused! Well, as a developer or a standard user, here are the specific pointers that might help you make better choices when it comes to getting the plugin of choice. 


Firstly, let’s discuss DhiWise and the insane level of flexibility it offers.DhiWise Plugin v2 lets you select up to 5 frames, including view group, the prototype of choice, and any other static element. Plus, you can even plan out a constraint layout for your application, get the same design in Figma, and get the same code version.

And while some of the other plugins from Sizze, Unify, and teleportHQ promise to offer the same, they end up falling a bit short. Most of the mentioned competitors do not offer more than four frames or elements for processing. And even if they do, prototypes aren’t always supported. 

So, if you have a complicated design in mind and set the navigation for your application, DhiWise Figma-to-Code plugin v2 is the best chance you have.

Improved Security

Worried about a plugin incessantly asking for your password every time you activate the same? Unlike some of the competitors around, DhiWise Figma-to-Code v2 relies on the Figma OAUTH, a feature that automatically pairs accessibility with a certain account, unlike the personal access tokens. 

And this minor but highly resourceful tweak also secures your code and application, even if it isn’t developed or generated using DhiWise’s browser-based resource. 

Comprehensive Code Access

Sizze, teleportHQ, and even Unify to a certain extent, offer plugins with restricted functionality. This means you only get access to the design code, comprising the elements in your Figma design. DhiWise plugin, however, lets you go one step further. It allows you to select the design code or activate the ‘generate code to DhiWise’ option to cover every aspect of the front-end application, including JSONs, objects, and APIs. 

And if you have already been using the DhiWise code editor or just the platform, every code conversion or request you activate over the plugin will be displayed across the platform as well. 

Tech Stack Covered

And here comes the fun part. Unify, and Sizze are more React-centric when code conversion tech is concerned. They convert the designs into React.js or even the React Native code. Also, teleportHQ, despite being a bit diverse, covers only some of the more elementary options like HTML, CSS, React, and Vue, technologies suited for single-page applications and web pages, primarily.

DhiWise plugin v2 lets you take application development to the next level by provisioning for Native and Cross-platform resources. If you are into specifics, do note that DhiWise Figma-to-Code plugin lets you convert the designs into iOS-relevant, Android-relevant, and even hybrid code snippets, with Swift, Kotlin, and Flutter being the available technologies. 


Well, here is a broader exhibit of DhiWise’s capabilities, especially when something as elementary as the Figma-to-Code plugin is concerned. And while there might be several other plugins in the market promising similar specs, no one comes close to DhiWise when it comes to offering perfection. 

And this includes easy and instant code view via emails, open-source access for other developers to pitch in, expansive tech stack that has already been mentioned, support for multiple layouts, and obviously the upgrade plan that the company has ideated for making the plugin better, with each passing day. 

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Frequently asked questions

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