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Exploring Figma Plugin Ecosystem: DhiWise vs TeleportHQ - Which Reigns Supreme?

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June 5, 2023


June 5, 2023

Figma is a widely popular cloud-based design tool that offers various plugins to support design and development work. Among them, DhiWise and TeleportHQ stand out as powerful plugins for Figma to code generation for React developers.

In this blog, we'll compare DhiWise vs TeleportHQ based on their features, ease of use, quality of generated code, flexibility, pricing, and customer support. The comparison will help you choose the right plugin for your team's needs. 

An overview of DhiWise and  TeleportHQ 


DhiWise is a web and mobile application development platform for developers that supports multiple technologies including React (TypeScript, JavaScript), Flutter, Kotlin, SwiftUI and Node.js. The platform helps developers to create apps faster by automating design-to-code conversion along with other advanced features such as UI customization, API integration, Figma synchronization, ready-to-use templates, and so on. 

Developers who just want to use DhiWise’s Figma to code conversion feature can use its Figma to Code plugin. The plugin can convert Figma design to React, Flutter, Kotlin (Android), and SwiftUI (iOS) by auto-identifying the design components with high accuracy. 

Read our article to know more about this ultimate plugin. Also, explore the list of best Figma plugins for React within depth analysis.  


The TeleportHQ ecosystem is an open-source project that provides code generation capabilities for a wide range of tools and platforms. It is a collaborative front-end platform with integrated UI development and content modeling tools. With its powerful UI builder developers can create and publish static websites instantly. 

The plugin offered by TeleportHQ allows you to export your Figma prototype to HTML/CSS, React, Next, Vue, Nuxt, and Angular code and also enables you to publish your website with one click.

Key Features: DhiWise Vs TeleportHQ Figma Plugin

The following table demonstrates the key feature differences between DhiWise vs TeleportHQ.

Features DhiWise Figma plugin TeleportHQ Figma plugin
Convert Figma design to code for: React, Flutter, Kotlin (Android), SwiftUI (iOS) HTML/CSS, React, Next, Vue Nuxt, and Angular
The modularity of code generation for screen/ components: Generates code for single or multiple screens from Figma design prototype. Generates code for individual components by selecting layers, interactions, or the entire prototype.
Sandbox Support: No Yes
Deployment to Vercel: Vercel support is not available for the plugin but is available with the platform. Vercel support is available for the plugin.
Generates reusable components: Yes Yes
Provides website templates: Pre Built website templates and screen libraries Static website templates
Gives complete code ownership: Yes Yes
AI-powered code generation: Yes Yes
Supports clean code architecture: Yes No

From the table, we can say Figma plugins offered by DhiWise and TeleportHQ are both excellent tools for generating code from Figma designs. However, if you are looking for a comprehensive tool that generates clean code for React app DhiWise is a good choice. If you need a focused tool for generating code for React, Vue, Next, and Angular, Teleport HQ is a good choice.

Let's discuss some additional points to get to the conclusion on choosing the right tool between DhiWise and TeleportHQ.

DhiWise vs TeleportHQ: Ease of use, quality of generated code, flexibility, pricing, and customer support

1. Ease of use

Both DhiWise and TeleportHQ  Figma plugins are simple to use. They can be used directly for code generation by running them inside the Figma platform. The only thing you need to keep ready is your web app design in Figma. 

2. Quality of generated code 

As DhiWise supports clean code architecture and promotes modularity, the code generated with its Figma to code plugin is more clean, scalable, readable, and easy to maintain as compared to TeleportHQ. 

3. Flexibility to customization

Both DhiWise and TeleportHQ provide 100% code ownership so that developers can download the code, use them in their projects and customize the code on their favorite IDE.

4. Pricing

The DhiWise and TeleportHQ Figma plugins are available for free usage. However, while the Beta version of DhiWise platform remains free, TeleportHQ offers paid plans for providing advanced features such as website hosting and custom storage options. 

5. Customer support

DhiWise provides dedicated customer support for its users while TeleportHQ provides customer support only for paid users. 

DhiWise Vs TeleportHQ: Which Regains Supreme?

From the article, we can conclude that DhiWise and TeleportHQ Figma plugins can convert design to code efficiently and the generated code can be used anywhere in the project with full customization flexibility. 

However, if you prioritize a budget-friendly tool that supports modularity and generates clean code, DhiWise is the ideal choice. On the other hand, if you require component-level code generation, the Vercel deployment feature within the plugin, and aren't concerned about code quality and budget, TeleportHQ would be a suitable option.

Hope you find this article useful to choose the right tool for your React project, and thank you for reading!

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