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Why should you use the LowCode platform for Flutter app development?



August 7, 2022


August 7, 2022


Low code platforms are in trend and there is a reason. Know how you can accelerate  Flutter app development  with the LowCode Flutter App Builder. Compare available LowCode and NoCode tools and understand why LowCode is the better choice as compared to traditional app development. 

Digital transformation is accelerating like never before!

In the last few years of the pandemic, many organizations have understood the need for apps and digital technologies. And how it helps to keep their business running and growing even in the odd time. As a result, they started investing highly in the digitization of their services mostly through the web and mobile apps. 

But, this is just one side of the story. Despite the rising demands for mobile apps and realizing their importance for marketing and revenue generation, app developers are struggling when it comes to delivering business apps on time.

So how do software organizations deal with growing app demand and time to market?

Flutter- An open source framework by Google is a popular cross-platform technology that empowers businesses to build feature-rich, reliable, and highly interactive apps in less time. Moreover, it supports multi-platform application development i.e developers can build web, mobile, desktop, and embedded applications all using a single codebase. 

And the best thing is that modern low-code and no-code platforms for Flutter can take it one step further by offering an intuitive visual interface platform for building Flutter apps. 

So, let's look into some Low code and No-code platforms for Flutter with their features and capabilities. Also, find out why you should choose the LowCode platform.

No code and Low code platforms for Flutter app development

1. DhiWise

DhiWise is a browser-based LowCode and ProCode web and mobile app development platform for developers. The platform aims to empower developers by eliminating repetitive tasks in app development while having full control over the source code. 

Capabilities and features: 
  1. Multiple technology support: Supports React.js, Flutter, Kotlin, Swift, Node.js, Laravel, and MongoDB. Thus, supports full stack development.
  2. Design to Code in minutes: Convert Figma, Sketch, and Adobe XD design to desired code in a few steps.
  3. API integration: Allows developers to upload Postman files, create APIs and customize them.
  4. Customize UI:  It allows developers to customize UI by setting up views, actions, navigation, and more.
  5. Logic Builder for Node.js app: Build custom logic for your business application with the visual logic builder. 
  6. Flow builder for mobile app frontend: Create UI conditional workflow in your frontend application. Easily set up conditions, and follow them with navigation, alert dialog, and more. 
  7. Integration with GitHub and GitLab: Smooth collaboration among the team, easily sharing resources with team members.
  8. Smart Editor for code customization: Edit and modify all app UI changes using handy keyboard shortcuts while having real-time design previews and errors.
  9. Complete code view and ownership: Developers can view, download and customize their generated source code once the app is built.
  10. Generates clean code faster: The platform generates clean code at the lightning speed. The clean code improves app scalability and maintainability.

2. FlutterFlow

FlutterFlow is a LowCode platform for building native mobile applications. It facilitates a simple drag-and-drop interface to build an app faster than traditional app development. 

Capabilities and features: 
  1. Support Animation:  Support widget animation Lottie and Drive animation.
  2. Push notification: Enables developers to set push notifications for app users on button click.
  3. Light and dark mode: Set up a Dark theme and the app will automatically update it according to the user’s phone setting.
  4. Chat templates: Pre-build chat templates to add to your app.
  5. Simplified collaboration: Set up the team by adding team members, shareable links for projects, and version control.
  6. Flexibility for customization: Provides visual action builder to add action flow, custom widget editor, and write and test dart code. 

3. FluxBuilder

FluxBuilder is a No-code drag-and-drop tool that empowers non-tech users to build their own apps in three simple steps: Integrate Design and publish.

Capabilities and Features: 
  1. Flexible design and customization: Tons of stunning templates to create awesome applications.
  2. Powerful Integration: The platform is compatible with top-tier eCommerce development platforms.
  3. Cross-platform tool: Works well on Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and tablet devices. 
  4. Design history: Allows accessing previously edited templates with a design history management feature.
  5. Instant delivery: Once published, the configurations will be pushed on the Cloud Storage without re-submission to Google Play and App Store.
  6. Customer support: Provides technical support if you encounter any difficulty. 

4. Nowa

The No-code platform enables individual developers to create high-quality web and mobile apps with clean UI, and simple logic using powerful tools and plugins.

Capabilities and features:  
  1. Flexible UI designer:  Drag and drop widgets, customize and animate them to build an app interface.
  2. No need for coding: Just drag and drop, and build your app in the way you want without writing a single line of code. 
  3. Choose your favorite backend: Enables developers to integrate with Firebase, and add APIs with just a few steps. 
  4. Publish anywhere: The app can be published on Android, iOS, Web, and other platforms. 

Table of Comparison:

Developers Tool Tool type You can build an app with UI customization flexibility Plugin support for design to code Backend development support
DhiWise ProCode and LowCode Flutter, React.js, Kotlin, Swift, Node.js, Laravel Very high yes yes
FlutterFlow LowCode Flutter High No No
FluxBuilder NoCode Flutter Moderate No No
Nowa NoCode Flutter Moderate No No

Getting to the conclusion:

Now you know about the available LowCode and NoCode development tools for building Flutter applications with their features and capabilities. So, you can easily choose the best among them. 

From the above platform comparison, it's clear that LowCode gives you additional capabilities such as freedom to customization, scalability, and maintenance. And it also solves the problem of time to market by eliminating the repetitive tasks in app development. 

Well, if you are building a full-stack mobile application with Flutter as the front end and Node.js or Laravel, or Firebase as the backend then DhiWise Flutter Builder is the only platform that provides you with everything you need to build a custom app faster. 

Know more about DhiWise Flutter Builder and how to build a Flutter app with it.

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