24 Best Flutter Templates for Building Beautiful Mobile Apps by DhiWise



December 19, 2022


December 19, 2022

Building a Flutter app using templates and UI Kit is always an excellent way to quick-start mobile app development. So, if you are looking for such ready-to-use beautifully designed Flutter templates then you are at the right place.

This article brings to you the list of 24 prebuilt Flutter templates/ UI Kits that can simplify building apps for different use cases such as eCommerce, E-Learning, Media Streaming, and Hospitality. So let's get started and explore more about each of them.   

DhiWise Flutter templates/ UI kits for every use case

The Flutter UI Kits by DhiWise come with defined interactions such as back navigation, authentication, and permissions. Moreover, when you want to convert the design to code, DhiWise generates it with higher accuracy, so you need to make fewer corrections while customizing the application. 

Fewer corrections help you build an app faster with DhiWise and let you focus on the more complex things in the app development. 

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1. eCommerce Online shopping 

The eCommerce UI Kit is used to build the online shopping application. It comes with multiple screens essential for building a full-fledged eCommerce app, it has Navigation, Back Navigation, Permissions, and Authentication features.


2. Music Player 

This dark theme Music Player App UI kit includes all the basic elements of the Music app like Album, playlist, Favorite, Profile, Artist, and Login. So you can build the app without adding extra effort to the designing part. It comes with a back navigation feature. 


3. ToDo App- Task Management 

The Task Management application or ToDo List app helps individuals to organize their daily tasks so that tasks will be more structured, realistic, and tidy. It reminds the users to perform daily tasks which can help them to achieve desired goals.

This ToDo List app UI Kit comes with the Navigation and Back Navigation interactions.


4. Healthcare App 

Building Healthcare or Medical applications for Doctors and Patients? This UI Kit covers everything including Dashboard, Dr.List, Doctor Details, Book an Appointment, Chat, Setting, Drug Details, and more. It comes with the app interactions- navigation, back navigation, and permission.


5. Blogging App  

The Blogging App UI Kit helps you build a clean and minimalist UI with 12+ app design screens. Also, it comes with navigation, back navigation, authentication, and open drawer features.


6. HealthiO- Telehealth 

Telehealth is booming and it is a driving force in the digital transformation of the healthcare system. This UI kit helps you quickly build a minimalistic telehealth app that allows users to streamline their healthcare routine.  

The UI Kit comes with multiple screens from onboarding, finding doctors, and booking to payment and video calls and more. Also, it comes with the features such as Authentication, Set hyperlinks, and Permissions. 


7. Comfort- Hotel Booking App

The Comfort- Hotel Booking App UI Kit consists of  40+ pixel-perfect mobile app screens, It is specially tailored for traveling and hotel booking. The design is easy to customize and has dynamic components with features- Authentication, Set hyperlink, Permissions, Close Bottom Sheet, and Back-navigation.


8. Shopsie- eCommerce App

The UI Kit is specifically crafted for the Fashion and Clothing eCommerce mobile application, it consists of 10+ Pixel-perfect screens with easy-to-use components, to help you build projects faster. The UI kit comes with Back navigation, Authentication, and Set hyperlink features.  


9. Social Dashboard 

This Social Media Dashboard UI Kit Brings you 20+ beautiful screens with multiple components, the kit is easy to customize and leverages all the Figma features. It comes with high-quality components and has Back Navigation, Authentication, and Permissions.


10. Social- Social Networking

The Social Networking UI Kit for Flutter has 30+ screens with clean design components. The design components are easy to customize and have Set Hyperlinks, Back Navigation, Authentication, and Permission features. 


11. Hired Job Search

UI kit is tailored for Job Finder Application, this app makes it easy for job seekers to easily find desired jobs and internship opportunities. The UI kit comes with 30+ screens that have customizable components. It also comes with Authentication, Back-navigation, Set hyperlinks, Permissions, Close Dialog, and Close BottomSheet features. 


