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Node.js App Development Essentials: Get the Perfect App Up and Running in Days



October 7, 2021


October 7, 2021

Node.js is a piece of art. A smaller learning curve, scalability, faster development, and that exclusive Non-blocking input/output paradigm! If as a developer you have already been working alongside the high-performance, cross-platform JavaScript engine, you are in luck. As much as this runtime environment enthralls the developer within me, building a fast and scalable application needs a lot more than just quick code execution and code reusability.

What makes Node.js even more appealing to the developers is the set of essentials that make app building easy, fun, and perceptive. This server-side runtime environment has the architecture to separate each task into independent node paths, thereby promising concurrency and speed. Often termed as the ‘Microservice’ pattern, the smaller breakdown on tasks is arguably the best way to develop a mobile app that hardly requires a lot of maintenance.

But wait; is this yet another Node.js explainer, which you are already aware of? Not by a long shot. As much as Node.js urges me to have endless conversations about the concurrent threads and selective scalability, this discussion concerns the development essentials that make Node.js what it is.

Plus, I take this discussion forward by bringing a ProCode application development platform, DhiWise, to the fore, which miraculously and intelligently amplifies these Node.js essentials and makes them available, under a single canopy.

Excited! Keep reading on…

Security Safeguards: The Ultimate App-Specific Conundrum

Securing an app is often more important than developing it in the first place. User data, credentials, and usage habits cannot be led into the hands of unscrupulous entities. Node.js comes with a diverse range of hashing algorithms and authentication middleware for securing users across devices and platforms.

But then, DhiWise, the platform which I have been teasing, brings almost every security safeguard under the same roof for the Node.js enthusiasts. Starting from standard Auth configuration and 2FA to social authentication, DhiWise has everything that you would need to secure app interfaces, in every possible way.

Package Management: Never run short on Resources

Node.js comes with a fluid package management system. This inherent functionality lets you keep an automated eye on the app dependencies, which might require upgrades to be more secure and functional in time. Plus, as a developer, you can always beef up the app in no time with third-party integration and customized additions to work with.

However, you need not use IDEs and other on-premise tools to get hold of these relevant packages. DhiWise has a Node Package Manager in place that lets you simply feed in the package details and migrate the same, in a few clicks. Plus, there is also the option to club custom code scripts for writing the boilerplate code quicker.

Front-End of the Back-end: Node.js for Client-Side Development

Well, Node.js is for the server-side, right! While this cannot be any truer, developers deploy this runtime environment to delve deeper into front-end development. Node.js’s ability to work with NPM packages to handle front-end dependencies and modules like React makes it easier to run scripts not just on the server-side.

With DhiWise, you hardly need to lose sleep over Node.js compatibility with front-end resources as there is a dedicated React admin panel for you to work with. This customizable admin panel strives to be the front-end of your Node.js app, letting you maintain the permissions and layout, to perfection.

Databases: Make the App Scalable

If you want the app to function in a given way, it is important for you to keep an eye on the databases for storing dynamic insights that can be called, indexed, or queried, whenever needed. Plus, once the app starts gaining steam and several users start installing the same, you might be left reconsidering the database support, unless you already have one in place.

Node.js, as a part of its interactive ORM support i.e. Object Relational Mapping, allows you to work with both SQL and NoSQL databases, depending on the type of data you wish to house.

DhiWise lets you make the choice as well by offering MongoDB support for NoSQL database integrations and MySQL, SQL Server, and PostgreSQL support for housing structured data that are more focused on data integrity and faster queries.

Deployment Platform: Pick up the right Code Manager

One of the development essentials for Node.js has to be the platform that you need to deploy the code, packages, database support, security configurations, and other elements. While you can always use the Visual Studio Code as your IDE of choice, Node.js also lets you work without on-premise solutions, including cloud platforms like Azure and AWS.

DhiWise, however, comes across as one of the more credible browser-based platforms to help you manage diverse areas of app building, somewhat with a guided setup for every aspect of development. But that’s not all. DhiWise even lets you integrate VScode for letting you edit the code, highlight syntax, and manage other aspects of debugging, without having to rely on hours of code writing.

Version Control: Keeps the Code Orderly

If you plan on building a Node.js application, you are better off using its affinity towards version or source control. This approach lets you track and even manage code-specific changes in real-time, whilst allowing you to handle and mitigate conflicts.

While this requires Git integration, you would be more than happy to know that DhiWise already has provisions for the same, as part of the collaborative workforce management.

Wrap Up

Node.js has a lot of potential, especially to tap into if you are a full-stack app developer. Regardless of what your app development expertise is, Node.js doesn’t let you down, provided you have DhiWise by your side to help manage and build complex applications.

The developer in you can benefit immensely from this world’s first ProCode platform that aims at speeding up your career growth by making every Node.js resource at your fingertips. Most importantly, DhiWise continues to be dynamic in its approach and has plans of adding newer resources to let you make most of the Node.js app development expertise.

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