Flutter BLoC Power-Up: DhiWise Introduces New Features for Flutter Builder



May 4, 2023


May 4, 2023

Wow!🤩 Hold on to your seat folks because DhiWise is back to power up its innovation game, as they just released a brand new set of features for their already impressive Flutter Builder. 

These new features enhance the power and functionality of Flutter BLoC for state management and take your app development skill to the next level. Now you can easily manage the state of your apps and ensure a smooth and efficient development process. 

So let’s delve deeper into each of the existing and new features introduced by DhiWise for BLoC in Flutter Builder and explore how they can help you build better and more powerful Flutter apps.

DhiWise Unlocks the new Flutter BLoC Features for State Management 

DhiWise Flutter Builder allows developers to build apps with or without the state management code. However, building an app with the state management provides developers a way to choose their preferred state manager, which includes- BLoC, GetX, Provider, and Riverpod

Where BLoC (Business Logic Components) is a design pattern that separates an app's presentation layer from its business logic. It manages the state of an application and handles user input and other events that trigger changes in the application's state.

Flutter has packages for implementing the BLoC pattern, such as bloc and flutter_bloc. They offer classes and utilities to handle events, blocs, and states and integration with Flutter's reactive programming model.

The Flutter builder already supports the following features for BLoC state management: 
  • Navigation: Easily navigate between screens in your Flutter application.
  • Back navigation: Can return to the previous screen and pick up where you left off.
  • Alert/Snackbar/Toast: Can easily display alerts, snack bars, and toasts within your Flutter app.
  • Drawer Open: This allows you to open and close the drawer in your app.
  • Open URL: Can open any URL within your Flutter application.

And with the new release BLoC will now support:

  • Auto-generated BLoC files
  • API integration
  • Life cycle

Now with BLoC State Management in Flutter Builder, you can integrate the above features inside your application. Well, let's discuss each feature one by one. 

1. Get BLoC Files Auto-Generated

In BLoC there are generally three files that are used to define and manage the BLoC logic: the event file, the state file, and the bloc file. DhiWise provides all these three files along with the event of actions integrated into a single screen in the generated code.

2. Get BLoC Code for API Integration

API integration is the process of connecting your Flutter application to an external API to fetch or push data. BLoC is a design pattern used in Flutter to manage state and handle user events. So when you do an API Integration from the panel then that action will call an event which will then go inside the bloc

Inside the bloc class, the API call will be done from the repository in which we pass the header and request, and then according to the response we get from the API, the state is updated.

3. Get Life Cycle Action in BLoC

Life Cycle Action in Flutter is to perform any action before the screen loads/builds. So in that, we can integrate actions like Navigation, API Integration, etc. So whatever action you add inside the life cycle will be added in the default event of the respective screen, which is an _onInitialize event of the bloc class.

Empower Your State Management with New Flutter BLoC Features  

Now you have been well acquainted with the latest functionalities of DhiWise Flutter Builder, then don’t you think it's time to give it a try?

“Unleash Next-Level DhiWise Flutter Builder Magic with BLoC state management.” 

If you are using DhiWise for Flutter app development then you can easily use these new features by simply selecting the BLoC option while building an app using DhiWise. 

However, if you are new to DhiWise, simply sign up to start utilizing the advanced features of the Flutter app builder along with the new BLoC state management features. 

Explore more about this ultimate platform to stay ahead in app development.