12. Street Style eCommerce App

Fashion and clothing eCommerce app holds 12 to 20% shares of the entire eCommerce sector. If you are planning to build a Fashion and style eCommerce application, use this UI Kit rather than starting your app development all from scratch. It comes with a Back-navigation feature.


13. Fashionista-eCommerce App

The UI Kit has 30+ screens professionally designed for Fashion and clothing applications. The clean and minimalist design is easy to customize and fits well for any fashion app. It comes with Authentication, Set-hyperlink, Back navigation, and Permission features.


14. Justplay- Movie Streaming App

The UI kit comes with 40+ mobile app screens with 100% editable high-quality designs. It has every screen essential for building a movie streaming application. Additionally, it comes with authentication, Back-navigation, close Dialog, and Permission features. 


15. Safe Bank- Mobile Banking App

Creating a mobile banking/ E-Wallet application? Safe Bank- mobile UI Kit is created especially for building customizable, beautiful, and responsive mobile banking apps. The UI kit has 20+ screens with clean design and features like back navigation, authentication, permissions, and close BottomSheet.


16. TickPick- Short Video and Social Networking App

The TickPick app UI Kit is designed for social networking and short video applications like TikTok and Instagram. The UI kit has 70+ screens with a simple, customizable, and clean design. Also, the design comes with the features like authentication, back-navigation, set hyperlink, permission, and Close BottomSheet. 

17. House- Buy Rent and Sell Property

Real estate and Rental Property apps come in handy for people looking for a perfect home or willing to sell their properties at fair rates. The House- Buy Rent and Sell Property UI Kit has 70+ beautifully designed screens, with customizable components. 

The UI Kit comes with the Back Navigation, Authentication, Set HyperLink, and Close BottomSheet features.


18. Artista-Bidding App

Are you planning to build a Bidding or Auction application and don’t know where to start? Use the Artista-Bidding app UI kit, it has 30+ design screens for every page with customizable components. It comes with Authentication, Permission, and Set hyperlink features. 


19. Tune Cast- Music Streaming and Podcast App

TuneCast Music Streaming UI Kit includes all the basic elements of Music streaming and Podcast application. It has 70+ beautifully designed app screens and has Back Navigation, Set Hyperlink, Authentication, Permission, and Close BottomSheet features.


20. Banksy- Digital Banking App

Banksy Digital Banking UI Kit has 30+ screens with clean, minimalist designs with better scope for customization. The UI design has everything essential for managing a credit card, quick money transfers, paying utility bills, recharges, and more. 

The template comes with a Set hyperlink and Authentication features. 


21. Educasty- Online Course

The UI Kit comprises 5+ design screens for building an online Learning application such as buy books, buy courses, course pricing plan, and more. Additionally, it has set Hyperlink, Authentication, and Permission features.


22. Neuzy- Blog, and News app 

Neuzy is the Blog and News UI kit with 5+ app design screens including, Home Page, Search, Blogs, Register, Login, etc. The screen components are easy to customize and have a clean design that goes well for the readers. 


23. Vertex- Real Estate App

Vertex UI Kit comes with 35+ design screens for creating a Real Estate app, it has everything from Sign Up, Onboarding, Home search, adding a new property, getting contact details, to conform requests.  Also, it comes with features such as Authentication, Back navigation, Permission, and Close BottomSheet.


24. First Bank- Digital Banking App

The Digital Banking app UI kit provides you with 10+ professionally designed app screens such as Dashboard, transactions, Credit card, Investments, and Loans. It comes with the set Hyperlink feature.


Summing Up: 

So, this is all about Flutter UI templates by DhiWise. The mobile app UI Kits/ Templates are easy to customize and are quickly converted into app code with higher accuracy using DhiWise Flutter app Builder or its Figma to Code Plugin

And wait, if you want to customize your application code, add action, integrate API, and more, DhiWise lets you create everything in just a few steps. The platform is simple as life and helps you accelerate Flutter application development without compromising on the app quality.

Try DhiWise today to start building your next Flutter app.