It’s ‘Plugin’ Time Today: Make Way for the Ultimate ‘Figma-to-Code’ Converter from DhiWise



November 10, 2021


November 10, 2021

Care to install a plugin? Unsure?

What if we told you that there is a plugin in town that lets you convert every design into usable code?

Stoked already! Well, that is what we are going to talk about, right here, right now.

DhiWiseFigma-to-Code' Plugin. Yes, that is the name and the crux of this discussion.

But before we get up close and personal with the ‘Figma-to-Code’ Plugin, let us understand why it was needed in the first place.

The App Development Conundrum

We know that you all love DhiWise. The tech stack, the ease of layout handling, the seamless API integrations, and everything else. But the feeling is mutual as we, at DhiWise, love our clients to the moon and back.

We understand that there might be a random day when you wouldn’t want to log in and start developing an application with assistance. You might suddenly feel the urge to get all hands on deck with your new application, starting right at the code level. Or, you might simply want to try out a new, traditional style Android or iOS app development approach, just to see how good DhiWise has been, till now. Cheeky wink there!

But we do not care what your reason is to go outwards and try out something new. You have our complete support and yes, a special something to get you started all right on a standard app development journey.

We present the DhiWise ‘Figma-to-Code’ plugin; a new addition to our existing set of offerings that is dedicated to your non-DhiWise coding indulgences. But why did we even drop something that would let you code and develop elsewhere.

There is just one explanation to this, i.e. Customer Experience.

The Ultimate Plugin Experience is Here

DhiWise, as a part of its latest release, unveils the new Figma-to-Code plugin that lets you convert any design or prototype into ready code, almost instantaneously. For those who are already aware of our ProCode app development support would be able to relate better to this functionality as we have already been offering cent percent code ownership to our clients, regardless of the tech stack they choose to develop the application with.

But this time we finally decided to outdo ourselves by envisioning and developing a plugin that wouldn’t wait for you to develop an application on DhiWise to finally get the code for the same. Instead, if you have any design ready over Figma, you can use the plugin to convert it into ready code and then use the same source code to develop the app elsewhere.

How does the DhiWise Figma to Code Plugin Work?

Coming to the tech behind the launch, the DhiWise ‘Figma-to-Code’ plugin is way simpler than what you might be thinking. First of all, the functioning cannot be any clearer as you can simply install the plugin by logging on to the Figma interface and then signing into the DhiWise platform. You simply need to log onto DhiWise, terminate the screen, and install the plugin.

Once done, the UI/UX designer in you needs to take charge and for now, we would leave the designing part to the creatives. But once you are all done with the design or the one-step-further, Prototype, you can simply access the plugin and convert the same layout on the screen into production-ready code.

And yes, it’s as simple as that.

But then, if you are interested in the specifics and nitty-gritties of this approach, here is something that you should deservedly know.

  • This Figma-to-Code plugin is meant for the apps with frontend access and therefore would make sense to the Flutter, iOS, and Android (Kotlin) powered app development strategies and not the backend tech stack
  • As far as the conversions i.e., Design-to-Code is concerned, DhiWise intelligently identifies every element of the design and preps the same up into ready code.
  • And yes, the code isn’t available as a view but is promptly sent over to your email ID within a minute or so. You got to give this much time to us, at least.

Jokes aside, you get a Zip file delivered to your email ID. And most importantly, the supplied .env file is compatible with any IDE of choice and gives you an edge even when you aren’t developing the app in DhiWise. Inventive, isn’t it!

But Mistakes are a Part of Tech Adoption, right!

While at DhiWise we take pride in offering an accurate code view of each and every Figma component, there might be an odd moment when the plugin identifies one view component as something else. But don’t fret and lose sleep over this minor glitch, which at this moment is pure conjecture.

You can always migrate the Figma design to the DhiWise platform and view every component on the UI Builder. And if you find any view component to be wrongly declared, the DhiWise GUI lets you fix it, in a heartbeat. And yes, there is still the descriptive code view waiting for you at the end of the road.

Good Ol’ Days, ain’t it!

To sum it up, DhiWiseFigma-to-Code’ plugin isn’t your standard browser plugin that eats into your system memory. Instead, it is a standard Figma inclusion that lets you convert the design into ready code, almost instantaneously. And the code you get can be worked upon rather extensively, courtesy of the highest possible quality.

Still unsure about adopting this plugin. Well, first get a front-seat view of how the plugin-generated code looks by building your first ProCode application on DhiWise. And if you find it up to the snuff, install the plugin right away and develop an app on your own. Simple…