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How You Can Increase Your Revenue as a Service-based Company With DhiWise



August 2, 2021


August 2, 2021

If you are doing everything right but can’t bring up revenue in your business then all your efforts are in vain. Good revenue is vital for the health and growth of your business.

Being a service-based software development company in app development you might have a good staff, client base, and other resources to become successful. But if you are still struggling in increasing your revenue due to the following factors then DhiWise can be the best solution to boost up your business revenue.

Factors that affect revenue generation

Let’s look into the major factors affecting revenue generation.

  • Inability to deliver value to the customers

For every business, customers are the main source of revenue generation, without customers, you don’t see any sales. Customer expectations are growing high. If you fail to deliver value to the customers it will directly affect your revenue growth.

  • Schedule overrun

In the Software Industry, over 60 % of the projects are overrun by schedule due to various reasons such as scope changes, errors in the source code, slow development speed, and so on.

  • Budget Overrun

Poor execution of project management leads to increased cost. Large projects are at a higher risk of budget overruns. The project cost can be affected by factors such as changes in the development team, project complexity, and implementation time.

  • Testability

Testability refers to the extent of the ease with which a code can be tested. According to ISO testability is defined as “attributes of software that bear on the effort needed to validate the software product.”

Testable code abridges the insecurity of hazardous bugs to an acceptable level. A lower degree of testability increases test efforts that result in increased time and cost of testing.

  • Quality

Quality is critical for customer satisfaction and retains their loyalty so that they continue to be your long-term paying customer. Delivery of quality contributes to high profitability and revenue generation.

  • Scalability

The scalability of an application refers to the ability of the application to handle growing numbers of customers. Scalability is crucial to the web and mobile application. If the application is down it can cost companies millions.

If the application is not built with scalability in mind, it will take more resources, time, and effort for adding new functionalities to handle the growing number of customers and their requirements.

Scalability reduces many problems related to code maintenance and performance. Therefore if you build a scalable application, it is easy and less time-consuming to add new functionalities to it at the later stages.

DhiWise can help you to overcome all the issues we discussed above and helps to increase your revenue.

Want to know how?

How you can increase your revenue with DhiWise.

To know how you can increase your revenue as a service-based company in app development with DhiWise, let us first understand what DhiWise is.

DhiWise is the world’s 1st 100% Developer-centric ProCode Platform that enables developers to build high-quality, scalable, maintainable, and testable web and mobile applications faster.

It helps to improve customer satisfaction with faster delivery of quality applications.

DhiWise provides an intuitive platform, with advanced features and technology support to build applications 2x faster.

Let’s see how


  • Supports clean code architecture to build highly scalable applications.
  • Generates codes automatically
  • Generates API documentation automatically
  • Easily set API integration
  • Configures database schema
  • Provides ready to deploy features such as NPM packages and utilities
  • Provides module-specific access across all devices.

Technologies supported

With DhiWise you can build applications using the following technologies and support for other technologies is coming soon (Flutter, Swift, Laravel, Angular, GraphQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server and MySQL).

  • Node.js
  • Kotlin
  • MongoDB
  • React.js

All these features and technology support enable you to build and deliver a high-quality application faster to your client improving customer satisfaction. Also, you can start on the new project early. So can deliver more within the limited time.

Furthermore, DhiWise enables you to deliver more even with the small development team using limited resources, there is no need to install software and tools manually in your devices and thus reduces the development cost.

From the overall discussion, we can conclude that DhiWise empowers your team to overcome issues of budget and schedule overrun, generates clean code faster, enforce scalability and testability, helps you to maintain your codebase, and therefore helps you to generate higher revenue.

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