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Day 3 of DhiWise Launch Week 3 comes with enhanced Flutter and React Builder.


Nidhi Sorathiya | Engineering

August 24, 2022

Nidhi Sorathiya | Engineering

August 24, 2022

DhiWise leads in automating app designs to code with efficient and readable generated code in no time. Our Flutter and React builders allow developers to build apps of their choice. And now, they have been enhanced with more powerful features, so you can easily integrate your required functionalities into your apps and utilise your time in more meaningful tasks later.

They provide developers with multiple features like converting design-to-code smoothly, setting up time-consuming actions in no time, and removing all the repetitive tasks like managing constants, fonts, colours etc.

On Day 3 of the third edition of the launch week, we are bringing to you our powerful builders with their advanced version, which helps in building your apps faster than ever, with the best results.

Enhanced Design Code

Creating apps with Flutter and React builder has always been worthwhile. Flutter and React builders are now enhanced with version 2.0 algorithms for design and the code generation has been improved with better code readability and improved code structure. Enhanced algorithms now generate code with better standards by removing unwanted code and keeping only what is required.

Learn more.

Support of Actions

A lot of developers’ time gets consumed when they integrate their app’s functionalities like Navigation and API Integration. While developing such an action immense amount of time is required to set up the code with its related dependencies. But, integrating functionalities in your app is now a cakewalk. With the help of these builders, now you can set up any action like Navigation, API Integration, Social Authentication, and many more in no time with all the respective code generated for your mobile and web apps.


Flutter with Smart Editor

Our Flutter builder is super-charged to create mobile applications. It helps to work with your designs smoothly and faster with better results. It provides developers with an IDE experience to build the app they desire, modify to fix the design changes and even preview them even before they build the application.

Flutter builder supports actions

like Navigation, API Integration, Social Authentication, Permissions, and Managing App Lifecycle. Learn more.

Actions supported for React

React builder supports actions like Navigation, API Integration, Social Authentication, Deploy on Vercel, Storybook Integration, and many more. Learn more.

Improved Code Structure

Based on the efficient identification algorithms, the design code is reduced to half of the previous version. Due to this, the code is more optimised and all managed in one place, plus it has now support for common components by which the code is no more duplicated and different variants for a component can be added so you can easily manage the design right here at one place in no time.