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DhiWise React js Admin Panel Tutorial: Build React Admin Dashboard With Node js Backend



October 17, 2021


October 17, 2021

Web apps are constantly evolving over the last few years. You can see that most websites available today are dynamic and provide a better user experience than static web apps. Dynamic websites look more professional and are easy to maintain using content management systems.  

Such websites are interactive and powered by API so that users can easily access and interact with the website content.  But behind the scenes, to manage, display and update the backend stuff it is critical to have an admin panel in every modern web app.

In today's React js Admin panel tutorial, we will learn why we need the DhiWise React Admin panel and how to use it for your React node js application

So without wasting further time let's get started!

The challenge of building React Admin dashboard for apps with multiple models

Though React js has simplified the way you build your frontend application, what if you want to build a React admin panel dashboard for your Node.js app?

An Admin panel helps to efficiently manage the vast amount of data quickly, but building an admin panel can get complicated if you are working with multiple models of your application.

So to understand the problem, let us consider you are building an application for a Human Resource Management System that has multiple models as follows.

Models in HR Management System
  • Employees onboarding  
  • Time and attendance management 
  • Recruitment
  • Performance management
  • Employee Learning and development 
  • HR analysis
  • Payroll
  • Absent and Leave management
  • Admin /users
In your basic Admin Panel, you will have the following functionalities:
  • A dashboard for users/ Admin
  • Ability to add/ create records of employees
  • Ability to edit employees' details
  • Ability to update or delete records
  • Ability to view your employee records
  • Ability to sort, filter, count, and search records

Not only that, we need to take care of the data provider to get the data from API into your application, data mapping, themes, rendering the views, and authentication in the most appropriate way.

Writing React js code for each component to manage information in the backend application is tedious and can add lots of boilerplate code to the application making it slower and less efficient. 

What if there is an out-of-the-box solution to the above problem?

DhiWise is here to rescue! Now Build React admin dashboard without worrying about the app complexity.


Dhiwise React admin panel helps you to efficiently set up your app layout, models, and dashboard. It saves your time and reduces boilerplate code in your React Node js application.

You might be wondering how?

DhiWise helps you to generate customized code quickly for React admin Panel with Node.js backend application Just by following a few steps.

1. Configure your app layout

Configure your theme layout by selecting your preference for view components, such as listing, single-page form, loader, and theme.

2. Configure global data format for your Model attribute

Select and manage the model that you want to show on your React admin dashboard, manage view components and values for each model list, and next map out the attribute having a relationship with the other model attributes.

3. Dashboard Setup 

In the dashboard setup, you can configure data statistics to customize the dashboard. In this way, you can visually analyze app data. To set the dashboard you can use count, table, &pie-chart widgets.


Once the React admin dashboard is created you can review its code by downloading it from the platform. 

And guess what? We are coming up with new features and functionalities with every sprint release. So by the time you have read it, we might have added new features, who knows. Stay tuned for updates.

Wrapping up

Well, this is all about building the React Admin Panel for your Node js backend server with DhiWise.

Watch out for this Youtube video on the React Admin dashboard for the Node js app.

If you want to speed up your Node.js app development process try DhiWise Node.js app builder where you can auto-generate APIs, generate source code, create input database schemas, and much more.

DhiWise is a powerful platform that enables you to build high-quality web and mobile applications faster. 

  • Its advanced features and support for various technologies like Node js, React js, Android, iOS, Laravel, and MongoDB, empower developers to build and manage applications in the best possible way. 
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  • The powerful integration of the platform with other tools and technology such as Firebase, Supabase, GitHub, and GitLab increases its app development capabilities to the next level.
  • And its intuitive design saves the cost of training employees.

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