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React Admin Panel Support is Finally Here, and We Can’t Keep Calm!!!



August 18, 2021


August 18, 2021

If Node.js was fun, React developers are expected to have a field day, every day!

Time has always been of the essence for developers.

Quick development. Faster Time-to-Market. And, handy source code procurement for scaling it beyond the MVP. Sounds simple, right!

React and DhiWise: An Admin Panel that sets you Straight

  • Process data multitudes with ease
  • No need to revisit the code for adding new features
  • Scale apps with an eye on TTM
  • Quick setup
  • Modifiable, customizable, and flexible

App development has always been presented differently by service providers, with some promising quicker code generation and others even guaranteeing no coding knowledge, whatsoever. But the purpose here isn’t always to get the app up and running. More often than not, we just need better app control to control, manage, and improve what the product is meant to achieve, in the first place.

In the Admin Panel…

Before we start discussing, imagine building a simple to-do application. Upon developing, the concerned app will cover a calendar view, color coding support, start date feeding, and due date intimation.

Once the minimum viable product is developed and launched, you might be tempted to add new features to the same, provided you can track the popularity of the application in the first place. To do just that, you can either follow the hard way i.e. revisiting the entire source code, or find an easy way where you will always have a control-enhancing backend to add, delete, and modify new attributes, as and when required.

This is when your application requires an admin panel to help you exercise better control over the APIs, data models, view, and other attributes.

Why do you need an Admin Panel?

As a developer, if you plan on building a mobile app, an Admin Panel seems indispensable considering its ability to keep a close eye on user behavior, log-in frequency, analytics, messages, and even the overall experience.

Also, as a developer, you certainly deserve a more comprehensive UI than what your users get upon logging into the app. With a full-fledged admin panel by your side, you can authorize secondary logins, block or activate features as per the app’s subscription model, manage client credentials, manage user verification, handle forms, analytics, and even modify the app template, as per user expectations.

To sum up, as the person in control of the app’s fate, the admin console holds all the aces and its capacity allows you to execute varied control functions with ease. But how to increase the capacity, speed, and agility of an Admin Panel!

In comes React….

Remember the To-Do app that we discussed a while back! Imagine that you need to add a list rearrangement feature to it, in the wake of a sudden surge in the user base. Now that you are at it, you might even consider multi-edit mode, quick daily tip, and list grouping.

But first, a quick Admin Panel would be the need of the hour, and what better than React to get it on board, courtesy of its simplicity, easy maintenance, dynamic nature, robustness, and the ability to have a futuristic impact with its cross-platform functionality.

More about the DhiWise React Admin Panel

Let’s take nothing away from a standard Node.js app created in DhiWise. While the app still works swimmingly, you might want to develop something a tad more intricate than a compass, calculator, or flashlight, apps that do not require content-related and user-specific operations.

For any other app that needs to perform more than one or even two tasks, concurrently, the React Admin Panel is a blessing. DhiWise, with its newest launch, allows you complete control over the Node.js application, which doesn’t only make it beneficial but also an inevitable and significant part of the entire app-specific system.

DhiWise, with its approach towards making a dedicated admin panel available to the developers, fits in multiple resources, choice of view, choice of theme, choice of forms, and diverse listing formats. Our ProCode platform lets you regulate the entire app holistically, thereby scaling the MVP up with multiple resources, as of Version 2, Version 3, so on and so forth.

Pillars of our React Admin Panel

  • Configurable Layout

Reach out for perfection with our configurable panel, allowing you to choose the app’s inherent theme depending on the pagination, page limit, sorting capabilities, column and row spread, checkbox formatting, and other elements.

  • Customizable Theme

We imagine you want your app to look a specific way. Fret not, we have you covered as the Admin Panel lets you choose the theme that works best with your audience.

  • System-Specific Initialization

The React Admin panel lets you choose the loader, as per your system capabilities. If you want standard page loading, the traditional Page Loader is available as a part of the admin panel. For reducing page weight and speeding up mobile experiences, the Lazy Loader is also available.

  • Page Customization

The Admin panel also lets you set the page count, page size, the layout of the page form, and even Pagination support to amplify the app-using experience of the end-user, as a part of the sequenced view.

  • Flexible View

With the React Admin Panel, you can set pop-ops or new screens for viewing details for a specific action.

  • Model-Based Approach

The admin panel lets you revisit the Node.JS models, modify components directly from the set interface, manage attributes, and even define custom actions.

  • Cloned Listing

If you have multiple fields to set, with repetitive values to sort and add to the listing, the Admin Panel lets you choose ‘Cloning’ support to make development and admin panel creation quicker.

  • Source Code Extraction

Once the admin panel is created, you can simply head over to the ‘Code’ viewing option and download the same. However, you might expect a different view for different apps, depending on the choice of code architecture, actions performed previously, design of the panel, and selected configurations.

Why does having the React Admin Panel Make Sense?

  • Minimal coding
  • Better control over end-user behavior
  • Widget-specific inputs
  • Ability to add, remove, and empower users
  • Defining permissions
  • Viewing database elements
  • Generating scalable and clean code for the visual admin panel

Get your App an Admin Panel it deserves…

React developers can rejoice in the queer functionality of this technology that not only lets you edit but also create data to further improve the app. Therefore, if you have already created your first Node.JS app with us, experience the React-based Admin Panel today for catching app bugs, tracking user behavior, and exercising complete control over the developed application.

Raise a toast to a complete Node.JS app with developers navigating the same beyond the MVP….