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DhiWise Logic Builder- Simple, Scalable, and Slick

Your App Finally gets the Logic it Deserves, Have you ever visualized the Logic for your application but stalled adding the same due to code-based obligations?

Well, DhiWise has you covered as our new Logic Builder lets you create or update APIs, functions, libraries, loops, and more to the App, without having to indulge in grunt work or hours of coding.

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Build Logic-Intensive Code- Lines, Blocks, or the Entire Snippets


Custom Logic Generator

As the name suggests, DhiWise logic builder lets you create app-specific workflows from scratch. Now work with models, permissions, Payment APIs, Auth setup, routes, and more, over a drag-and-drop interface.


Node-Based Layout

If you are into scalability, the logic builder lets you create an extensive and complex application by supporting 100 nodes at once. Well, this means 100 separate blocks for your business logic, from the scratch, involving database operations, 3rd party functions, and more


Merged Workflows

Do you already have a basic utility workflow ready? Well, DhiWise Logic builder lets you merge the existing workflow with a new one, either to maintain continuity or integrate utility functions, right at the start.


Simple Branching

Every workflow node offers an option to extend the logic, using Next, Success, Fail as the supported parameters. Plus, you can even assign variables to the nodes to make the App more responsive.


Integrated Failsafe

Worried as to how the logic would behave after implementation? Now keep testing the APIs, as and when you add them to the workflow, using our ‘Execute’ functionality.

Specificity guaranteed

The logic generator lets you pair highly specific actions to the App, including customized CRUD APIs, every major JavaScript library, loop, function, expression, and database.


Quick Syncing

Our workflow builder lets you get a code view of every branch, workflow, and Logic. And while you can download the code, GitHub and GitLab syncing are also supported.


Code View

Once the final Logic or workflow is ready, DhiWise lets you download and export the entire code or just the snippet for a specific section. Plus, you can preview the code right inside the platform for mapping hierarchy. 


Experience Logic at your Fingertips with DhiWise

With DhiWise Workflow Builder around, you can scale your apps beyond the core functionalities. Every logic pattern you think of can be implemented and executed visually.

Now skip the grunt work and focus on ideating the business logic of the App instead of typing it as repetitive code.



As a part of the ‘Continuous Improvement’ initiative, we plan on adding these new attributes to the workflow builder over time:

  • Extending support across all our app builders
  • Ability to auto-save workflows
  • Continuous addition of new libraries, databases, functions, expressions, and more