How DhiWise Android builder help you to generate production-ready code in a week instead of a month



October 8, 2021


October 8, 2021

[production-ready android app code in a week]

For many organizations building an Android application and taking it to the market is the top priority. However, it is often seen that app development takes additional time than estimated.

Generally, an app takes three to nine months depending on the complexity and the size of the project. The app development process has different stages such as market research, planning, designing, backend development, frontend development, and quality assurance and each stage has a different time slot requirements. 

Among these stages, frontend and backend development consumes most of the app development time. This time can be reduced to a great extent using the DhiWise Android app builder. 

You might be wondering how? Continue reading this article to explore more. 

DhiWise Android App Builder

DhiWise is a unique platform that emphasizes developer empowerment by providing support for cutting-edge technologies such as Android (Kotlin), React.js, Node.js, Flutter, Laravel, and iOS (Swift)  to build web and mobile apps faster. 

Plus, the advanced features and intuitive platform further accelerates app development. And beyond that, the platform generates clean code which is fully customizable and thus provides extra room for scalability.

If developers are using Kotlin in their tech stack for Android application development then DhiWise Android App builder is the smart choice for them, as it enables developers to build apps with Kotlin.

So, without wasting further time let’s understand how DhiWise Android builder helps you to generate production-ready code in weeks instead of a month.

Android App builder features

DhiWise Android app builder is tailored according to Android developers’ needs, here is the list of its best features. 

  1. Convert design to code (Kotlin)
  2. Provides ready-to-use templates, and screen library 
  3. Manage screens, navigation, views, action, and lifecycle methods
  4. API integration and customization
  5. Cloud Firestore integration
  6. Manage product flavor, constant and local database
  7. Synchronize code with GitHub and GitLab
  8. Build and review code anytime. 

All the above features help to reduce the app development time without affecting the code quality.  Let us discuss each in brief. 

Convert design to code, ready-to-use templates, and libraries

Since many developers don’t have experience playing around with design tools. DhiWise Android builder covers the basic requirements of developers regarding design-to-code conversion. It converts your Figma, Adobe XD, or Sketch design to Kotlin code in a few clicks. 

And if you are not ready with your design, DhiWise provides ready-to-use app templates and a screen library.  

For more details read our article- “Figma to Android: A Step-by-Step Guide to Quickly Turn Your Design in Figma to Android Application With DhiWise”

Manage screens, navigation, views, action, and lifecycle methods

Managing screens, views, actions, and lifecycle methods are much easier and faster than the traditional approach with the DhiWise. 

You can create views, and set up actions for each screen component. Also, you can create lifecycle methods for actions such as Navigation, show alerts, permission, and API integration.

API integration

DhiWise enables developers to integrate API for any screens either by directly uploading the postman file or by manually adding API to the app. 

Cloud Firestore integration

Cloud Firestore integration with DhiWise helps you to easily fetch and store data from and to your Firestore account. 

Manage Product flavor, constant and local database

Every mobile application has different versions that you expect to co-exist within a single app. You can manage and organize multiple development environment-specific values with ease as DhiWise enables developers to manage product Flavor.

Synchronize code with GitHub and GitLab

Collaboration and sharing are inseparable components of the project team. Therefore the platform provides features to synchronize your app code with GitHub and GitLab.  

Build and review code anytime. 

Once you finish the application development you can generate, download and review code, for the app ready to launch in the market.  


DhiWise Android builder accelerates the important stages of SDLC, i.e front end and back-end development. Further, the app code generated by the platform is clean, maintainable, scalable, and ready to launch in the market. 

Overall, it reduces the manual work of writing code for repetitive tasks through automation, so the developer can build the app faster in just a week instead of a month. 

Still want to waste your precious time with the traditional approach of app development, go smarter with a revolutionary platform, sign up today, and build your next app with DhiWise Android builder.  

Happy Coding!