DhiWise Launch Week – Day 2: Node.js Builder



September 21, 2021


September 21, 2021

Hello, World Devs;

Today is a day of celebration and continuation of our launch week, day two for Node.js app builder!

We are very excited to show you our progress. So far you were able to create a Node.js application on DhiWise to resolve all your CRUD headaches like creating models, generating API for auth and routes, setting model permissions, and much more with the help of our 10+ features.

Which has helped you to get a 30% increase in your productivity, but we are not satisfied. We want to push it up to 70% and we will! By the end of this year.

Therefore, today’s features are aligned with our goals of surpassing our limits and as with everything we create at DhiWise, all the features are focused on reducing redundancies in the way we program and stay true to our goals. So, we present to you these features.

Sandbox testing within minutes

Sandbox helps you test your app code faster and now what better than to increase the already speedy process by 10 folds! With DhiWise, forget about spending hours of work like downloading the source code then installing its dependencies, and running it on the local server than the main server which is still half done! And God forbid if you made any changes on DhiWise and wish to test the code again!

But Forget all of that! Now with DhiWise, you can simply click on Sandbox and get the deploy link (WITHIN SECONDS!) which you can use on your Postman app to test all your APIs and then directly deploy it to your main server.

Reupload your changed DhiWise project file within seconds

This feature is dedicated to our users who have already created their apps on DhiWise and gotten their source code.

But now, let’s suppose you need to add more models to your app and you hate to do it the traditional way after experiencing the wonders of DhiWise.

So simply upload your project folder on DhiWise and it will automatically detect all the changes you’ve made to your project folder and let you select the correct auth model, auth policy, and select your own custom routes within seconds. Then you can reupload the project file as many times you wish and do how many changes you want!


Keep your model attributes information private

Now, keep your model attributes secure with our new feature from either being tracked on or falling prey to human fallacies. Simple click on private for the required model attribute which you wish to keep secure.


Get an Index for the relationship between models (SQL)

Now, easily create and manage your SQL entity with DhiWise, our latest feature helps you maintain relations between models either by one to many or one to one. The by-product of it will be an Index in your code to show you these relationships exist and their attributes which you can refer to for help making tasks much easier.

refer to for help making tasks much easier.

All the Code Snippets at one place

Now, integrate a plethora of 3rd party code to your app safely with the help of code snippets. Moreover, you will find the code snippets from 3rd party SMS integrations to amazon’s cloud-based S3 bucket which will help you migrate files from and to your local storage to S3 bucket.


Configure data format for global or individual models

Our new addition to configurations called “Config data format” will easily help you create format attributes from your models. This feature allows you to choose either to configure the data format for the whole model or only a single model and within that we give you even more customization options.


But we aren’t done yet!

Remember our React Admin Panel? Here is how it also gets a significant makeover

Previously we were only able to give support for MongoDB to create a React admin panel. However, that changes today!

Create React admin panel for all the Node.js applications on DhiWise even MySQL!


Interact securely with the backend with Two-Factor Authentication. If you’ve selected two factor authentication for your Node.js application then it would work the same for the React admin panel as well by default!


Manage applications with humongous data sets by accessing Dynamic Filter support. Coupled with a listing screen, empower the admin panel to represent data sequentially and according to user preferences


Explore Attribute Mapping, our platform-specific feature to access custom attributes directly from the event object. Deploy this functionality to handle and modify elements in a preferred manner


Worried about how the table refreshes upon deleting multiple items from the array? Well, the front-ended, Admin Panel now lets you multi-delete records, as soon as the data becomes redundant.


Sigh!!! That’s all from DhiWise for now. Oh, or did we speak too soon?

Rivaling the existing upgrades are the timed bug fixes; all set to improve the user experience, platform accessibility, and uptime of our browser-based platform. Here is a product tour to make things simpler for you:

Reach inside the Coffers and Explore.

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