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DhiWise logic builder: Build custom business logic for your backend Node.js application

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June 1, 2022

June 1, 2022

The core of every enterprise application lies in its business logic, which remains responsible to enforce the business rules in your app.  Any vulnerability in the business logic can badly impact your app security which leads to negative consequences for the business. 

For example, you can not trust the user’s activities once they are logged in with the required credential. It's critical to apply the security measures consistently throughout the app workflow to avoid any loopholes such as notifications with OTP, especially in the case of online payments and while updating the user profile settings and passwords. 

However, developers find it challenging to detect these logic flaws. The reason here is that business logic remains specific to every application and no one can design a common tool that can detect logic flaws in all apps. Besides that manually detecting these vulnerabilities is too time-consuming.  

DhiWise helps developers to overcome this problem with its Logic Builder feature. So, let's explore more about the platform, its logic builder capabilities, and how it helps developers to build better apps in less time.

What is DhiWise?

DhiWise is the world’s first ProCode/LowCode web and mobile app development platform that aims to eliminate monotonous and repetitive tasks in the software development life cycle while having full control over app source code.  

The platform supports multiple technologies and provides the best features to speed up full-stack app development for individuals and teams. With DhiWise developers can build clean, reliable, and scalable apps in no time with the minimum effort.

The Logic builder feature works for the backend app development with Node.js, it helps developers to customize DhiWise generated routes and create new routes all from scratch using custom business logic.

About DhiWise Logic builder

Before getting familiar with the DhiWise Logic builder, let's first understand the business logic in programming.

What is business logic in programming mean?

Business Logic or domain logic is the part of a software program that encodes real-world business rules. It determines how to deal with app data i.e creation, storage, and manipulation. By implementing the business logic you enforce how business objects interact with each other through the routes and methods.

The business rules describe business operations (collectively called processes) and define constraints for making the right decisions to run a business smoothly.

Logic builder capabilities for creating complex business logic

1.Generate custom logic in minutes

It lets you create and customize app-specific workflows in minutes. Configure your model, set permissions, add APIs, set authentication, create routes, and more using the drag and drop interface.

2.Supports 100 nodes at once

With the Logic builder, it's easy to create extensive and complex applications as it supports 100 nodes at once. Where each node represents a code block of your business logic.

3.Merge existing workflows

If you have your basic utility workflow ready, then DhiWise Logic Builder allows you to merge your existing workflow with a new one right at the start.

4.Extend logic

Every workflow node offers an option to extend logic using Next, Success, and Fail parameters. Also, one can assign variables to the nodes to improve responsiveness.

5.Execute option to test implementation

The Execute option allows you to test the implementation when you add or customize the workflow. Also, you can view and download the generated code from the interface.

DhiWise Logic builder in action

DhiWise Logic builder is one of the best platform features with which developers can build custom logic for APIs and functions. It is the fastest and most powerful way to create, review and execute logic statements and expressions.

To use logic builder, you must have a Node.js application inside your DhiWise project.

Getting started with the DhiWise logic builder

First, select the Node.js application to start creating business logic.  The following snap shows the DhiWise dashboard, here you can find three ways to create custom logic.

  • Create independent logic from scratch
  • Add New routes 
  • Customize existing routes

1.Write independent logic inside the Node.js application

With the Logic builder, you can create independent query logic for your Node.js application.


Logic builder in action:


The code generated from the Logic builder:


2.Add new routes using the Logic builder

Another way to use Logic builder capabilities is through Routes. To add a new route go to API -> Routes on the left sidebar, there you can find the list of routes for the model and platform along with the Add route option.


3.Customize DhiWise generated Routes

You can also customize DhiWise generated Routes in each model and view its code. To customize existing routes, go to API -> Routes on the left sidebar, there you can find the list of routes for the model and platform. Select the route you want to customize, it will redirect you to the Logic builder interface.


Wrapping up

Well, now you have a better understanding of the DhiWise logic builder, its capabilities, and how it works. Watch our Youtube video on how to add complex logic to your Node.js App in a few minutes with DhiWise Logic Builder. 

Fall in love with the revolutionary ProCode platform, try DhiWise!

And keep coding like a Pro!

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

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