The Benefits of Using DhiWise Figma Plugin for Design to Code Conversion



May 8, 2023


May 8, 2023

How do you convert Design to Code? 

If you are still doing it manually or using an inefficient tool to generate your app code then I have a better solution to your problem. With it, you can speed up your app development by automatically generating production-ready code for your app project. 

Introducing Figma to Code Plugin by DhiWise - A 100% developer-centric platform for web and mobile app development. 

In this blog we will explore more about this ultimate plugin for Design to Code conversion, how it works, and what are the key benefits of using it for Design to Code conversion.  

So without wasting further time let's get started!

DhiWise Figma to Code Plugin: An Overview

DhiWise is a cutting-edge programming platform that provides the ultimate solution for app developers who want to save time and eliminate the headaches of tedious and error-prone coding tasks. And Figma is a web-based design tool used for creating user interfaces, designs, and interactive prototypes. With DhiWise, design-to-code conversion is fast, efficient, and effortless, ensuring that your app development process is easy, seamless, and error-free.

For developers who want to generate their code outside the platform from the Figma design file, DhiWise offers the Figma to Code plugin. The plugin supports code generation for multiple technologies:

  1. Figma to React
  2. Figma to Flutter
  3. Figma to Kotlin (Android)
  4. Figma to SwiftUI (iOS)

Now, you might be wondering what Design to Code conversion means and how it works.

What is Design to Code and how does it work for developers and designers?

Let’s be specific, the Design to Code process talks about automatically generating code from the design ( such as Figma, Sketch, or Adobe XD). With this developers can create apps much faster without affecting the code quality. This saves developers precious time and resources that can be utilized for other creative tasks in the project development. 

DhiWise Figma to Code plugin guarantees high accuracy and consistency between design and code, ensuring optimal code quality, scalability, and customization flexibility. By using this plugin, you can rest assured that your design vision will be accurately translated into a production-ready app.

How it works for designers?🎨

With the plugin, designers have access to 100+ ready-to-use design templates and a massive library of app screens across multiple categories. With these design assets designers can easily design amazing apps, customize them and share them with the developer's team using the Figma plugin. 

How it works for developers?👨💻

The plugin empowers developers to generate clean app code in minutes by auto-identifying the design, icons, reusable components, and actions and removing duplicates and errors. Moreover, the platform allows developers to customize code, create responsive UI, get real-time preview UI design, export selected screens, sync code with Figma, and everything essential for faster development. 

Overall, DhiWise plugin streamlines the design-to-development process, allowing designers and developers to work more efficiently and collaboratively.

What are the Key Benefits of Using DhiWise Plugin for Design to Code Conversion?

The DhiWise Figma to Code plugin provides several key benefits  for design to code conversion, including:

1. Better Designer to Developer Handoff

Effective communication between designers and developers is crucial for the success of any project. Using our Figma plugin for design to code conversion can help bridge the gap between design and development, resulting in better developer handoffs. 

The plugin automatically generates clean, organized, and scalable code

2. Reduce App Time to Market

The plugin automates the process of converting designs into code with high accuracy, saving time and effort for both designers and developers which ultimately results in a more precise implementation of the original design.

Additionally, the generated code is customizable with the DhiWise platform or on any other IDE, allowing developers to modify and adapt it to meet specific project requirements. Overall, it helps to reduce the time and effort required to convert designs into code. 

3. Scalability and Consistency

The plugin generates code that is scalable and can be easily adjusted to accommodate future changes or additions to the project. It ensures consistency in the implementation of design elements. 

With the plugin for design to code ensure that the final product meets everyone's expectations with high precision while still focusing on other essential aspects of your project such as user experience and functionality.

4. Effective Collaboration

The plugin facilitates collaboration between designers and developers, enabling them to work more efficiently and effectively together. Besides that with DhiWise developers can share their code with their teammates and others using GitHub and GitLab integration features in the platform. 

5. Code Ownership

The code generated with DhiWise Plugin is 100% owned by developers, which means they can easily download their code and use it wherever they want. The code can be modified using their favorite IDE or using the DhiWise platform.

Overall, the DhiWise plugin streamlines the design-to-development process, providing several key benefits that enhance efficiency, accuracy, customization, scalability, consistency, collaboration, and code ownership.

Note: DhiWise code generation relies on your designs being created using best practices for designing and standard guidelines. The designs might not be identified due to being unique or complex.

Other Figma Design to Code Conversion Tools in the Market

1. Anima: 

Anima converts Figma designs into responsive HTML, CSS, React, and Vue code. It provides customization options to meet project-specific needs. The plugin allows you to build code-based prototypes, share code with the teammates and others and helps to achieve full consistency between Figma and Storybook. 

2. Locofy

Convert your Figma designs into production-ready front-end React, React Native, HTML/CSS, Next.js, and Gatsby code. It generates the design with Flexbox and also allows moderate customization inside the plugin. 

Moreover, the plugin lets you customize CSS, has a custom viewport feature for responsiveness and it supports Material UI and Ant design components. 

3. CopyCat

This Figma to React plugin automatically transforms Figma designs into React code by analyzing the designs and producing well-structured, easy-to-read code. The resulting code can be previewed and tailored to meet the specific needs of your project. CopyCat, also provides complete ownership of the generated code.

4. FigAct

The tool converts Figma designs into high-quality, responsive ReactJS source code, featuring React, JSX, React Router, React Hooks, and Airtable integration. Additionally, the code enables dynamic data visualization.

5. TeleportHQ

The plugin allows you to export your code to React, Next, Vue, Nuxt, Angular, and HTML/CSS code. You can make responsive adjustments to UI, test UI in TeleportHQ, and publish with one click using Vercel.

Transform Your Figma Prototype into Code with DhiWise Today!

DhiWise Figma to Code plugin is a powerful tool that simplifies the entire Design to Code process and also saves your time and effort in app development. 

Its advanced features like auto-component identification, clean code generation, code ownership, and effective collaboration help to streamline your app development workflow and ensure consistency across your design and development teams.

The benefits of using our Figma plugin are immense. If you're looking to optimize your workflow and take your design to code conversion to the next level, download our Figma plugin now.