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Build a Health-Care Application in No Time with DhiWise App Builders



March 26, 2022


March 26, 2022

Build a Health-Care Application in No Time with DhiWise App Builders 

The healthcare sector has taken off since the pandemic broke out in 2020. Compared to Q4, 2019, the valuation of the global healthcare market has grown multifold, which brings us to the undying prominence of healthcare applications. If you are also planning to take a deep dive into the healthcare space with a full-fledged application, do consider following along.

Goal:  Create a responsive Healthcare application with a functional front-end and a scalable backend.

Stakeholders: Healthcare Startups, Pharmacists, and Doctors offering online consultation via the app

In the Scope: Social Logins, Splash Screen, Seamless Navigation, Multi-Page layout, CRUD API setup to call queries, Android-iOS exposure, dedicated admin panel, and database support for pairing structured data and maintaining data integrity. 

Out of the Scope: Invoicing, Sales, Purchases, and anything that exceeds the MVP

Building the App: Features that you would need to consider

A Scalable, Fast, and Database-adhering Backend

DhiWise Node.js builder can be used to build the backend of your choice. Here is how it can help:

  • Helps create tables, 
  • Helps create the entire logic for the app,
  • Allows you to set authentication Supports
  • APIs for specific functions 
  • Helps set up various best-in-practice databases of choice or set API queries to the front-end’s choice of database—based on requirements. 

Why is it important for your Healthcare app?

If your app has multiple user checkpoints, with each requiring a specific business logic, DhiWise Node.js builder is the one to consider. Also, if you want to build something for the in-team usage—preferably to tweak customer data at the backend— the React Admin panel as an extension of the Node.js builder can be a real handful.

A Feature-Packed Front-end to make the app interactive enough

Not interested in starting with a backend first! Check out these features first:

Dhiwise Flutter builder lets you develop and design the perfect healthcare application by taking care of:

  • UI elements, 
  • APIs,
  • Authentication, 
  • Validations, 
  • Navigation, and 
  • Relational database integration

All in an instant.

Why is DhiWise Flutter Builder important for your healthcare app?

Working alongside the Flutter builder for your new healthcare application has several benefits. Here are the reasons why:

Work Seamlessly with Datasets

`Firstly, it is the ability to pair a SQL database of choice courtesy of the Supabase integration. With Supabase integration in play, you can maintain data integrity at all times, assign APIs to make your app return data from the database, and manage truckloads of user records with ease.

Freedom to Customize the App, as per Preferences

With DhiWise Flutter Builder, you can literally paint all your apps to life—let alone the healthcare application. Starting from the ability to choose templates with ease from the collection to importing Figma designs or entire prototypes to the app, the Flutter Builder minimizes the grunt work of going through endless design cycles. 

As a health tech startup, you can seriously leverage the Flutter app builder to manage APIs associated with specific app fields and UI elements. And if you want to stay away from setting up APIs manually, DhiWise lets you upload entire Postman API collections to speed things up. 

Other options that can be used to Build the Perfect Healthcare App

Suppose you want to make use of native functionality and ditch the same codebase for cross-platform efficiency via the Flutter builder. In that case, DhiWise Android Builder can be a pretty good option. Here are the benefits of the same:

  1. Ability to set the conditional flow to make sure the screen navigation is seamless.
  2. Ability to set splash screen for your app to make your brand or any specific app element stand out
  3. One-click conversion to a ready iOS codebase to make use of dual-app generation
  4. Improved GUI-based visual builder that lets you use multiple elements like tokens, text fields, and more without having to rely on grunt coding. 

Types of Healthcare app features that might help achieve the Vision

Here are some of the standard features that you can integrate using the DhiWise app builders:

  • Authentication

If you want an app that lets you log in using social authentication like Google and Facebook, you can use the Flutter, Android, or even iOS builder to deploy the same app-wide.

  • Remote Consultation

If you want to design and develop an app that can handle endless patient records, whilst focusing on scalability, the Supabase integration associated with the Flutter builder can be quite a good resource.

  • User Interfaces

If you want to make dedicated UI elements for the end-user, every front-end app builder like iOS, Android, and Flutter has the option to make dashboard elements available with ease. 

  • Additional Functions

You can pick any app builder from DhiWise—the API integration process, including the queries, callbacks, and parameters setup, is completely GUI-based and doesn’t require you to code from scratch.