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A comparative analysis of the best Figma plugins for Flutter



March 3, 2023


March 3, 2023

Figma community offers a range of plugins both for designers and developers, all these plugins have different capabilities. In this article, we will analyze Figma plugins for Flutter app development that can convert UI design to Flutter code.

But before that let's take a quick look into Figma and its capabilities.

What is Figma?

Figma is a cloud-based design tool that allows designers to create user interfaces, web designs, and digital products collaboratively. It has become increasingly popular among designers and developers due to its collaborative features and ease of use.

Figma is available as a web-based application and can be used on any platform. Figma allows designers to create wireframes, prototypes, and high-fidelity designs in a single environment. Designers can also share their designs with stakeholders and clients for feedback and collaboration.

Figma capabilities:
  • The real-time collaboration features in Figma allow multiple designers to work on a project simultaneously, making it easier for teams to work together.
  • Its design and collaboration features also make it easier for developers to implement designs into code.
  • Developers can access design specifications, assets, and code snippets directly from Figma, saving time and ensuring accuracy in the development process.

The popular Figma plugins for Flutter app development 

1. DhiWise Figma to Code Plugin


Converts Figma design to Flutter, React, iOS(Swift), and Android (Kotlin)Code. 


The plugins offered by DhiWise on the Figma platform.

Key features:
  • Convert design to code by auto-identifying app design components and icons.
  • Identify reusable UI components.
  • Can import code for single or multiple screens.
  • Generates high-quality, and scalable code in minutes.
  • The downloaded code is easy to read, debug and maintain. 
  • Provides ready-to-use UI templates and screen libraries
What more?

The capabilities of the plugin are limited only to the design-to-code conversion. However, DhiWise Flutter builder enables you to customize the app UI code with high flexibility, integrate API, collaborate using GitHub and GitLab, manage source code, and also offer other features.

2. Figma to Code Plugin 


This open-source plugin converts the Figma Layouts into mobile apps in Flutter or SwiftUI and the responsive web pages in HTML or Tailwind.


The plugin is created by Bernardo Ferrari and is supported on GitHub

Key features:
  • Optimizes layout before design to code conversion.
  • Can modify UI layers without affecting the original project.

3. Figma to Flutter Plugin


The plugin can generate the equivalent Flutter code for the Figma design. The generated code can be copied to use in the Flutter project. 


The plugin is provided by Seme Mojugbe.

Key features:
  • Has dedicated options for edge cases so there is more than one way of rendering items.
  • Export images from the UI to match the Flutter code. 
  • Font names and their data are prepared/formatted with flexibility and convenience.

4. Figma2Flutter Plugin


The plugin generates Flutter code and annotates your UI components as screens, pop-ups, menus, and so on using the plugin. The code generated can be compiled, run, and modified on your favorite IDE.


The plugin is provided by BostonUX.

Key features: 
  • Generates ready-to-use code in the pure Dart language using Flutter SDK. 
  • The plugin captures layout, fonts, and colors and uses prototype features of Figma such as interactions to generate Flutter app code.

5. Codis: Flutter AI Converter Plugin


The plugin enables the automated generation of Flutter widgets from UI design. For generating the code you need to select the root element or a frame and Codis then convert it into high-quality widgets.


The plugin is provided by Codis.io.

Key features:
  • Automatically converts  Material Design Version 2 into the production-ready Flutter code.
  • Generates high-quality scalable code from the Figma design. 

Well, till now we have discussed the Figma to Flutter code generation plugins but how will you choose the best one for your Flutter app development?

So, here is the complete comparison table that will help you to easily analyze the best one depending on the different criteria.

Sr. No Plugin and provider Ease of use and flexibility Generates code for Support Free/ Paid Current Version
1. DhiWise Figma to Code Plugin Higher Flutter, React, iOS and Android apps Supported by DhiWise Free Version 41 on 1 March 2023
2. Figma to Code Plugin by Bernardo Ferrari Lower Flutter, SwiftUI, HTML/Tailwind Supported by Bernardo Ferrari on GitHub Free Version 20 on 9 March 2021
3. Figma to Flutter plugin by Seme Mojugbe. Moderate Flutter Supported by www.audacitus.com Free Version 8 on 2 January 2021
4. Figma2Flutter by BostonUX Lower Flutter Supported by sjovanovic.ics. Free Version 6 on 28 November
5. Codis: Flutter AI Converter Plugin Moderate Flutter Supported by codis.io Free Version 23 on 4 December 2022


After analyzing the key features of the Figma plugins for Flutter and from the comparison table you can easily conclude that DhiWise Figma To Code plugin is easy to use, flexible, and well-supported. 

The plugin is regularly updated with new features and issues are immediately resolved by the technical support team. Additionally, the code generated with this plugin can be customized on your favorite IDE or the platform itself. 

Find out more about DhiWise features and sign up for free!