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The fastest way to build Instagram like app with Flutter and DhiWise



December 7, 2021


December 7, 2021

Building a social media application can be a huge advantage. In this article, we will learn how you can speed up building an application like Instagram with Flutter and DhiWise. 


Why build a Social media app?

Social media applications have grabbed a lot of attention from people around the world, it has prevented the communication gap between people and brought the world closer. 

The capabilities of social media are not only limited to just personal use, professionals and business users are also gaining a lot from social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. 

For example, the visual nature of Instagram holds massive opportunities for e-commerce businesses looking to present their product to massive audiences. 

For businesses, social media is the inexpensive, and effective way to reach almost half of the world’s population. It helps business owners to connect with the target audience, engage with the customers and grow faster. 

In the digital era, Instagram is the coolest app popular among people of all age groups thanks to its simplest UI and great design. 

How can you speed up building a social media app like Instagram using Flutter and DhiWise?

Building an MVP for an application like Instagram can take two to three months on average. However, with DhiWise you can build the app MVP 2x faster. 

Bringing your app MVP faster to the market has exceptional advantages such as getting early feedback from users, better user interface, and quicker release of the final product.

Mike Krieger- Instagram Co-founder once said, “Instagram is an app that took 8 weeks to build and ship but was a product of over a year of work.”    

When it was first launched in 2010, it MVP simply allowed users to upload photos, apply filter and share it with friends. The scenario is the same for most of the other applications such as Facebook and Whatsapp, which were quickly released with minimal features and then improved as required. 

Main Features of Instagram App MVP

Instagram is a leading application for faster photo sharing and has a unique set of features and capabilities. Before building a photo-sharing application like Instagram you must know what are the key features that must be included in the Instagram MVP. Here is the list, 

  1. Account creation and authorization
  2. Creating and Updating Profile
  3. Account setting 
  4. Privacy setting
  5. Messaging
  6. Image customization, filtering, and sharing
  7. Feeds
  8. Search option using Different parameters- post, username, places
  9. Tags

Do not add too many features early, add features that you think are unique and users really need them. These features may not sound interesting but once you launch your app, you will get a clear idea about what new features should be included, and where you need improvement? 

Instagram Tech Stack

Instagram front-end is written in React Native, a cross-platform language to make Insta compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems. In the backend, Instagram has used Python with Django framework and Html 5. 

Apart from this, Instagram uses Amazon cloud computing services to enable massive data storage, faster access to server data, and run the service smoothly and PostgreSQL Database. 

Why use Flutter with DhiWise to build Instagram?

  • Why Flutter?

People love to stay connected in a comfortable way through different platforms, and apps are now running on smartwatches, smart TV, wristband, Android, and iOS platforms. 

If you want to build an app that runs on multiple platforms, Flutter is the best option. It offers stunning features  such as, 

  1. Integration, Flexibility, and scalability capabilities with its easy to access and integrate framework.
  2. One-stop solution to develop, maintain, and extend the app. 
  3. Supports Cross-platform development
  4. Flutter has its own rendering engine Skia that provides direct access to the interfaces.

All these Flutter features help developers to simplify the app development process. 

Apps like eBay, Philips, Alibaba, BMW, Google Ads are built with Flutter. Recently Google Pay has completed a migration of the platform and all services to Flutter.

Moving further, you can speed the app development process with DhiWise using Flutter app Builder. DhiWise Flutter app builder has the following set of features

  • Figma to Flutter Code
  • Manage screens
  • Faster development lifecycle
  • Custom Widgets
  • API integration

Upcoming features,

  • Social Authentication
  • Runtime Permissions
  • Validations
  • Firebase Integration
  • Shared Preferences

Summing Up

Building a complete product in a one-go doesn’t seem a good idea, there are higher chances of failure. For this reason, it’s better to launch MVP first.

If you are looking for the best way to build and launch MVP faster to the market DhiWise Flutter app builder can be a better choice. 

It has all features to build an amazing app in less time and cost. 

Seems great, right? 

So what are you waiting for? Start building your app with the DhiWise Flutter app builder!