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Figma to Kotlin in 5 minutes with DhiWise: Everything you Need to Know



August 8, 2022


August 8, 2022

After JAVA, Kotlin became the most loved language used for Android application development. It can be used as both front-end and backend technology. And the most amazing thing is you can build a cross-platform app for Android and iOS while keeping the UX native. 

Currently, it is used by approximately 1-1.9 million developers worldwide and if you are one among them this blog is for you.

Here is what we are going to learn in this blog.

  1. What is Figma?
  2. What is DhiWise?
  3. How does DhiWise Android App builder help you to convert Figma to Kotlin code and build an Android app quickly?

So let’s find out the answer to each of these questions.

1. What is Figma?

Figma is a collaborative browser-based interface designing and prototyping tool. It is popularly used for graphics design, wireframing websites, mobile app UI designing, prototype designing, creating social media posts, and similar things. It gives easy access to designing projects from any computer, and mobile devices.

2. What is DhiWise?

DhiWise is the browser-based ProCode and LowCode platform for web and mobile app development. It supports multiple frontend and backend technologies and provides state-of-the-art features for building scalable and reliable apps faster. The platform generates clean code that simplifies maintenance and testing. 

Some of the top features of DhiWise are,
  1. Automated Design to Code conversion for React.js, Flutter, Android, and iOS apps
  2. Design to code plugin support
  3. Customize UI by setting up navigation, actions and lifecycle methods, and conditional workflow
  4. GitHub and GitLab integration
  5. Multi-technology support- Flutter, Kotlin, Swift, React.js, Node.js, and Laravel
  6. API integration 
  7. Complete code view and ownership
  8. Logic builder for DhiWise Node.js application

3. How does DhiWise Android App builder help you to convert design in Figma to an Android app quickly?

Do you have your Figma design ready but don’t have enough time to start Android application development from scratch? If so then DhiWise is here to help you.

DhiWise Android App Builder provides the following platform-specific features.

1. Figma to Kotlin code

It lets you convert your Figma design to Kotlin code in a few steps. The android builder uses MVVM architectures to keep the app logic separate from UI and helps you to build highly scalable apps in minutes.  

2. Conditional workflow at your fingertips

Create UI logic in your app with just a button click with the visual conditional workflow. Set up conditions for UI components and follow them with navigation, alert dialog, data storage, and other actions. 

3. Social media authentication 

If you are building an app with DhiWise there is no need to look beyond social media and Google authentication. Easily set up authentication from the DhiWise interface.


4. Firebase Integration

Simply integrate Firebase and resolve your backend problems such as creating API and customizing it. Now connect your app to the Firebase database, and configure everything from the DhiWise interface.

5. Dual app generation

With the dual app generation feature, you can create the entire boilerplate code base for your iOS (Swift) app with all the same configuration as your android app. 

So, here is the brief about how DhiWise Android App Builder works:

To start building an Android app you need to connect a Figma account with the DhiWise platform and import the Figma UI design. The platform then identifies UI design components for every screen along with the interactions if any. Moreover, it allows you to select the screen, change the component's view, set up the action, and lifecycle methods, integrate API, and more.  

And once the customization is done, you can download the production-ready source code and synchronize it with the GitHub and GitLab repositories. In the case, you want the code for only a few or single screens you can do so with the Export Code Option.

DhiWise gives you complete code ownership for the generated code, so you can further customize the code and use it wherever you want. 

For more details about the Figma to Kotlin app read these articles. 
  1. A Step by Step Guide to Quickly Turn Your Design in Figma to Android Application With DhiWise
  2. An Android app development tutorial by DhiWise- Learn how to quickly build an Android app


Watch our Youtube video on How to create an Android application using DhiWise

Summing up: 

Building an Android application is a time-consuming process, however, DhiWise Android App Builder eliminates most of the grunt work in the app development such as Figma to Kotlin code conversion and API integration and Authentication. Besides that, it follows the MVVM architecture which makes the application highly scalable and maintainable. 

Overall, DhiWise makes app development a breeze so you can focus on the creative logic and more complex aspects of the app. 

So, sign up now to building your next Android application with DhiWise. 

Code faster with DhiWise, happy coding 🤗!