Add a sense of dynamism to your Backend application with ‘DhiWise React Admin Panel’

Preview Layout, Module Management, and Dedicated Actions! At DhiWise we have every resource to make your application more inclusive and fully customizable…


Preview Interface

Do not get overwhelmed by the technicalities in play. First, take a look at the Preview Interface that DhiWise will eventually generate for you.


View Components

DhiWise React Admin Panel lets you develop a full-fledged view of the UI courtesy of the relevant view components like the choice of layout, page form, loader, and theme.


Model Management

Does your Node.js app have pre-existing models in play? The React Admin Panel lets you manage the models better by letting you select actions and assign relevant view components.


One-Click Actions

Our admin panel lets you optimize and configure the elements of the backend application with relevant actions like sorting, searching, pagination, listing, and detailing viewing.

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DhiWise React Admin Panel: Features that cannot escape your vision


Layout of Choice

The visual element promised by the admin panel is subject to layout and theme modification. And on top of that, you can design the page forms and loaders to customize the layout better.


Accessible Models

The React Admin Panel is mapped to the Node.js application in the first place. You can therefore access the models and existing actions, and eventually modify and add new ones.


Model Attributes

Not just the model schema but each one of the model attributes can be accessed. Plus, DhiWise lets you clone data to mirror attributes relevant to a specific action to the other.



DhiWise React Admin Panel allows you to tie data attributes to specific view components. Our interface auto detects views based on the input type, but you can modify them as per needs.


Relationship Mapping

If you have developed a complex app with layered logic, the relationship mapping attribute offered by the admin panel lets you make the app more connected and responsive.


What is DhiWise React Admin Panel?


Assuming that you have already built your first Node.js application, it is important to take it a step ahead, in terms of functionality. This means handling API integrations with a few clicks, handling dynamic attribute setup, and assigning actions relevant to app-specific functionalities after the Minimum Viable Product is already out in the open.

This is where the DhiWise React Admin Panel comes in as a resourceful addition to the existing Node.js ecosystem, allowing complete control over the healthcare, e-Commerce, or entertainment app that you have already created.

The React Admin Panel offered by DhiWise is a visual interface that helps you to make the app more scalable. With this standard admin panel having core functionalities integrated, you can manage, scale, modify, and secure the application at multiple levels. And yes, you end up getting access to the ready source code for configuring the admin panel better.

What to expect from the React Admin Panel in the future?

But that’s not all that is brewing at DhiWise. In time, we are planning to bring in several new inclusions and upgrades to the React Admin panel, including but not limited to:

  • Support for other Backend technologies like Laravel
  • Sandbox Support
  • Automated schema upgradation as per the updated React version
  • Better control over app permissions
  • Improved access to APIs
  • Activity and analytics monitoring

Willing to experience each of the existing and upcoming features hands-on? Well, give our React Admin Panel a try once you have created your first Node.js application using DhiWise.

If you have still not built your first Node.js application, well, you are missing out on something completely next-gen. So, stop stalling and give it a go, right away…

DhiWise Exclusives

Can I just create an admin panel randomly and pair it with the Node.js app? Well, if you have this question in mind, you are still now privy to the DhiWise Exclusives:


Ready Code Generation

Setting up the React Admin Panel takes only a few clicks once the relevant backend application is ready. Once the admin panel is developed, you get boilerplate code at your fingertips to access, test, and configure at will.


Instant Schema References

Once you choose to deploy the downloaded .env file for the code, you get hold of a standard folder structure with models, relationships, view components, and actions enlisted as part of the code view. You can modify the admin panel even using these coded schema references.


Updated Packages

At DhiWise, all our backend applications have dedicated React Admin panels, based on the newest framework. This exclusive attention to detail lets us stay ahead of discrepancies and ensure that you get the production-ready code as per the latest version.