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DhiWise iOS App Builder: Figma to iOS, API Integration, and More Features



August 9, 2022


August 9, 2022

The use of Android and iOS mobile apps is scaling high in the last few years all across the world and it will continue to grow in the near future. In spite of the demand for cross-platform mobile apps, the native mobile applications have managed to create their own space with their attractive UI, efficiency, and flexibility. 

Also, when it comes to performance, app security, and the number of active users, the iOS app always stands out as unique, because the application performs extremely well on Apple devices. Even though Apple’s iPhone and other devices are expensive it has a tremendous market value and has a huge number of customers all over the world. 

That's the reason more and more developers and entrepreneurs are attracted to iOS app development. If you are one among them and want to speed up your native iOS app development DhiWise-iOS builder can help you to get your things done before time. 

Let's explore more DhiWise-iOS app builder and its  Figma to iOS and other features in detail. 

DhiWise iOS app builder: Build pretty and reliable apps for the Apple ecosystem

DhiWise is the world's first ProCode and LowCode app development platform that aims to speed up the entire app development process by eliminating repetitive tasks. The platform offers an intuitive UI interface and visual language. 

The iOS app builder converts your app design in Figma to iOS code in minutes with high accuracy and binding features. DhiWise automates iOS app development with its design to code and other features and thus eliminates the repetitive tasks in app development.

So, how does it reduce the repetitive tasks in app development?

DhiWise identifies the UI components in your app design and generates production-ready clean code. Also, it offers the flexibility to customize the UI components such as changing view, view binding and API integration, and so on. 

Once the customization is done developers can build their app with the DhiWise or export the code for a single screen. 

DhiWise iOS app builder: The features and capabilities

The platform provides state-of-the-art features to the developers and their team to build reliable and scalable apps in minimum time.  Here is the list of top DhiWise iOS app builder features. 

1. Figma to iOS (Swift) code

The feature lets developers convert their design in Figma to the iOS (Swift) code in just a few steps. If your Figma design prototype is already set the platform will capture the interactions along with the components. 

It lets you select and export the code for each screen, synchronization with Figma Design, and component customization (setup and customize actions and lifecycle methods). 

2. API integration

You can either create an API or Upload the Postman file and start integrating it with the iOS app builder.  The create API option enables you to select the API method (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE) and enter the request URL. Next, you can add Header configuration, Query parameters, API request body, and add new environment variables. 

Watch our Youtube video on how to add API calls in the DhiWise iOS Builder

3. Application development with intuitive UI

The platform provides you with a powerful, fast, and intuitive UI that helps developers to focus on app development rather than searching for the information and coding things manually. Even if you are using the platform for the first time there is no need for extra training.

4. GitHub and GitLab Integration

Once you generate the application code then how will you share it with your project team and collaborate? Therefore to ease the process DhiWise lets you integrate your code with GitHub and GitLab repositories and simplify code sharing and collaboration for large teams.

5. Pre-existing templates

Getting started from scratch can be tough! With DhiWise's ready-to-use app templates such as e-commerce, healthcare, and so on, you can quickly start app development.

6. Dual code conversion

If you have an iOS app ready and want to support the Android OS, then just convert the entire Swift base codebase to the Android (Kotlin) codebase in just one click with DhiWise. 

7. Full UI control with customization flexibility

Unlike other LowCode platforms, Dhiwise gives full flexibility for UI customization whether it is API integration, UI interactions, managing lifecycle methods, and so on. 

8. Create conditional workflows

The visual conditional flow lets you create application logic on a button click. Easily set up conditions using source, operator, and target.

Source: constants, API response, navigation, argument preferences

Operator: Equal, Not equal, Less than, Greater than, Greater than equal

Target: constant, API response, navigation argument, Local storage, Null, Empty

Take a look at the sample code generated with DhiWise iOS app builder.

Well, for DhiWise it is just the beginning! 

DhiWise aims to build the most intelligent programming platform in the world by progressively adding app-building capabilities with a focus on design imports, better user experience, data binding, and minimal app crashes. 

So, if you are looking for the best LowCode or ProCode platform to accelerate the app development process try DhiWise.  

Wait there is more…!

DhiWise not only supports iOS app development, but it is also a versatile platform with multi-tech support. So, if you are building a full stack application with the backend and frontend technologies, DhiWise will be the best choice. 

Know more about DhiWise and sign up now to start building your next app!