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DhiWise Launch Week – Day 5 : iOS Builder



September 24, 2021


September 24, 2021

Attention Readers,

Today, the Launch Week just got better, bigger, and bolder….

It’s the 24th of September, 2021 and little did we know at DhiWise that we would make it this far, with such a fantastic and curious audience base by our side. So, before we move ahead, here is a standing ovation for sticking with us and being patient, while we were rolling out technologies, one at a time. It’s time to unveil the curtains!

Day 5: iOS Builder is in the house and all set to get your app store-ready

By this time, we already have nifty backend solutions like Node.js and Laravel, interactive client-side resources in Kotlin, and the revolutionary, cross-platform Flutter, as separate app builders. But there was something else that needed to be included, especially the native iOS developers fixated on perfection, app aesthetics, design, app speeds, and more.

After brainstorming through weeks, we finally have that little something, termed as “DhiWise iOS Builder”. Having a Swift-powered platform, dedicated to iOS developers, makes us happy and content. But most importantly, it opens a world of possibilities that developers and enterprise heads can experience, with DhiWise by your side.

Plus, this resource makes a lot of sense to the web artisans, who are always on the lookout to empower the web apps with better API integrations, routes, and more.

Here are the introductory features in play:

Are you ready to move ahead with predefined UI layouts? Well, our iOS Builder lets you import designs from Adobe XD, Sketch, or Figma with ease and eventually generates the source code for the same, automatically.Learn more


Aren’t well-versed with UI/UX designing? Now pick up pre-existing application templates, depending on the type of app you wish to create. Once selected, screens relevant to the template will be available for use.Learn more


Trying to change the view of or set actions to specific UI components? Open the relevant screen to get the detailed view, pick the preferred UI component to work on, and select the preferred action or view. You would also have an option to setup actions from vewDidLoad method. Learn more


Tired of integrating APIs manually into code? Our iOS Builder offers a graphical interface to help you integrate APIs as a part of the action creator. But that’s not it. You can bind respective API keys to relevant UI components and even ensure that the response returns, either bound dynamically to the View component or stored as NSUserDefaults and use the sameLearn more


Want to make your app behave in a certain way? The iOS Builder lets you push and back navigate to specific app screens, depending on the custom logic and preferences. Plus, you can even set alerts to specific UI components and eventually view all the changes in the form of intelligently generated, source code. Learn more


Our iOS Builder supports UITextField validations, as part of API integration and action creator to authorize or deny access, activate or disable buttons, and send across responses for the same, as Success or Error. Plus, the inclusions can be viewed within the code. Learn more


Interested in syncing and transforming your project into a codebase for the subsequent versions? Now choose GitHub or GitLab integration to ensure that the synced project can be tracked for changes, flagged for bugs, or managed collaboratively by other team members.Learn more

Seems there is more than enough juice to start developing that first iOS app, right away. But the show is far from over as we have the following features in the pipeline:

  • Social Authentication
  • Runtime Permissions
  • SwiftUI
  • Firebase integration
  • Flexibility to code and develop as per the MVVM architecture

Want to experience our iOS Builder, hands-on? Check out the entire workflow, glued and guided through our Knowledge Base. or quickly watch these video tutorials

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