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Build a Hotel Booking App With Flutter Using DhiWise



February 11, 2022


February 11, 2022

The online travel and hospitality industry has become increasingly digitized in the last few decades. People traveling away from their homes find it convenient and faster to book tickets, hotels, restaurants, and cars in a few clicks with mobile apps. 

Booking.com, Expedia, and Agoda are just a few well-known examples of successful travel and hospitality apps. But, more such apps provide similar services in the travel and hospitality sector. However, not every app comes true to user expectations with a seamless experience and the best features. 

However, this doesn’t stop investors from pouring millions of dollars into this sector. According to the Hospitality Global Market Research Report 2022, the global hospitality market is expected to grow from $3,952.87 billion in 2021 to $4,548.42 billion in 2022 at a CAGR of 15.1%.

If you are one among those who want to build such an app you are at the right place.

Well, in this post we will explore how to quickly build a Hotel booking app with Flutter using DhiWise with the best features. But before that first understand,

  1. Why are we using Flutter?
  2. What is DhiWise and how does it help you to build apps?
  3. Important things to consider while building a hotel booking app.

Why Flutter?

Flutter is an open-source software tool developed by Google and is used to create cross-platform apps for Android, iOS, and other operating systems with a Dart and using a single codebase. Thus it reduces the time and cost required for developing separate apps for different operating systems.

Also, with Flutter and Dart, it's easy to build various UI applications using the collection of reusable UI components known as widgets that can be customized according to the application's needs.

What is DhiWise and How does it help you to build apps?

DhiWise is the modern LowCode/ProCode intelligent app development platform that aims to accelerate development speed and efforts by reducing the repetitive tasks in the app development process. It helps developers to build scalable, maintainable, and testable apps faster. 

The platform provides the following features to simplify app development:

  1. Design to code conversion in minutes
  2. Smart editor for UI customization
  3. Ready to use Templates and Screen Library
  4. GitHub and GitLab integration
  5. API integration and customization support
  6. Interface to manage and set up actions, lifecycle methods, and more. 
  7. Support for Flutter, React.js, iOS, Android, Kotlin, Node.js, and Laravel
  8. Logic builder for backend Node.js app

Important things to consider while building a Hotel Booking App

Before building a Hotel Booking app, you should clear up several business details. 

1. Choose the type of app

Hotel booking apps come mostly in two types- Hotel aggregators and Hotel Chain apps. The hotel aggregator apps aggregate the hotel data and provide it to the users for example Trivago, Tripadvisor, and Booking.com, while Hotel chain apps are created for the specific chain of hotels. 

2. Choose the geographical area 

Though it's always a good idea to launch an app worldwide, it's always wise to start with a specific geographical area and then scale up, as building an application for a worldwide launch needs sufficient time, planning, and financial investments.

3. Decide on what unique features are you offering to the users

If you are wondering how to make your Hotel booking app successful, find out what unique features you can offer to users, for example, booking deals, and offers on pre-booking, cheap booking options, room sharing, easy cancellation, and refunds. 

4. Monetization strategy for Hotel Booking App

If you are building a business app, it's critical to plan how you are going to make the money from the app. Because, finally you are putting a lot of effort into conceptualizing, strategizing, and creating the app, so it makes complete sense to earn from it. 

In general, Hotel booking apps charge for advertising hotels and the booking service, providing quick onboarding, personalized user experience, and fair prices, all can help new users directly jump right into your app and stick to it for a longer time. 

How to quickly build a Hotel Booking app with DhiWise Flutter Builder?

If you are searching for the best way to build a Hotel booking app with Flutter, DhiWise is the all-in-one app developer’s tool to get started, and here is how.

1. Turn your design to code or use prebuilt templates

With DhiWise you can just turn your app design in Figma, Adobe-XD, or Sketch into Flutter application code in minutes. The component identification algorithm in DhiWise auto-detects UI components with higher accuracy. And the visual programming interface enables developers to customize the app UI.

Also, if you don’t have your design ready, use its prebuilt Hotel Booking App Template and start building your app.

2. Set up action, add navigation, integrate API, and more

The platform simplifies UI customization by allowing developers to set up actions, add back-and-forth navigation, integrate API, set social authentication and change the view using a visual programming interface. 

Also, it provides a smart editor that works much like IDE. Developers can easily edit and modify all UI changes using handy keyboard shortcuts while having real-time design previews and errors.

3. Integrate with Firebase or Supabase database

Firebase and Supabase integration in Flutter builder come in handy if you want to access the backend resources that contain unstructured or structured datasets. It lets you pair your application with real-time data and thus simplifies app development.

4. Integration with GitHub and GitLab repository

Once you build your entire application with DhiWise Flutter builder, you can view your code in the code view screen, download the source code and synchronize it with the GitHub and GitLab repositories using the same platform. 

Now, you just completed building your Hotel booking app UI, what about the backend application?

Don’t worry, DhiWise also provides backend app development support with technologies such as Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, and Laravel. 

To know how to set a backend app with Node.js builder read this article.   

The platform gives complete code ownership and customization flexibility to the developer which makes it unique among the other LowCode app development platforms. 

Overall, DhiWise focuses on reducing the app development time while optimizing resource utilization, code quality as well as app performance. Besides that, it enforces the best design and coding practices to make applications highly scalable.  


Now, you know how to quickly build a Hotel booking app with DhiWise Flutter Builder. Whether you are starting from scratch or have your design prototype ready, DhiWise is the only developer’s tool that can turn your idea into reality in just a few steps.

Sign up with DhiWise today and let your coding creativity flow where it is required. 

Thank you for reading!