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10 Creative Ways to Use Rive Flutter for Stunning Animations in Your Flutter App

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August 4, 2023


August 4, 2023

Animations are an essential component of a visually appealing application. 

It decorates the user interface and encourages customers to explore your app more. It keeps people interested in your app.

Rive is a tool for creating real-time images and animations. We can develop interactive visuals with Rive and include them in applications for Android, iOS, Flutter, and other compatible platforms.

But here, we focus on how to use Rive to create fantastic animations for your Flutter app.

In this article, we will look into the Rive- A Flutter package, its features, and some ways to use it in your Flutter app for stunning animations.  

So, let's dive in!

What is Flutter Rive?

Rive is a tool for creating interactive animations. It provides a real-time interactive design and animation environment, allowing designers to create complex animations that respond to user inputs and states. 

Designers may use Rive to develop sophisticated interactions, onboarding screens, game characters, animated icons, and more. With Rive, real design assets will appear in your final product in real-time. As they don't have to be reproduced in code, designers can iterate and make changes at any moment.

Flutter and Rive can work together to create a synergy that lets designers and developers bring their creative visions to life, providing customers with an engaging and aesthetically beautiful experience. You can build an attractive and engaging app with Rive animation in the Flutter app.

Now, let's move to the features of Rive Flutter. It will be helpful to know about the features of Rive before applying it to your Flutter app.

Features of Rive Flutter

Here are the key features of Rive Flutter.

Animation mixing

One of the most robust features of Rive Flutter is the ability to blend animations. In your Flutter application, you can layer animations on top of one another and blend from one animation to another effortlessly.

Vector and raster

Using tools like constraints, bones, deformations, and more, Rive Flutter enables you to work with vector and raster graphics. You can draw directly in Rive or import pre-made SVGs and PSDs from your current workflow using the pen tool and the procedural vector shapes. Rive now allows storing vector graphics to improve performance and eliminate needless redrawing.

Trim Path

Trim Path can quickly generate animated icons, movement effects, particle effects, and FUI elements. Using the Trim Path tool, you can only draw a piece of the stroke on a vector shape. When a line needs to follow a path, this can use to produce many animations.

Skeletal animation

In skeletal animation, you can use bones to transform raster images and vector forms. Using bones in Rive is an intuitive and organic technique to animate your characters. The interpolation and blending of skeletal animations keep your file size small. You may use code to modify everything because it all occurs in real-time dynamically.

Meshes and vertex

In Flutter Rive animation, meshes are a quick and practical approach to give your figures realistic, organic deformations. For complete control over your deformations, you can manually animate vertices or connect meshes to bones to let them automatically deform in response to skeleton movement.


In Rive Flutter, you can control things in addition to their usual characteristics by using constraints. You can sever ties between objects in a hierarchy, copy properties from another object, or impose restrictions on any or all of these.

Frame-by-frame effects

You may swiftly switch out the artwork to create frame-by-frame effects with Rive's Solo object. You have complete control over your skeletal system and can swap out entire sections of your hierarchy.

10 creative ways to use Rive Flutter in your application

Rive is a powerful tool for producing beautiful animations in Flutter applications. 

Here are ten creative ways to use Rive for animation in your Flutter app:

Animated login screen

The user experience of a website or application can be improved and personalized with the help of an animated login screen. Rive's Create Tools can be used to design each character component. You can swiftly animate the character using bones, groups, and constraints. To do so, we'll need to create a rig that allows the character to move.

A rig can be created in a variety of ways. One technique uses a Translation constraint, which allows an object to follow a target with varying strength levels.

Animated icons

In Flutter Rive, a group of animated icons were individually created and animated before being added as nested to a primary artboard. Each icon has an active and idle state that may be changed using the StateMachine.

Animated onboarding screens

You can create animated onboarding screens using Rive in the Flutter app. You can animate people or objects to show users how to use the features and functionalities of your app. The interactive animations from Rive may make the onboarding process exciting and unique.

Animated emojis

You can use an excellent emoji collection for your app with Flutter Rive. Each animated emoji is gathered on this primary artboard after being animated on a separate artboard using the Nested Artboards option. You can use a status Machine "controller" to change the status of each emoji.

Animated buttons

You can use Rive animations to create interactive buttons. With Rive Flutter, you can make buttons animate, alter the look, or react to user actions like long-pressing, hovering, or tapping. The user interface of your program earns some liveliness from interactive buttons.

You can use various strokes in the same shape to achieve a blurred appearance. You can add glow effects, sparks, and a lens effect to give it some texture when pressed.

Animated characters

In the Flutter app, you can use Rive to create and animate characters for interactive guides, gamification, and storytelling in your app. A personalized and exciting user experience can be created by animated characters that can react to user activities.

Animated charts and graphs

You can use Rive animations to produce live data demonstrations. Animate graphs and charts to highlight data points, mark transitions between data sets, and enhance data exploration's visual appeal and engagement.

Animated loaders

You can change the default loading spinners with Rive-made bespoke loading animations. Also, you can create loading animations that engage users as data loads, improving the waiting experience.

Animated scroll

In the Flutter app, you can use Rive to implement scroll-based animations. You can create an interactive and immersive experience by triggering animations, using parallax effects, or altering the appearance of UI elements as users browse through your app.

Animated transitions 

Animated screen transitions or UI components can improve user experience. In the Flutter app, you can use Rive animations to make seamless and aesthetically beautiful transitions, giving your app a polished and excellent appearance.

Ready to build your next Flutter app with Rive animation? 

The Rive and Flutter combination has new possibilities for developing dynamic, interactive, and visually appealing applications. You can design apps that work correctly and give an excellent user experience by using the features of these tools. 

With these Rive Flutter animation properties, you can bring your app ideas to life with smooth, dynamic animations.

Now you can experiment with more animations or learn how to make your animations with Rive Flutter in your application. 

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