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Pre-Built Website Templates by DhiWise- Customize pages and Export React Code

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January 18, 2023


January 18, 2023

In the world of web app development, React.js has indeed grown as a mature framework for building web applications. Its diverse development toolset helps developers to use their full potential by optimizing the workload processes and bringing efficiency. 

In just a decade the technology became the first choice among developers due to its declarative, stable, and SEO-friendly nature. And if you are one among those who preferred React.js for the web fronted you must know about new developer tools and templates in the React.js ecosystem.

In this article, we bring to you the list of 15 React.js templates by DhiWise that you can use for your next Project. But before that let’s briefly understand DhiWise- A LowCode/ ProCode app development platform for developers.

About DhiWise

It is an intelligent and comprehensive app development platform that speeds up the web and mobile application development processes through various means such as-

  • Automating design to code conversion 
  • Visual programming interface with code editor
  • Integrated developer's tools like GitHub, GitLab, and others with the platform
  • Clean code generation for web and mobile apps
  • Supporting modular application development 
  • Provides a range of web and mobile app templates and screen libraries

In fact, the platform supports a range of app development front-end and backend technologies allowing developers to choose desired tech stack. The technologies include-

  • React.js for the web 
  • Node.js for the backend
  • Flutter for cross-platform mobile 
  • Kotlin for Android 
  • Swift for iOS 
  • Laravel for the backend

So when the developers want to build their app they can choose anyone from the above and start building their app. And even if they don’t have their design ready they can use the prebuilt templates by DhiWise to quickly start app development.

Let's look into 15 website templates offered by DhiWise for building React.js web applications. 

15 React app templates for web application development

1. Utilla Admin App

Utilla is an Admin template designed for web applications, it has 35+ pages with excellent design. It includes the Admin dashboard, Profile, Customer, KYC information, File folder management, and many other pages. It comes with authentication, a closed model, and navigation prototyping features. 


2. Bistro -Restaurant Admin App

The admin template is designed for Restaurant web applications. The template has 10+ pages which include Dashboard, Order List, OrderId, Customer, Analytics, Monthly Revenue, and more.


3. ENFTI- NFT Marketplace

The template is designed for creating an online bidding platform. It is an NFT Marketplace-based online bidding platform. It has 10+ professionally designed pages such as Dashboard, Market, Setting, Market Details, Other User Profile, and so on. 


4. Ecommerce

This is a professionally designed E-commerce template for building modern eCommerce web applications. The template has 5+ design pages like the Home page, Product Details, Cart, and Checkout. The template has defined interaction i.e. Page Navigation action.  


5. Social Dashboard UI Kit

The template is built for social networking. The template has 20+ web pages like Login, Sign-up, Home, Stories, etc. It provides the design for online post creation, exploring new people, exploring events, and making new friends. Also, the template has interactions i.e Navigation action.  


6. Growit-Business Analytics

The template is designed for business analytics. It has 5+ design screens that can be used to build a web Business analytics application for sales and marketing so you can quickly build a business solution for your products.


7. Blogsly- Blog and Podcast App

The template is designed for the Blogging web application. It has 4 pages i.e. Landing page, blog details, Contact us, and blogger details. The design has defined Navigation action. 


8. Nexus Portfolio Design App

Nexus Portfolio Design can be used by anyone such as a designer, developer, agency, freelancer, or marketer to build their own portfolio website to showcase their creative skills or websites. The design has 4 pages- Home, About, Work, and Contact and has defined Navigation action. 


9. Relasto- Buy/Rent/Sell Property

Relasto the template is designed for the real estate web application. Its pre-designed layout with 15+ pages like Login, Landing page, Property list, Agent list, and Agent profile can save you lots of time and effort while creating a Real Estate React web application. 

The template comes with UI interactions- Navigation, Authentication, and a closed model.


10. Online food and Restaurant booking

The design template offers 10+ professionally designed pages for online food and Restaurant booking applications. It includes pages such as Menu, Reservation, Order Online, Shipping address, and so on. 


11. First Bank- Digital Banking

This template is designed for digital banking web applications. It has 10 pages- Main, Dashboard, Credit card loan, Services, and so on. Additionally, it gives the facility to manage other services like Transactions, Expenses, and Investments used in the bank.


12. Furnit-Furniture Store

It is the eCommerce application template for Furniture stores with 12+ high-quality design pages such as Home, Cart, Checkout, Wishlist, and so on. The template has a Navigation action defined.


13. Educatsy- Online Course

The template is designed for E-Learning web applications. It contains around 5+ pages such as Course details, Sign up, Home, Courses, Mentor, and so on.  Building such an app can help to grow the user's skills through online courses.


14. Neuzy-Blog and News App

The template is designed for Blog and News web applications. The template has 5+ pages. The template can hold the news and blogs related to different categories. 


15. Blog App

The template is useful for building a Blogging web application. It helps you to hold blogs of different categories, topics, and much more. 


Summing Up:

In the article, we have gone through all 15 web application templates for building React apps. So to start building your next web application you just need to choose the one that best fits your requirements. And then you can start customizing the app UI with DhiWise React web app builder.

It's so simple!

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